Getting The River Green for St. Patrick’s Day…Chicago Style!

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My Good Time Stories

You’ve seen the iconic green river from Chicago’s famous St. Patrick’s Day celebration. But have you seen how they do it? It’s unbelievably cool. This impressive time-lapse shows the laborious process by which the river is dyed each year. ~

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Excellent post!!! The correlation is very interesting.


Machetero Poster Ireland/Puerto Rico Remix by vagabond © Machetero Poster Ireland/Puerto Rico Remix by vagabond ©

The historical connections between Ireland and Puerto Rico two island nations fighting imperialism runs deep from Eamon De Valera and Don Pedro Albizu Campos working on the Free Irish State Constitution to the influence of James Connolly on Albizu and the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico to the solidarity of US held Puerto Rican political prisoners of war during Bobby Sands hunger strike in the 1980’s. That spirit of resistance and struggle continued in my film MACHETERO… In 2009 it won Best First Film in the International Film Festival Ireland. it being St. Patricks Day i thought i’d share a few of those moments…

My Acceptance Speech

vagabond and Will Nugentat the awards for the International Film Festival Ireland vagabond and Will Nugent at the awards for the International Film Festival Ireland

Interview In Ireland

vagabond & Film Festival of Ireland Director Will Nugent just before our radio interview in Ireland with Tipp FM vagabond & Film Festival of Ireland Director Will Nugent just before our radio interview in Ireland with Tipp…

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Rose and her son Joe ….. Stages, feelings!!


~~March 17, 2014~~


I know there are some who see how I am right now and think I’m so strong. I know there are others who see how I am right now and worry – this is the calm before the storm. Truth is … it’s both.

I have not fully accepted Joe’s death.

I’m not going crazy – I know my son is gone. But I have not allowed myself to fully process this thought. I start to … and start to cry … then I feel the dark wave rising … almost like a slow hysteria. I can feel my throat close and I have a hard time breathing…

I recognize panic attacks. But this isn’t just a panic attack. One (not so healthy) defense mechanism I have developed through the years is anger …


But this past weekend was … bad, really bad. And I can’t keep holding on to this anger. It’s making matters worse.

So, I had a long talk with Joe this morning. We never talked about death and dying – NEVER.
I talked to him this morning about his dying, how it’s left us feeling, how it’s left me feeling. I feel guilt: for not being able to save him … for surviving MY cancer …
I feel a great sadness: there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him …

Dose anyone hear my cry's?

I want to not be angry … Joe wouldn’t want me to wallow in this despair. And I want to honor his memory well.
So I made him a promise to make more of an effort to heal. I have been choosing to stay in my rage because it’s a familiar comfort… but I have to push through the discomfort … and I know My Luffy will hold my hand through this darkness …


Anger is the first step to healing …. You will have some really bad days. I spent many a day screaming as loud as I could when in my car alone. It was the only place I could release the rage inside of me. I feel it helped. And as for crying I’m sure I shed gallons of tears. You have to allow yourself to grieve. You take one step at a time. Love you!

There aren’t any words that would be comforting enough, good enough, to help you. 
At the memorial, the words “quest” and “journey” were used. This is YOUR quest and your journey. Only YOU alone can embark on it. Only know that you are not alone …. those who love you … we are here for you. Not enough, I know …. But we are here. The longest journey starts with the first step.

 There are no words …. nothing I say can erase the pain, sorrow or anger your are going through Hopefully one day you will be able to hurt and cry less for Joe’s loss and find comfort in remembering all the precious moments you shared with him. Love you and most of all admire the woman you have grown up to be.


One Piece – 4kids Pirate Rap – English Opening


“There once was pirate named Gold Roger, who was the King of the Pirates.
He had fame, power and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said.
“My fortune yours for the taking, but you’ll have to find it first. I left everything I own in One Piece.
Ever since, pirates from all over the world set set sail for the grand line searching for One Piece, the tresure that will make their dreams come true.”

YO-ya-yo, ya-yo

Dreamin’, don’t give it up Luffy
Dreamin’, don’t give it up Zolo
Dreamin’, don’t give it up Nami

Dreamin’, don’t give it give it up give it up give it up give it up give it NO!


We ALL remember JOE!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 



Indigenous Vow to block Keystone with their Lives.

An example to follow!!

The Free

Indigenous Vow: We’ll Be ‘Dead Or In Prison Before We Allow’ Keystone Pipeline

On February 27, Oglala Lakota and  American Indian Movement activists joined in a four-directions walk to commemorate Liberation Day, an event to mark the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee. As they do each year, four groups gather to the north, south, east and west and then walk eight miles until converging on top of Wounded Knee, where they honor the fallen warriors and the tribe’s rich history of resistance……

moccassins on the ground

…………The Oglala Lakota Nation is actively fighting the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. This 1,700-mile pipeline, which would carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil each day from western Canada through South Dakota en route to Texas. At two points it would even intersect with a pipeline that serves as a main water source for the Sioux Nation, affecting all of the Pine Ridge reservation as well as…

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