Trip down memory lane ….. 1964!!


~~January 21, 2014~~ 

Meet the Beatles!

Capitol Records first Beatles album, was released in the U.S. 50 years ago on January 20, 2014. It was released 3 weeks before Sunday night, February 9, 1964 — the night Ed Sullivan shouted, “And here they are: the BEATLES!” Meet the Beatles! was number one on the charts for 11 weeks before being replaced by the Beatles Second Album, the first time that an artist or band replaced itself at the #1 position.



This was my introduction to The Beatles …. I loved them from the start …. and never have turned back!!

Dedicated to all the teenagers of the time!! 


This girl could very easily had been me!! 

Meet the Beatles! is the second Beatles‘ album released in the United States. It was the first US Beatles album to be issued by Capitol Records on 20 January 1964 in both mono and stereo formats.

It topped the popular album chart on 15 February 1964 and remained at number one for an impressive eleven weeks before being replaced by The Beatles’ Second Album, the first time that an artist replaced itself at the peak album position.

The cover featured Robert Freeman’s portrait used for the UK With the Beatles release, with a blue tint added to the original stark black-and-white photograph.

Studio album by The Beatles
Released 20 January 1964
Recorded 11 February – 23 October 1963, EMI Studios, London
Genre Rock, rock and roll
Length 27:00
Language English
Label Capitol
Producer George Martin
The Beatles American chronology
Introducing… The Beatles
Meet the Beatles!
The Beatles’ Second Album


After constantly rejecting requests by both Brian Epstein and George Martin to release Beatles records in the United States, in November 1963 EMI label head Joseph Lockwood sent a deputy to Los Angeles ordering Capitol Records to commence releasing and promoting Beatles product in the United States. Despite the “first album” claim on its cover, ten days prior to its release Vee-Jay Records of Chicago beat Capitol to the punch with the release of the Beatles’ American debut album Introducing… The Beatles, which had been delayed for release for various reasons since the previous summer.

Perhaps as a result of the Vee-Jay release, Liberty Music Shops advertised in the New York Times of 12 January 1964 that Meet the Beatles! was available for purchase, an ad not authorized by Capitol.

In 2003, Meet the Beatles! was ranked number 59 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. In 2004, the album was released on compact disc in both stereo and mono as part of The Capitol Albums, Volume 1 box set. In 2014, the album, along with the rest of the Beatles’ US catalogue, was made available on iTunes for the first time.



By November 1963, The Beatles recorded just over 35 songs for EMI while Capitol Records planned to release an album and a single to start with plans to release more at a later date. The first 14 recordings were in custody of Vee Jay Records along with a couple others. “She Loves You” had been issued by Swan Records and also went nowhere. In England Parlaphone Records was already releasing the second Beatles album With the Beatles and had released several singles which were not included on any albums with the exception of the first two (“Please Please Me”/”Ask Me Why” and “Love Me Do”/”PS I Love You”). Capitol determined that due to the American culture that singles should be released from albums rather than separately. In the US singles were used to help sell albums.

The first three tracks on the album include the December 1963 Capitol singleI Want to Hold Your Hand” along with the record’s b-sides both in the United States, “I Saw Her Standing There,” and in the United Kingdom with “This Boy” from the original November 1963 release. Neither “I Want to Hold Your Hand” nor “This Boy” had appeared on album at the time in the UK, while “I Saw Her Standing There” had been the lead-off track to the band’s debut album.


The other nine tracks of Meet the Beatles! are duplicated from its nearest UK counterpart album With the Beatles. Those were Beatles original songs and not remakes of songs done by other artists with exception of Till There Was You. The remaining five tracks from With the Beatles were songs originally recorded by other artists. Capitol determined that for their first album they would only include original and fresh material.

There was fear that the remakes would turn Americans off to the Beatles. Those other five songs would appear on Capitol’s next LP release in the US, The Beatles’ Second Album. The songs “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “This Boy” are in a duophonic [(ake) stereo, due to the lack of a proper stereo mix that was supposed to be given to Capitol.

“I Saw Her Standing There” has a special stereo remix done specifically for the American market and differs slightly from the one on Vee Jay Records or on the British Please Please Me album. The nine songs appearing on both With the Beatles and Meet the Beatles! were strictly mono on the British With the Beatles album. But on Meet the Beatles! special stereo remixes were used for those songs as well as Meet the Beatles! was issued in stereo as well as mono.


The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand (Ed Sullivan Intro) – [STEREO]


Uploaded on Nov 25, 2011

From the person who uploaded video: 

Here’s The Original USA Capitol Records “STEREO” Version Of The Classic 1964 Beatles Hit “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. This Is The Version I Remember Hearing as A Kid. I Was Lucky That My Parents Were Willing To Shell Out An Extra $1 For Me To Get The Stereo LP….. A Premium At That Time Over The Mono Version.

This Mix Is Different From Other Stereo Versions Because Capitol Records Gave It More Reverb, Some Extra Compression Punch And A Very Good (But Not True) Re-Channeled Stereo Sound.


The Beatles – This Boy


That boy took my love away
Though he’ll regret it someday
But this boy wants you back again

That boy isn’t good for you
Though he may want you too
This boy wants you back again

Oh, and this boy would be happy
Just to love you, but oh my
That boy won’t be happy
Till he’s seen you cry

This boy wouldn’t mind the pain
Would always feel the same
If this boy gets you back again

This boy
This boy
This boy


We ALL are ONE!!


We ALL are connected through MUSIC and MEMORIES!! 


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4 thoughts on “Trip down memory lane ….. 1964!!

  1. Thank you for this, Horty!

    Ahhh…..the memories! 🙂

    I attended this concert in 1964 at the Hollywood Bowl (video below)

    Yes, that din in the background is screaming. I looked back from my seat at the hills outside the Bowl. They were covered with hundreds of kids who didn’t have tickets!


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