A majestic animal, awesome creature of Nature … reduced to what??


~~January 15, 2014~~

Thousands of lions are being bred on farms in South Africa to be shot by wealthy foreign trophy-hunters.

This is Millionaire Banker, Tory Advisor and member and supporter of Countryside Alliance Sir David Scholey. He is one of many wealthy individuals who are willing to spend in excess of £60,000 for the privilege of shooting a lion in South Africa.



Canned hunting’ was first exposed in 1997, by the British investigative TV program, the Cook Report, since which time it has mushroomed into a massive mafia-like industry with vast international links.

Many animal welfare groups and conservation organizations have been campaigning for many years to have this malpractice outlawed, but no protection whatsoever has been offered by the South African government, and the killing camps continue to multiply in numbers.


In these captive breeding camps, conditions are appalling, many animals suffering from malnutrition and genetically inbred, and all treated as commodities, with a price on their heads. Some of these killing camps in South Africa have now set up links with the Chinese illegal medicinal cartels.


It is not an exaggeration to say: if this trend is not halted, lions in the wild and wildlife as we know it, will be erased from our future. At the epicentre of the canned hunting industry is the fabled White Lion, regarded by indigenous elders as the most sacred animal on the African continent – yet trading now as the highest income-earning trophy.


These lions are bred to be shot in so called canned hunting operations which have grown significantly in South Africa over the last decade.

They breed the lions from cubs often bringing in tourist to play and walk with them boasting on their conservation work. The young animals are then prepared to be released into shooting areas where they will be brought out via meat baits in front of the guns of so called trophy hunters. In many cases the shooters will have been drinking and will blast wounding the animal many times before its killed. Some operations even allow the use of high powered bow and arrows to kill lions.

To make matters worse the hunt operations will provide the head and skin of the lion for use as a rug and a wall trophy and keep the bones which they will then sell into the Asian medicine trade at great profit.

This trade is leading to a huge increase in the poaching of wild lions across Africa (little over 200,000 left).


Lions are increasingly being bred in captivity on South African animal farms so they can be shot by wealthy tourists on hunting vacations, The Guardian reports.

The easy slaughter of the animals in fenced areas is known as “canned hunting,” and animal-welfare groups are pressuring the South African government to ban the practice.

“It’s factory-farming of lions, and it’s shocking,” Fiona Miles, director of Lionsrock, a big-cat sanctuary in South Africa run by the charity Four Paws, told The Guardian.


Canned hunting was effectively briefly banned in the country under 2007 government regulations that said lions bred in captivity could not be hunted until 24 months after they were released into the wild. Lion breeders challenged the policy, and canned hunting resumed after a high court judge struck down the regulations in November 2010.

There are now more than 160 animal farms legally breeding big cats in South Africa, according to The Guardian. More lions live in captivity (upwards of 5,000) in the country than in the wild (about 2,000).

Hundreds of lions, most of them raised in captivity, are killed in trophy hunts in South Africa each year. The hunting excursions run anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, according to The Guardian.



A Guardian reporter visited one of the farms, Moreson Ranch, a game and holiday ranch near Vrede in the Free State province of South Africa. Proprietors there said they do not hunt or kill the lions they raise. The company’s website had listed lions as among the animals that could be hunted at the 4,900-acre estate, but deleted the reference after the reporter’s visit.

Asked if they sell their lions to be hunted, Maryke Van Der Merwe, manager at Moreson Ranch, said: “No, not really, we don’t do that. We sell them to other people that have got the permit for lions, and what they do with the lions is up to them. So we don’t know what they do with the lions but we don’t do the canned lion hunting or anything like that.”

Animal-welfare groups say game farms often first use the lion cubs as pets to attract tourists. When the lions mature they are sold to be hunted as trophies by wealthy tourists from Europe and North America, or for traditional medicine in Asia, activists say.

Full article/Source: http://news.msn.com/world/south-african-lions-bred-to-be-shot-in-canned-hunts


Cruel: Melissa Bachman said she “stalked” the lion in South Africa

Thousands sign petition calling for TV presenter who ‘shot and killed’ lion to be banned from South AfricaMelissa Bachman/Facebook

Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for an American TV presenter to be banned from South Africa, after she posed with a lion she claimed to have shot and killed in the country.

Wildlife presenter Melissa Bachman sparked outrage after posting a picture on her Facebook page which showed her smiling as she posed with a gun next to the apparently dead male lion.

The caption accompanying the photo read: “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion … What a hunt!”


But the image – one of many “trophy” hunting photos Bachman has posted on her Facebook page and personal website – prompted a huge backlash, with many branding her “heartless and shameful”.

In a letter addressed to Mkuseli Apleni, director general of South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs, Bomo Edna Molewa at the Ministry of Water and Environmental Affairs, and Lakela Kaunda from the private office of the president, the petition’s signatories say: “Melissa Bachman has made a career out of hunting wildlife, for pure sport.

“Her antics are captured extensively on her personal website. “She is an absolute contradiction to the culture and conservation this country prides itself on. Her latest Facebook post features her with a lion she has just executed and murdered in our country.


Read full article/Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/melissa-bachman-thousands-sign-petition-2801445


Wildlife experts believe that canned hunting also fuels the illegal cross-border trade in lions. A report last month said investigators were looking into allegations that lionesses were being killed in Botswana and their cubs smuggled to lion farms in South Africa for trophy hunting.

“The lion all around the world is known as the iconic king of the jungle — that’s how it’s portrayed in advertising and written into story books — and yet people have reduced it to a commodity, something that can be traded and used,” Miles told The Guardian.


The controversy over canned hunting has turned political as well.

A poster at the main Johannesburg airport urging President Zuma to crack down on canned hunts used for lion-bone smuggling to Asia was ordered taken down last year because of the potential for a “public relations disaster.”

The poster showed a lioness looking down the barrel of a gun with Zuma in the background. 


Lion Smuggling Ring Exposed

South African lion breeders are allegedly part of an illegal network that smuggles lion and cheetah cubs from Botswana to stock local farms, The Times reported.The newspaper reported that at least five South African lion farmers were mentioned in an investigation into cases where cubs were smuggled to lion farms in South Africa to cater for the international trophy-hunting market.

Source: http://travel.howzit.msn.com/lion-smuggling-ring-exposed



1. A RESOLUTION was passed at the World Wilderness Congress in Mexico (1500 delegates from 51 countries) – to have the White Lions listed for protection by Governments and all appropriate bodies, because they are revered as sacred by indigenous peoples, and are an important part of natural biodiversity.

2. The Global White Lion Protection Trust has had ongoing engagement with government and presented twice to the South African parliament calling for restitution and protection of this unique animal, and we require now that government provides White Lions with protective status without further delay.

3. Currently, there is no legislative protection for the White Lions. They are being hunted in cages, using large caliber weapons, and they may be legally hunted in the wild of their endemic habitat. Indeed, these iconic animals can be wiped off the face of the earth, and no one would officially be committing any crime.

4. Due to aggressive speed-breeding for trophy-hunting purposes, 1000 lions were recorded as hunted in South Africa in 2008, and the number is estimated to have doubled in 2009 (See IFAW REPORT 2007, NSPCA REPORT 2009, MICHELE PICKOVER REPORT 2010.)

5. Lions numbers in the wild have crashed and a census in 2007, which estimated 100 000 lions in Africa, recorded less than 18 000. Studies indicate more drastic declines since then. Yet lions may be legally hunted in the wilds of the greater Timbavati region, the only place on earth where the White Lions occurred naturally in the wild. This has to change. And it can do so through direct involvement of a responsible public who is not prepared to see our global heritage destroyed.



1. Please do not support captive breeding centers, where cubs are open to the public for petting, as most of seemingly legitimate places are linked with canned hunting activities, and even many zoos around the world are directly or indirectly implicated in this catastrophe.

2. Remember, lions that are handled by humans may not be returned to the wild, as they are considered ‘human imprinted’ and viewed as dangerous. If you or your children handle adorable cubs in captive breeding camps, you are sealing the death warrant of those lions.

3. Keeping lions captive is NOT a means of conserving them. It’s like saying human survival depends of keeping innocent prisoners in detention without trial. The challenge at our time is to ensure the survival of rare animals in the wilds of their natural habitat – if our children are to see nature, and indeed a future.

4. Support programs who are genuinely reestablishing animals in their natural habitat, and protecting them there. (But be aware, places breeding lions in captivity are not returning them to the wild, despite what they may say).

5. Only support zoos which run genuine conservation programs for the wild:


  • Ouwehands Zoo (Netherlands)
  • SafariParc (Canada)


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Canned Lion Hunting – South Africa’s Dirty Little Secret


Published on Oct 20, 2013

South Africa prides itself on being a one-stop tourist destination for the world’s wealthy – and the not so wealthy! Many of these tourists end up at some point on their trip staying or at least visiting one of many game lodges spread throughout the country.

But what most tourists never get to see or understand is that many of these ‘nature destinations’ are in some way or other caught up in the new and growing trend in South Africa — breeding wild animals for the gun!

It is heartbreaking to see young lion cubs wrenched away from their mothers because then the mothers come back into oestrus almost immediately — resulting in another litter for the lion farmer.

These lionesses are simply breeding machines to the men and women who own them and who stop at nothing to make that extra buck from mainly European and North American trophy hunters. It is ‘guestimated’ that there are today 8 times more lions on breeding farms as there are in the wild in South Africa.

And that is this country’s ‘dirty little secret’! 


Raised to be killed.


Published on Mar 22, 2012

Urgent funding is needed to ensure that these rescued lions may live out their natural lives in safety; protected in their respective prides.

For more information please email on louise@sanwild.org or go to our website to make a donation with PayPal or PayFast.http://www.sanwild.org/page11.html

Please do join us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/SanWil… and to read more about the continued exploitation of lions in South Africa please visit SanWild’s Lion Rescue Blog site http://www.lionexploitation.wordpress.com

We ALL are ONE!!


We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 



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10 thoughts on “A majestic animal, awesome creature of Nature … reduced to what??

  1. Pingback: US African lion trophy hunting finished? | Dear Kitty. Some blog

      • Hard to see, Horty, but know there’s a lot of these types of things going on in the world. Breaks my heart. Overwhelming. Such beautiful and noble creatures.

        There is a story I came across several years ago about Christian the Lion (there are many other YouTube stories including the full story), if I may be permitted to share — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiGKWoJi5qM. There are people in the world that are doing wonderful things to make a difference in saving these beautiful and magnificent beasts.


      • Pat …. TY for this comment!! TY for bringing this to my attention. Love it. Definitely brought a tear to my eyes. My heart swelled with love for these wondrous animals!! TY … 🙂


      • You’re welcome, Horty. Same with me when I saw it years ago — brought tears to my eyes and my heart swelled. Not something I would recommend for others to attempt to do, though. Takes much patience and dedication to see it through. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


  2. These people are all sick. From those who provide the kill to those who do kill. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I also see yet another reason in there to stop supporting zoos.
    When all the beautiful animals are gone, what do they think will happen to Africa?
    Another wonderful post, Horty. Thank you for sharing ~ Amelia 🙂


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