Fa La La La La-La-Bang Bang Bang

BAD PARENTING!! .. “There have been 407 mass shootings in the United States in 2021 that have killed 482 people. There are 2,409 victims of mass shootings this year. Of those 407 mass shootings, 222 have been school shootings. And most of those school shootings were with guns the shooters didn’t own. So, maybe we should stop promoting gun fetishes with children on fucking Christmas cards.”



So, what kind of parents are James and Jennifer Crumbley? Well, they’re the kind of parents who give their 15-year-old son, Ethan, a Sig Sauer nine-millimeter pistol. And other parents debate when it’s time to give their kids cell phones.

The Crumbleys are the kind of parents who don’t tell school officials about their kid’s gun after they’re called in to talk about their son’s drawings of murdering people.

They might be the kind of parents who don’t tell school officials at the meeting over drawings of corpses, “Hey, there’s a semi-automatic pistol currently in his backpack.”

They’re the kind of parents who go on the run after their son is arrested as the only suspect in a school shooting that killed four people. I’m sure if they got away, they’d send Ethan a birthday card to his jail cell every year.

They’re the kind of parents who claim they…

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That ‘Day Of Infamy’

Indeed! I share this only because of THEM!! … “Please do not let the sacrifices made by our ‘Greatest Generation’ fade from our memory … take some time today to think about all that was asked and all that was given by the American people.”

In Saner Thought

Today is 07 December and the country takes time to remember those that died 80 years ago today(or they should take the time)……

As the ‘Greatest Generation’ slowly slips from our collective memory let us take some time and look at the events around the surprise attack (or was it)……

There has been a debate for decades on whether FDR knew the attack was coming and kept quiet…..and the debate continues……

The rulers of Japan and Germany, rather than Franklin Roosevelt, chose the moment at which the United States would enter the world war. Japan had decided back in early July to undertake the southward advance at the risk of war with the United States, the Japanese Navy had insisted on including an attack on the United States in its military plans, and Hitler had decided to declare war if Japan attacked. But Roosevelt obviously did not shrink from entry…

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Horse Booster

Say what? … “Horse Booster’! LOL …



Here’s your cartoon for this week’sCNN Opinion newsletter. Pleasesign up to get these in your inbox every Sunday.

I dedicate this cartoon to Jessica, who fell in love with the term “Horse Booster.”

Signed prints:The signed prints are just $40.00 each. Every cartoon on this site is available. You can pay through PayPal. If you don’t likePayPal, you can snail mail it to Clay Jones, P.O. Box 3721, Fredericksburg, VA 22402. I can mail the prints directly to you or if you’re purchasing as a gift, directly to the person you’re gifting.

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Tuesday Thoughts …. “🍃 ‘How You Made Them Feel – Unforgettable’ 🍃 …. “!!

~~December 7, 2021~~


This is so very true. Be kind, be wise, be compassionate, be empatic!

At least try!



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Backsliding Democracies

Now that I’m ‘politically educated’, I think democracy has become or has always been a joke!! … “There was a time when the word ‘democracy’ meant something … now it is a joke.”

In Saner Thought

There was a time when the word ‘democracy’ meant something…..now it is a joke.

In recent years those so-called ‘democracies’ are today backsliding from the principles they once lived by……and the US is one of those democracies…..

The US has been experiencing a “visible deterioration” in its relationship with democracy since 2019, a think tank says. And the organization saw a “decline in the quality of freedom of association and assembly” during the protests after the killing of George Floyd last year. But “a historic turning point,” says the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, arrived “when former president Donald Trump questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election results in the United States.” For that, AFP reports, the US has earned a place for the first time on the global list of backsliding democracies.

“The United States is a high-performing democracy, and even improved its performance in indicators of…

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Bob Dole

Can’t say much on this one … I wasn’t politically ‘educated’ during Dole’s time!! … “The only reason Bob Dole wanted to be president was that Bob Dole wanted to be president. He died yesterday at the age of 98. Surprisingly, Norm MacDonald died before he did. If there is a Heaven (there’s not), Norm gets to crack on Bob Dole and Burt Reynolds.”



My favorite thing about Bob Dole was Norm MacDonald’s impression of him. Norm always did it in the third person. Bob Dole needs some sleep. Bob Dole is out of here. Bob Dole lost another election.

Bob Dole had a sense of humor and they say he liked Norm’s impression of him. Unfortunately for Bob, his humor was old man humor.

After Bob Dole fell off a stage at a campaign rally (which Norm used in his SNL skits), he joked, “Even before I hit the ground, my cell phone rang. It was a trial lawyer saying, ‘I think we have a case here.'” Everybody laughed. He told the same joke at his first debate against Bill Clinton. Again, everybody laughed, including Bill Clinton. He told the debate again at the second debate against Clinton. This time, nobody laughed…except Bill Clinton. It was almost like Bill Clinton felt sorry for…

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Working from home!! … that’s the best, I think!! … “Charlie Warzel & Anne Helen Petersen, from “How to Care Less About Work” in The Atlantic (December 5, 2021). This has been excerpted from their forthcoming book, Out of Office: The Big Problem and Bigger Promise of Working From Home.”

Live & Learn

…We are trying to get off the damn treadmill so that we can remember the purpose and dignity that can come from the whole of our life.

So ask yourself this: Who would you be if work was no longer the axis of your life? How would your relationship with your close friends and family change, and what role would you serve within your community at large? Whom would you support, how would you interact with the world, and what would you fight for?

We are so overextended, so anxious, and so conditioned to approach our life as something to squeeze in around work that just asking these questions can feel indulgent. If you really try to answer them, what you’re left with will likely feel silly or far-fetched: like a Hallmark movie of your life, if you got to cast people to play you and the rest…

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Cuomo No-No

Truly, I’m disappointed!! … harrassment allegations also!! … “So this week when you witness white nationalist Nazi turdlings doing the happy dance while gleefully praising the dumping of Chris Cuomo for violating journalism ethics, keep all that Fox shit in mind.”



Disclaimer: I freelance for CNN. I draw one cartoon each week for their opinion newsletter. Now, if I worked for Fox News, I wouldn’t have had to tell you that.

CNN fired Chris Cuomo on Saturday. His show occupied the 9:00 PM timeslot which goes head-to-head nightly against MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (who is also leaving soon) and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson tonight (who’s never going to leave). While it’s going to be difficult for CNN to replace someone who sat in the 9:00 PM chair, it’ll be harder to replace the handoff-show banter between Cuomo and Don Lemon, whose two-hour show begins at 10:00 PM.

CNN already walked a tightrope with Chris Cuomo as his brother was governor of New York. He really couldn’t cover any news about his brother. But, during the pandemic, he would have his brother on which was very entertaining as they’d bicker and…

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