Rose and her son Joe ….. Update #7!


~~February 7, 2014~~

Joe … From his Mom, Rose ….

~~February 7, 2014 at 6:15 am~~

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone for their continued love and support throughout this trying time. We are looking at a possible discharge date again, probably in the next week or so. He will continue his chemo treatments on an outpatient basis.

The other reason for this note is a request …

(Forewarning: sharing specific details of Joe’s present condition).


Joe is starting to feel really burnt out. I see him everyday, and this past week has been the hardest on him physically. He is still dealing with the daily pain of the cancer wreaking havoc, his heart rate is never below 140 (normal range is 60- 100), his blood pressure dips drastically at times, he’s had 4 transfusions in the last two weeks, he continues to retain fluids in his belly and legs which causes the blood clots… And now he hasn’t been able to eat for several days due to the severe nausea. Joe has thrown up so much stomach acid that the chemo began to attack the acid that was in his mouth and he’s developed mucinitis, soars in his mouth and esophagus.


I’m sorry if this is shocking or disturbing, but this is our daily reality and the very real fight Joe is facing … but he’s starting to struggle a bit.

He’s looked really sad this week …

So, I’m asking anyone who is reading this … if you have a few minutes … please give Joe a quick call (407-480-7827).

Tell him a joke … talk to him about anime, Harry Potter, or TV shows like Bones or Castle (2 of his personal faves). Oh! And he loves most anything to do with Sherlock Holmes …. Or just call to say hi!! He may not be able to talk for long because he’s on pretty heavy medication but I know he’ll appreciate it.

He wanted me to let everyone know how much he really enjoys his PS Vita, it stays on his bed, right by him.

Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be really happy to hear from you … thanks again ..

.. one love!


~~Joe and Rose~~

For those who would like to drop him a note or card, the hospital address is
Florida Hospital East
7727 Lake Underhill Rd.
Orlando FL 32822
Room 615










We ALL fight the fight!!Β 


We ALL are ONE!!Β 


Sherlock Holmes Theme song


15 thoughts on “Rose and her son Joe ….. Update #7!

  1. So dreadfully sad. A young person fighting for his life. My precious Vic also battled devastating nausea. She had third degree burns of the esophagus and mouth. She fractured vertebrae from the retching. Life sucks!!!!


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