IT CAN BE DONE!!! List of countries banning GMOs …..

A list of Countries that Ban  or Restrict GMOs

Ban or Label GMO?
These countries have restrictions or have  banned GM/GMO foods:
Italy: The four regions Tuscany,  Molise, Lazio and Marche and around 25 provinces, cities and communes banned GE  crops, including Rome, Milan, Turin, Brescia and Genoa. These are all  democratically-taken decisions in local or regional councils and in the case of  Tuscany, the result has been ratified by the national government – the decision  means that regional governments have been given the authority under Italian law  to overturn decisions taken at EU level.
Austria: Bans on three GE maize  (Novartis, Monsanto and AgrEvo), the Federal Institute for Less-Favoured and  Mountainous Areas is pressing for GM free legislation and published a study on  GE-free zones, initiatives in the States of Vorarlberg and Salzburg to ban GE  trials.
France: ban of PGS and AgrEvo HR  rapeseed
Germany: Ban of Novartis Bt maize.  The initiative “No GE on communal land” of BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany)  launched activities in several German communities to discuss and vote on the  GE-free resolutions. Application are launched in: Bad Vilbel, Blauenstein, Lahr,  Konstanz, Hannover, Hamburg. Application are accepted in: M¸nchen, Reutlingen,  Freidrichsdorf, Blomberg, Seligenstadt, Niddatal, Maintal, Riedstadt, Adendorf,  Schwebheim, Pinneberg, Schwabach, Langenhagen, Wyhe, Burgdorf, Neetze, District  Traunstein. Several protestant regional church organisations: banned GE crops  from their land: Hannover, Hessen und Nassau, Sachsen, Protestantic Church of  Westfalen, Protestantic Church in Berlin-Brandenburg, Church Province of  Sachsen.
Luxembourg: Ban of Novartis Bt  maize.
Portugal: Ban of Novartis Bt  maize.
Greece: Ban of AgrEvo HR rapeseed,  moratorium of GE crop trials.
Spain: The Basque Government went for a  five year blanket moratorium for GMOs. The Basque Government claims full powers  for agricultural policy and thus that they can provisionally ban GMOs if they so  wish. The three provinces of Castilla-La Mancha and Baleares banned GE food,  AndalucÌa declared a five year moratorium on GE crop trials and GE food.
UK: The Church of England has refused  permission for GE crop trials on 60,000 hectares of its land, dozens of local  authorities supply GE free school lunches, the House of Commons banned GE foods  for its catering. The vote of the Welsh Assembly to keep Wales GE free was  counteracted by the ministry of Agriculture approving a GE maize variety. The  Island of Jersey banned GE crops.
Switzerland: Although a center of GE  science and industry, only two trials with GE potatoes in 1991/92 have been  performed until now.
Norway: Banned the import of several GE  crops and products which contain antibiotic resistance genes.
Australia: The State of Tasmania banned GE  rapeseed as weed, Western Australia has banned commercial GE planting.  Australian States are given the right to declare themselves GE free. Some  communities (e.g. Bondi/Sydney, West Wimmera Shire) declared themselves GE  free.
New  Zealand: Some local bodies in Auckland and Wellington have declared  themselves GM free. Trials with GE salmon have been blocked by the  government.
Thailand: Banned imports of 40 GE crops  for commercial planting, but not for research purposes.
Philippines: The community of Valencia  called for a five-year moratoria on GE food and GE crop trials and  commercialization. The Philippine president announced a moratorium on GE crop  research.
Saudi  Arabia: Banned food that are made from GMOs and declared not to  import GE wheat.
Algeria: Banned the import, distribution,  commercialisation and utilization of GE plants except for research  purposes.

Brazil:  Planting GE seeds is prohibited by federal law in Brazil for the time being, the  States of Rio Grande do Sul and Mato Grosso do Sul have declared their  intentions to remain GM-free, 18 States called upon the Central government to  block commercial GE crop planting.

Paraguay: The Ministry of Agriculture plans  to ban GE crops from commercial planting.
USA: Various bills calling for moratoria on  GE food (Vermont), bans of GE wheat (North Dakota, Montana) have been filed  within the last year. Several municipalities declared moratoria on GE food  (Burlington/Vermont), bans of GE crops (City of Boulder/Colorado), or urged the  federal government to ban GE food (City and County of San Francisco/California).  Many attempts to adopt such bills or resolutions failed in the past.
  • GMO-free Regions by Country
So, Who is next? And my next question…  Do you think I’m crazy still?


***Hooray for these countries! They have stood for their peoples. IT CAN BE DONE!!

When can we expect to take again the role of the greatest country in the world? Oh … I forgot …. we are NOT!

We ALL fight the fight!! Let’s join forces!!

We ALL are ONE!!

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