Great idea ….. Don’t label GMOs, ban them!!!

Great idea ..... Don't label GMOs, ban them!!!

GMO/Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Foods, Plants, Animals, Additives, Body Products, Fish, Crops and Trees have had their genes manipulated, changed, and put into other species that normally they would not mate with, blend with, consume, or grow in. Incredible combinations have been produced, and have been found to have mutations, diseases, abnormalities and trigger other diseases that otherwise may have remained dormant.

Very little testing has been done on the health effects of humans ingesting and applying genetically modified products. Tests that have taken place show animals that refuse to eat Genetically Modified feed, who upon being force-fed the Genetically Modified feed develop lesions, abnormalities, disease … and some have died.

Dozens of countries have banned the import, sale, use and planting of Genetically Modified Organisms due to lack of testing and long term study of human health and environmental effects.

The U.S. does not only NOT ban GMO’s, manufacturers are not required to identify or label a GMO ingredient in their food or body products. A conservative estimate concludes that 75+ % of American foods and body products contain genetically modified organisms. Regardless of dozens of scientific warnings, the FDA has approved widespread use of GMO ingredients in America’s foods and body products.

Percentage of crops that are Genetically Modified in the U.S.:
• Soy (85%)
• Cotton (Cottonseed) (76%)
Canola (75%)
• Corn (40%)
• Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%)
• Zucchini and Yellow Squash (small amount)
• Quest brand tobacco (100%)


Published on Jun 20, 2013 ….. LESLIE STODDARD

GM labeling VS. banning …. just exactly how do we go about this? Recently I have engaged in many conversations about how labeling is a waste of time and that we need to “stop Monsanto” and go for a “ban” on GM foods. Hmmm…..really? Labeling is the SUREST way to “stop Monsanto” and “eliminate” GM foods. SUPPORT GM LABELING! ….. Banning would be even better!!!

We ALL are ONE!! We ALL are fight the fight!!


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