Organic and GMOs don’t mix!!

Organic and GMOs don't mix!!

by Stonyfield Liza July 17, 2013

When you think about GMOs, your first thought might be about soy and corn and not about how GMOs and your favorite dairy products are connected.

We’ve noticed lots of conversation around yogurt and GMOs lately, so we thought we’d highlight why we think it’s important to look for yogurt made without the use of GMOs.

We eat what they eat, that’s why organic dairy farmers don’t use GMO feed When you spot the USDA Organic label, you can be sure that the food it’s attached to is made without the use of GMOs (not to mention toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones and antibiotics). That means not only are organic farmers not planting GMO crops, they also don’t give their animals – like the dairy cows that make our milk – GMO feed.

To earn the organic label, farmers have to undergo regular inspections of their farms, their supplies, even their receipts so that we can feel confident that forbidden substances like GMO feed aren’t being used.

Certified and Verified Even though we believe that organic certification is assurance enough that foods are produced without the use of GMOs, we’re also in the process of getting verified by the Non-GMO Project.

That means that in addition to organic inspections, the feed will be directly tested for GMO contamination. So you can be absolutely sure not only that our farmers aren’t using GMOs, but that GMOs aren’t in our yogurts at all. Fight GMOs with your wallet and your voice.

There’s still a lot of work to be done to learn about the possible negative effects of GMOs on animal and human health. That’s why so many of us are concerned about eating foods produced with GMOs, especially when we don’t know if we are or not.

The two best ways to protect you and your family from GMOs in your food are to purchase organic today, and fight for GMO labeling for the future.

Ready to act? Add your name to the Just Label Petition demanding foods produced with GMOs are labeled. Share this post to show others why you care about GMOs.

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We ALL are ONE!! We ALL fight the fight!!

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