One more time – International Woman’s Day!

Unforgettable song!! 1975 … United Nations … the year of the woman!!!

The Why About This

I wrote a post yesterday about celebrating this day, but decided to visit the importance of Women’s Issues one more time – with a song! Helen Reddy wrote and sang a song called “I am Woman” several generations ago that continues to be the song many women world-wide look to for inspiration. And I agree. We still do “…have a long way to go – but look how far we’ve come” (lyrics from her song)!

Just know that each and every woman on this planet is important. We continue to make a positive difference with each passing day! Why? Because we can!

Thank you and thank you Helen!



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Dose anyone hear my cry’s?

Does anyone hear them??

Social Action 2014

Dose anyone hear my cry's?

Dose anyone hear my cry’s?
Does anyone see my bruises?
Does anyone see my tears?
Does anyone care?
Does anyone know I am abused?
Does anyone know I am scared.
Does anyone know I hide from my abuser?
Will you hear my screams?
Will you Help me?
Will you take a stand?
Please will you help my voice be heard?
I am only a child.
I am silent. I have no voice.
I have no way out without your help.
So wont you please take a stand for children who are being abused?
Daniela Gullotti

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You Are Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

Excellent, inspirational … brought a smile to my face!!

A Mixed Bag

I find that sometimes things happen that take our breath away either in a good way or in a bad way. We can have the wind knocked out from us by something happening that is so destructive that our lives will never be the same again, or something so good. so … beautiful, so wondrous that it changes our lives forever. These changes all have to be met so that you can adapt to the changes. I would say easily, but they are not always easy, in fact some may seem impossible, but impossible says “I’m Possible” There is always a way. Always

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it
Life is beauty, admire it
Life is a dream, realise it
Life is a challenge, meet it
Life is a duty, complete it
Life is a game, play it
Life is a promise, fulfill it
Life is sorrow, overcome it

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“Invisible” ……

~~March 8, 2014~~ 

There was a moment in time,

suspended in reality

when I was the center of it all.

Sometime, without me knowing.

Someone kept my memory alive

While I was busy leaving tracks in another place.

As dictated by the book of life

the journey became one.

And it was perfect.

Life went on.

Reality isn’t static

it’s an ever-changing state.

Along came a bug, a whiner, a curl and a bud ….

All in a measurable time.

Then everything changed.

It felt relegated, displaced and replaced.

In spite of occasional assurances

that this wasn’t the case.

I became invisible

in my mind,

the worse place.


That is what I have today.

Scary monsters that won’t go away.

Soul pain

that seems ready to stay.

I don’t want to feel invisible

but there seems no other way.

Elton John & Leon Russell

-When Love Is Dying-

We ALL are ONE!!! 

10 things you need to know today: March 8, 2014

We all are one!!!

The Fifth Column

Family members await news on the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.  Family members await news on the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

The Week

The search continues for a missing Malaysia Airlines jet, overnight takeovers raise tensions in Crimea, and more

1. Search continues for missing Malaysia Airlines plane
Vietnamese air force planes discovered a 12-mile oil slick that could be connected to a missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared off radar screens less than an hour after it took off from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday morning. Bound for Beijing, the plane has 227 passengers and 12 crew members aboard. Malaysia Airlines said neither the pilot nor the first first officer sent a distress signal, suggesting any problems occurred very quickly. [The Associated Press]

2. Overnight takeovers raise tensions in Crimea
Another round of takeovers and skirmishes re-upped tensions in Crimea overnight, as Russian forces gained control of a military office…

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To start the day …..

~~March 8, 2014~~

A gallery of dew drops …. 

Dew is water in the form of droplets that appears on thin, exposed objects in the morning or evening due to condensation. As the exposed surface cools by radiating its heat, atmospheric moisture condenses at a rate greater than that at which it can evaporate, resulting in the formation of water droplets.

When temperatures are low enough, dew takes the form of ice; this form is called frost (frost is, however, not frozen dew).

Because dew is related to the temperature of surfaces, in late summer it is formed most easily on surfaces which are not warmed by conducted heat from deep ground, such as grass, leaves, railings, car roofs, and bridges.



Water vapour will condense into droplets depending on the temperature. The temperature at which droplets can form is called the dew point. When surface temperature drops, eventually reaching the dew point, atmospheric water vapor condenses to form small droplets on the surface. This process distinguishes dew from those hydrometeors (meteorological occurrences of water) which are formed directly in air cooling to its dew point (typically around condensation nuclei) such as fog or clouds. The thermodynamic principles of formation, however, are the same.




Dew on a leaf

In Greek mythology, Ersa is the goddess of dew.





Time-lapse Hibiscus flower blooming



Lady Bugs in Honor of “International Women’s Day” 

dew drops on flower

~~Tears are the dew drops of the heart~~

We ALL are ONE!!