Rose and her son Joe …. update #9


~~February 26, 2014~~



Heart is heavy … This is so senseless, and unfair. 

Joseph Catino is such a warrior; his strength astounds so many. He is in so much pain that they are keeping him heavily medicated … And he still manages to joke, smile, throw up the peace sign … I leaned over to kiss him this morning and he grabbed the string from my hoodie and started tickling my nose.

I am awed daily by his courage.

Feel so incredibly lucky he chose me to be his Mom.



I am so sorry. You are of the most caring person I know you always go out of your way to help you been there for me so many times and I am here I can’t be there for you but know my love and prays are with you please call when have time. I see you guys are doing.


Prayers are ascending. My heart is heavy for you. You are both awesome the love between you two shines. Rose, my friend. you and Joe give me strength to carry on.  You are both my inspiration. Love you.


My dear Rose ….. You have a very special man as your son! You have the luck, privilege and joy to be his Mom. He reflects you and teaches you. There’s this link between you that will never be broken.
My love sent to both of you!!



My heart is with yours. I spent the night tossing and turning. Prayed for you both every time I did. He has the heart and spirit he does because of the mother who raised him. He has always appreciated you. When my son was disrespecting me as teenagers do, he jumped on him so fast to correct him that we are only given one mother and that you are not to treat them that way and how you will feel bad about it later. He knows the sacrifices you have made for him, the love you have shown him and appreciates all you have done. You’ve done good. And yes it is unfair, give him a kiss for me and hold on to your strong.


I am so sorry for all the pain you both are going through. My heart aches for you both, but just know that you two were meant to be. He is lucky he chose you as his mom. Children are a reflection of their parents and clearly he has a great Mom!!!


you’re a wonderful mom and I am sure he feels just as awed by you. I’m sending prayers for you and him every day!



You are a wonderful mom, he gets his strength from you.


This is Joe, one of my best friend’s son! He is a wonderful young man with a soft heart. He has cancer but that doesn’t stop him from smiling .. I wish I can be as strong as him. We love you Joe, your in All our hearts! 


 Joe and Rose are a true inspiration to all who cross their paths! I wish I had a fraction of his courage!





 Just letting you all know, that is truly awesome to have friends like you. Am grateful to have you all in my life!


Even though I can’t be there right now physically, I am there with you in spirit heart and soul . I love this kid like he was my family even though I never met him. I know him and love because of you because He is part of you and I love you my friend.

We are always here for you!


 You’re a wonderful mom and I am sure he feels just as awed by you.  I’m sending prayers for you and him every day!



Sending a prayer to God right this very moment and asking him to be with you, Joe & Gina, to give you strength love and peace. May you feel his loving arms around you holding you and and comforting you at all times. Let Joe know we are all praying for him and we love him.


 I love guys so much I wish was there for you guys I feel so helpless I am over here when I should be there with you.  Don’t think for moment I don’t think of all of you I pray everything is going to be ok. I love with all of my heart and soul and always know you sister Vermont loves you give too Joe and Gina …


Just wanted to say you have always been an awesome mom … Gina and Joe are great adults now. I applaud your strength as the mom I seen you be. Rosie you ROCK!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS!!




The hospice’s doctor reassured me that having faith is very important, but the reality of his situation is the cancer is too far spread. And so much damage has been done to his lungs, liver, one functioning kidney, and heart that further treatment will be more damaging than not. Our only alternative is homeopathy or clinical trials.


A Thousand Years – Christina Perri Lyrics


We ALL fight the fight!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 






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