Da Trump’s First G-7 Summit … Uh-Oh!!!

The sad reality … the trip abroad was solemn embarrassment!

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At the end of his trounce through the Middle East and Europe, which I wrote about last week, Donald Trump finished the week by attending the G-7 conference. As I said in my earlier post, Trump should never have been allowed out of the White House, let alone to attend such important meetings as NATO and the G-7.

A bit about the G-7:

The G-7, Group of Seven, is a group of leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States. A very high net national wealth and a very high Human Development Index are the main requirements to be a member of this group. The G-7 countries also represent 46% of the global GDP. The organization was founded to facilitate shared macroeconomic initiatives by its members in response to the collapse of the exchange rate 1971, during the time of the Nixon…

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There’s No Business Like… Part 3

I love anything Ellen!! ❤️ … here’s Part 3!!

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… He Who Must Not Be Named…












Well, that’s what we did on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

(That’s Yogi for… He Who Must Not Get Wet… & Toodles!)
Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

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This is what I woke up to this morning …. “Amazing Morning …. “!! 

                         ~~May 29, 2017~~ 

Life’s cycles don’t stop. It’s a recurring pattern that brings a sense of safety and continuance to daily life. It’s the ‘back and forth’ rhythm of Nature. 

Sunlight follows moonlight. Day follows night. Tides come in and tides go out. 

Of this, we are sure! 


We ALL are ONE!! 

Gay Pride and Gay Resistance by Marie Cartier

June is just around the corner … it’s Gay Pride Month! This year it’s a very special one for the LGBTQ community … it’s the year to #Resist … ✊🏽 … #ResistMarch … because we can’t allow the undoing of years of effort, work and persistence to advance equality! We are here to stay!! 🏳️‍🌈

marie-with-pussy-hat-made-by-sister-cast-member-amandaWelcome to the resistance, Feminism and Religion family. This month is Gay Pride Month in many cities, including mine—Long Beach, California—where we just celebrated our 34th gay pride parade and our annual “Dyke March.” gay pride slogan

This blog is primarily a photo essay of those events and past pride events I have been in—a celebration of pride and gay family during the spring months which commemorate the first televised gay uprising against police harassment by the gay and lesbian and transgender family on June 28, 1969 at the Stonewall inn in New York City, NY. 

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Op-Ed: Imagine There’s No Donald: What if the 45th President Were Orrin Hatch?

Very interesting … have heard about this before! Could it be true? 😳


This piece is an op-ed. It is not a report. It is based on informed speculation and chatter, but it is not a report, so I’ll keep it short. I wouldn’t call it a theory, either. My theoretical pieces have been analysis of the facts as I saw them. The Carolina Conspiracy, and my piece predicting that Jared Kushner was taped in Trump Tower under the FISA warrant on SVB Bank when talking to Gorkov.

In this piece I am going to speculate about something that cannot be proven or even inferred because it has not yet happened and would involve a decision of SCOTUS.

The chatter on this matter, and there is chatter, usually says ‘Roberts’ – I talk to more than one source in more than one area – but I am assuming that is shorthand for SCOTUS – goes like this:

Chief Justice Roberts has…

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Education for Death: The Making of A Nazi

This is NOT normal!!

Art by Rob Goldstein

Made by Walt Disney Studios in 1943, this ten-minute anti-Nazi
propaganda film depicts Nazi indoctrination of children.

The short also references the Hitler Youth and Lebensborn, Hitler’s
eugenics program for breeding Aryans.

The goal of the Hitler Youth was clear:

 “We demand that the National Socialist Youth, and all other young Germans, irrespective of class or occupation, between fourteen and eighteen years of age, whose hearts are affected by the suffering and hardships afflicting the Fatherland, and who later desire to join the ranks of the fighters against the Jewish enemy, the sole originator of our present shame and suffering, enter the Youth League of the NSDAP…”

Based on a screen shot from the Film Education for Death-The Making of the Nazi The World Belongs to the strong and brutal. There is no room for weaklings.

This animated short is tragically relevant as Germany becomes the leader of the Free World.

Education for Death: The Making of A Nazi
by Walt Disney Studios

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