To start the day ….

~~March 11, 2014~~

I woke up this morning to an incredible post from a wonderful blogger friend.

I had ended yesterday’s blogging with a post providing information about the “wolf pack“. The main reason for this interested is because I belong to a group of fellow bloggers which has bonded so closely that we have formed a wolf pack.

I have blogged about this already but here you have it again.

~~The Wolf Pack Members are~~

Dr Rex:
Bishop Eddie:
Just Patty:


Mavadelo is the newcomer and he was so gracious to create a wonderful video that I would like to share with you. Full credit goes to him for his creative presentation. I feel it full of love and connection. 

Here is the link to his post:



wolf pack is led by a dominant male and female, who are called the alpha pair. They mate for life and are the only members of the pack to breed.

The rest of the pack is made up of their siblings and/or offspring.


~~Other sources~~


We ALL are connected through the PACK!! 


~~Fight, respect, include, encourage, need, deserved and stand~~

We ALL are ONE!! 


I present you again with Mavadelo’s video: 

~~WordPress Wolfpack – an Introduction~~



~~Published on Mar 11, 2014~~

~~Introduction to the current WordPress Wolfpack members~~
Here they are again

Dr Rex:
Bishop Eddie:
Just Patty:

The text in the black wolf/white wolf picture reads:
A native American Chief was teaching his grandson about life
He said “There are two wolves fighting in each and everyone of us”
One is pride, greed, anger, jealousy, hate and resentment while the other is Love, humbleness, faith, hope, happiness and courage”

The grandson asked “Which wolf will win?”
The Chief replied “The one you feed”


Which wolf will you feed?

~~Think about it and start making a difference~~



9 thoughts on “To start the day ….

  1. We are indeed ONE… and are all united in more ways than we understand… Thank you Dr Rex for this wonderful Post.. Wolf has long been held in respect and love in my heart and is one of my Power totems upon my Drum which I painted… Thank you for sharing a beautiful Video 🙂 Hugs Sue


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