10 things you need to know today: October 27, 2016

Today’s headlines are here!!

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1. Hacked emails show Clinton aides fretted over foundation donors
Hacked emails released by WikiLeaks indicate that Hillary Clinton’s top aides exchanged concerns in the years before she announced her 2016 presidential bid that foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s own money-making ventures could create problems for her. One top aide to Mr. Clinton, Douglas Band, said in an email released Wednesday that the former president had received personal income and “many expensive gifts” from some foundation donors. Chelsea Clinton hired an auditor to look at the foundation and accused some of her father’s aides of “hustling” to win clients for their own businesses during foundation events. The emails have contained no evidence supporting Republicans’ claim that Hillary Clinton did favors for foundation donors.

Source: The New York Times

2. Series of earthquakes rattle central Italy
Two earthquakes struck central Italyon…

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Puerto Rico’s next election will be “supervised” by the FBI

VOTER SUPPRESSION!! Happens everywhere, under the master!!
“The Nov. 8 elections in Puerto Rico – for governor, legislature, and dozens of mayors – will be now “supervised” by FBI agents. These agents will be stationed throughout the island, and they will carry firearms.”


The Nov. 8 elections in Puerto Rico – for governor, legislature, and dozens of mayors – will be now “supervised” by FBI agents. These agents will be stationed throughout the island, and they will carry firearms. 

The armed FBI presence was announced on October 26 in San Juan, by the U.S. Attorney of Puerto Rico.

According to the U.S. Attorney, the FBI agents will protect against “voter fraud, voter intimidation, the purchase and sale of votes, ballot alteration and other irregularities.” 


But there is another agenda at work here.  

Most of the “voter irregularities” (sale of votes, ballot alteration, voter fraud) will not be discernible to an armed FBI agent, standing at a polling site. They will not stand there with loaded guns, to “protect electoral integrity.”  

Here is what the FBI agents will really accomplish:

  • They will discourage protests, demonstrations, or any form of civil…

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At the end of the day …. “Lady Gaga: Perfect Illusion …. “!!


~~October 26, 2016~~ 


Started the day with Lady Gaga.

I would like to also end it with her .

Lady Gaga’s unique talent has to grow on you.

I’ve started to follow her and like what I hear.

This is the 1st song from her new album Joanne.




Since she debuted eight years ago by commanding unfamiliar audiences to “just dance,” Lady Gaga has had an extraordinary run at Top 40 radio, with multiple pop hits spanning across several different albums and styles.

“Perfect Illusion” is a new song recorded by her.

It is the lead single from her upcoming fifth studio album, Joanne.

It was made available for digital consumption on September 9, 2016 through Interscope Records.

Gaga wrote and produced the song alongside Kevin Parker, Mark Ronson and BloodPop.

The song received mixed to positive reviews, with multiple music critics finding it similar to the music of Bruce Springsteen.




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~~Perfect Illusion~~

~~Published on Sep 20, 2016~~




We ALL are ONE!! 


Lion Hunting Trophy Imports


“The ‘captive’ industry serves no other purpose than to make money for ‘captive’ entrepreneurs (and their advocates), serving a twisted market’s notion of ‘hunting’ and at the same time fuelling (and profiting from) a nonsensical demand/trade for big cat bones in Asia.” …. #StopCannedHunting …

International Wildlife Bond

Banner image – courtesy of Mwana – Kanimambo Creations

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Service Director Dan Ashe has recently announced (20 October 2016) that the United States will no longer permit the import of lion trophies from captive hunts in South Africa.


Melissa Bachman poses with the lion she ‘hunted’. Photo: Melissa Bachman via Facebook.

This follows on from the USFWS listing of sub-species of the African lion onto the Endangered Species Act (ESA), January 2016, but it has taken some time to clarify the application. Writing in the Huffington Post (“A Major step forward for lion conservation in Africa,” Huffington Post, 20 October 2016), Ashe stated:

Beginning today, the United States will not allow the import of lion trophies taken from captive lion populations in South Africa. While U.S. law has not prohibited such imports in the past, the protections now afforded…

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Setting the record straight: Clinton’s 1975 Rape Case

Get the facts straight!!

The Fifth Column


(ks): Lately I’ve seen so many Trump supporters post (mis)information about a rape case from 1975 in which Hillary Clinton volunteered to defend the rapist..  Here are the facts:


Q: Did Hillary Clinton volunteer in 1975 to defend a rapist, who was found not guilty, and laugh about it in an interview in 1980?

A: Clinton defended an accused rapist, but she did not volunteer. He pleaded guilty to a lesser offense. She laughed when recalling unusual aspects of the case.


Did Hillary Clinton volunteer to defend a child rapist in 1975, accuse the 12-year-old victim of fantasizing about older men, later state that she knew he was guilty but got the charges dropped and laugh?


In 1975, Hillary Clinton — then known as Hillary Rodham — taught at the University of Arkansas School of Law, where she founded the University of Arkansas School Legal Aid Clinic. It…

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10 things you need to know today: October 26, 2016

Today’s headlines are here!!

The Fifth Column

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1. Indians beat Cubs in World Series Game 1 blowout
The Cleveland Indians clobbered the Chicago Cubs to win the first game of the World Series 6-0 on Tuesday night in Cleveland. Pitcher Corey Kluber, the Indians’ 30-year-old 2014 Cy Young Award winner, pitched six shutout innings and set a World Series record by striking out eight batters in the first three innings. “Just pretty much dominant as one could be,” Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo said. Indians catcher Roberto Perez contributed two home runs. Game 2 of the best-of-seven series is Wednesday night, also in Cleveland.

Source: Chicago Tribune, ESPN

2. Colin Powell endorses Hillary Clinton
Colin Powell, a Republican former secretary of state, said Tuesday that he would be voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president. Powell told members of the Long Island Association, a trade group, that Clinton, a Democratic…

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off on The Ten Biggest Indecencies Thrust On Gay People

This is a ‘must read’ …. stop a bit and read. Please … TY!

evoL =

ImageToday a blog piece by Kergan Edwards-Stout went viral.  It was a very simple but direct statement actually:  If you plan to vote for Romney and rob gay people of rights and dignity, de-friend me.  Like me, Kergan is a gay dad, and I think we tend to run on the same blogging bio-rhythm.  A month or so ago he beat me online with a well written piece to Rupert Everett just as I had written a piece with a similar sensibility.  The two were so aligned that when I read his, I found myself thinking, “wait…I haven’t posted this yet…”.

I am following his bio-rhythm again, as are thousands and thousands of LGBT people.  Max von Essen made a similar appeal.  The point is simple, and it is not new, and it is not even unique to us.  It is the point that Peter Finch made in…

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