The Love and Kindness Award

“It Is What It Is” …. honored to have been considered for this new award!!!
Thank you …. from the heart!!



I have created this new award, The Award for Love and Kindness, to honor acts of Love and Kindness, and to encourage acts of Love and Kindness.  I am a believer in the idea that Love and Kindness promote Peace in the world, and I give my respect and appreciation for all who promote these important values.  It is important for us to remember that we are One Family living in One World; we are Sisters and Brothers, no matter how we look, what culture we live in, what religion we practice or who we love.  In many ways, blogging removes some of the obvious barriers between us, and helps bring those of us from all walks of life, ethnicities, creeds, colors and ideals together as One Family.

The Rules:

  1. Share an act of kindness another blogger has done for you.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you for the award…

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Tammy Baldwin, Susan Collins, David Cicilline and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Pen Op-Ed “Human Rights Issues Pollute Olympic Spirit”

This explains what the Olympic spirit is all about! This is why Sochi is such a big deal!!!

Global Equality Today

Repost from USA Today

Host countries should promote tolerance. IOC failed on this principle in picking Russia.

On Friday, the world will come together to open the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia — a celebration of hard work and fair play, social responsibility, and international friendship. Every two years, the Olympic Games bring the world together, regardless of political ideology, to compete in feats of endurance, strength and sportsmanship. The issues that often divide our world seem to be suspended or even temporarily disappear during the Olympics. And instead of focusing on our differences, we come together as a global community to focus on what we have in common and our shared appreciation for our athletes and the games.

Although some individuals or groups have threatened to use the Games as an opportunity to wreak violence, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) continues to organize the Games to promote…

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Strictly Ballroom in on Netflix


Chasing Destino


As I was browsing through Netflix, I found one of my favorite movies, “Strictly Ballroom.” The main character, Scott Hastings, is a ballroom dancer who wants to dance his own way. He is also running out of time to find a suitable dance partner in time for the championship dance competition. Scott finds an unlikely partner in Fran, an awkward beginning dancer.
There are several quirky characters that make the movie especially funny. I enjoy the flashbacks involving Scott’s parents, who were also ballroom dancers.
So thank you Netflix for giving me something to watch until “Orange is the New Black” starts their new season.

Here is a scene from “Strictly Ballroom”

Photo from:

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Jon Stewart …. gotta love him!!


~~February 7. 2014~~

Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz; November 28, 1962) is an American political satirist, writer, director, television host, actor, media critic, and stand-up comedian. He is the host of The Daily Show, a satirical news program that airs on Comedy Central.

Stewart started as a stand-up comedian, but branched into television as host of Short Attention Span Theater for Comedy Central. He went on to host his own show on MTV, called The Jon Stewart Show, and then hosted another show on MTV called You Wrote It, You Watch It. He has also had several film roles as an actor.

Stewart became the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central in early 1999. He is also a writer and co-executive-producer of the show. After Stewart joined, The Daily Show steadily gained popularity and critical acclaim, resulting in his sixteen Emmy Awards.


Stewart has gained acclaim as an acerbic, satirical critic of personality-driven media shows, in particular those of the U.S. media networks such as CNNFox News Channel, and MSNBC. Critics say Stewart benefits from a double standard: he critiques other news shows from the safe, removed position of his “fake news” desk.

Stewart agrees, saying that neither his show nor his channel purports to be anything other than satire and comedy. In spite of its self-professed entertainment mandate, The Daily Show has been nominated for news and journalism awards. Stewart hosted the 78th and 80th Academy Awards.

He is the co-author of America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction, which was one of the best-selling books in the U.S. in 2004, and Earth (The Book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race, released in 2010.

Jon Stewart

Stewart at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, October 30, 2010
Birth name Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
Born November 28, 1962 (age 51)
New York CityNew York, United States
Medium Stand-up, television, film, books
Nationality American
Alma mater College of William and Mary
Years active 1987–present
Genres Satire/political satire/news satire,observational comedy
Subject(s) Mass media/news media/media criticismAmerican politics, current events, religion, Jewish culturerace relationshuman sexualityself-deprecation
Influences George CarlinWoody AllenLenny BruceDavid LettermanSteve MartinRichard Pryor
Influenced Stephen ColbertSteve CarellEd HelmsRob CorddryBassem YoussefOliver WelkeJohn Oliver
Spouse Tracey Lynn (McShane) Stewart (m. 2000; 2 children)
Children Nathan Stewart, Maggie Stewart
Notable works and roles Host of The Daily Show
Host of The Jon Stewart Show
America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction
Earth (The Book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race
Emmy Awards
Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program
2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012 The Daily Show

Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 The Daily Show, 2013 The Colbert Report

Grammy Awards
Best Comedy Album
2005 America (The Audiobook): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction
Best Spoken Word Album

2011 Earth (The Audiobook): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race







Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart ‘Pray The Gay Away’ — Marcus Bachmann Style!


Uploaded on Jul 15, 2011

Michele Bachmann Declares: ‘I Have The Spirit of Waterloo’s John Wayne Gacy’:…


We ALL are connected through HUMOR!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 

Rose and her son Joe ….. Update #7!


~~February 7, 2014~~

Joe … From his Mom, Rose ….

~~February 7, 2014 at 6:15 am~~

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone for their continued love and support throughout this trying time. We are looking at a possible discharge date again, probably in the next week or so. He will continue his chemo treatments on an outpatient basis.

The other reason for this note is a request …

(Forewarning: sharing specific details of Joe’s present condition).


Joe is starting to feel really burnt out. I see him everyday, and this past week has been the hardest on him physically. He is still dealing with the daily pain of the cancer wreaking havoc, his heart rate is never below 140 (normal range is 60- 100), his blood pressure dips drastically at times, he’s had 4 transfusions in the last two weeks, he continues to retain fluids in his belly and legs which causes the blood clots… And now he hasn’t been able to eat for several days due to the severe nausea. Joe has thrown up so much stomach acid that the chemo began to attack the acid that was in his mouth and he’s developed mucinitis, soars in his mouth and esophagus.


I’m sorry if this is shocking or disturbing, but this is our daily reality and the very real fight Joe is facing … but he’s starting to struggle a bit.

He’s looked really sad this week …

So, I’m asking anyone who is reading this … if you have a few minutes … please give Joe a quick call (407-480-7827).

Tell him a joke … talk to him about anime, Harry Potter, or TV shows like Bones or Castle (2 of his personal faves). Oh! And he loves most anything to do with Sherlock Holmes …. Or just call to say hi!! He may not be able to talk for long because he’s on pretty heavy medication but I know he’ll appreciate it.

He wanted me to let everyone know how much he really enjoys his PS Vita, it stays on his bed, right by him.

Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be really happy to hear from you … thanks again ..

.. one love!


~~Joe and Rose~~

For those who would like to drop him a note or card, the hospital address is
Florida Hospital East
7727 Lake Underhill Rd.
Orlando FL 32822
Room 615










We ALL fight the fight!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


Sherlock Holmes Theme song


Afghan war, as seen by a British soldier

Another point of view!! Don’t miss …..

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is called The Patrol – Official Trailer.

By Jeff Sawtell in Britain:

Film: The Patrol (15)

Friday 7th February 2014

War worse than a waste of time

The Patrol (15)

Directed by Tom Petch

4 Stars

After all the Hollywood propaganda films about the war on the world, along comes a more modest offering from Britain suggesting it has been worse than a waste of time.

Written and directed by former soldier Tom Petch, it’s the first British feature film to deal with attitudes to the war from the point of view of the soldiers fighting it.

It questions the veracity of those politicians who described their mission in Afghanistan as one of “reconstruction,” since “we are pulling out in 2014 with 444 dead.”

The film opens to reveal that the patrol of the title is made up of two officers, five regulars and a Territorial…

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To start the day …..


~~February 7, 2014~~

Starting the day with wonderful, touching and inspiring quotes from Anthony Douglas Williams places you in a good spot.

I hope this gives you the inspiration that it gives me to look at this world in turmoil with clear, positive eyes. There’s so much that takes away from our inner peace. 

Just look around the corner, look at the newspapers, look at the news.

There is still good in this world. It’s inside all of us. More attention is needed to the inside. WE are the celebrities!! 

Hope you enjoy!! 
















Inside the Divine Pattern – 11:11, 12-21-2012, Ancient Secrets, Spiritual Changes


Uploaded on Aug 25, 2011

All rights and credits to author Anthony Douglas Williams…Link below for more information on “Inside the Divine Pattern”:…

Inside the Divine Pattern YouTube link:…

We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


We ALL are ONE!!