180 And Counting!

‘After 180 days what can we say about his “milestone”? …. after 180 days, I’m totally exhausted!
180 days of unease, concern and depletion of energy!!

In Saner Thought


It has only been 6 months since we elected Trump as president?  Are you sure?

6 months of a systematic attempt to destroy civics.

In a mere 6 months we have had it all…intrigue, back stabbing, nepotism, spying, brain washing, bullying and lying……..everything but governing….good times for us Bloggers.

Most America is weary of the silliness of Washington in so many ways.

Would you like to talk about Russia?  Not a chance!

How about health care?

A waste of time.

Trump has changed positions on the health care bill so many times that no one is sure what he wants to do…..if you do not like his position today then wait for Twitter tomorrow and it will be something new.

And remember after being elected Mr. Trump saved all those jobs at Carrier?  If so then he strikes out here also…..

Carrier Corp. plans to eliminate 338 jobs at its Indianapolis…

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Russia …. “🇷🇺 Enjoying Great Success with Drumpf in the White House 🇷🇺 …. ‘Russia Wants, Russia Gets’ …. “!!

Updated Wish List

~Russia Enjoying Great Success With President Donald Trump In White House~

Rachel Maddow

~~Published on Jul 11, 2017~~

Rachel Maddow notes that Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is stepping down with a tremendous record of success as Russia’s wish list from America is seeing favorable progress under Donald Trump.