The entertainment at the circus!!


In circuses that use animals, baby elephants are STOLEN from their mothers, then electro-shocked & BEATEN into performing tricks:


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Multiple Emmy and Golden Globe award winner and the star of Showtime’s acclaimed series Nurse Jackie, Edie Falco, is urging moms in her new video exposé to consider the bond between mother elephants and their babies and never to support circuses that use animals. The agony that mother elephants endure when their babies are stolen from them is undeniable and can be heard in their cries of distress.

They are helpless as their babies are bound by all four legs, beaten with bullhooks, and electro-shocked in violent training sessions in order to teach them to obey.

In nature, female elephants stay with their mothers for their entire lives and males until they are teenagers. Elephants who are forced to perform in the circus are denied everything that is natural and important to them, including that strong family bond. Instead, they are routinely beaten and forced to perform ridiculous, physically taxing, and unnatural tricks under the constant threat of punishment.

Elephants used by circuses don’t perform because they want to but because they remember what happens if they don’t. When elephants are not performing, they spend the majority of their lives shackled in chains being carted from city to city.

Edie laments, “I’m a mother. I cannot imagine having my children taken from me and forced to spend the rest of their lives away from everything that matters to them and not be able to do anything to help them.”

“Mother elephants in the circus cannot help their babies, but we can,” concludes Falco. “Never take your children to the circus. Let’s teach our kids to respect and show compassion for all beings—both human and animal.”




Published on Mar 18, 2013

Edie Falco describes the agony that mother elephants go through when their babies are stolen from them and they are forced to watch as their babies are shackled and beaten. Join Edie in skipping the animal circus, and instead choose non-animal entertainment for your family:



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Published on Mar 18, 2013

In this exclusive video, actor Edie Falco talks about the abuse of elephants in circuses, her vegetarian diet, why one should always adopt and never buy dogs, and why animal protection is society’s responsibility:




Edie Falco Lends Her Voice to Animals



We ALL are ONE!!

We ALL fight the fight!! 

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