Something to think about … Tragedy!


~~March 19, 2014~~

Norman Cousins (June 24, 1915 – November 30, 1990) was an American political journalist, author, professor, and world peace advocate.

~~Norman Cousins in 1976~~
Politically, Cousins was a tireless advocate of liberal causes, such as nuclear disarmament and world peace, which he promoted through his writings in Saturday Review. In a 1984 forum at the University of California, Berkeley, titled “Quest for Peace,” Cousins recalled the long editorial he wrote on August 6, 1945, the day the United States dropped the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Titled “The Modern Man is Obsolete,” Cousins, who stated that he felt “the deepest guilt” over the bomb’s use on human beings, discussed in the editorial the social and political implications of the atomic bomb and nuclear power. He rushed to get it published the next day in the Review, and the response was considerable, as it was reprinted in newspapers around the country and enlarged into a book that was reprinted in different languages.
This quote is so perfect, I had to repeat it a few times. It is a tragedy when something so real, true and significant starts to unwind for no real reason. I know it’s a two-way road. There are times when those ways don’t meet. 
So sad.
Don’t know where this will eventually go.

Song From A Secret Garden – Violin & Piano



We ALL are ONE!! 

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Update on legal Action Against Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act

The persecution is escalating ….. Lives are at stake. Time is running out while the slow wheels of justice slowly roll..


Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.11.25 PMAs mob attacks start to grip at the throat of Uganda’s LGBTI community, with many gays and lesbians, (LGBTI), running for cover, the legal teams, fighting the recent laws enacted by the Ugandan Parliament to jail people for homosexual acts and to ban the so called “promotion of homosexuality,” report that the applications for a ‘Temporary Injunction and Interim Orders,’ against the enforcement of the AHA, gazettement of the AHA, the publication of injurious details of LGBTI persons, have been filed in the Constitutional Court.

These are backed up by the affidavits of Prof. J Oloka Onyango, Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF), Julian Pepe Onziema and Martin Morgan Kanyike,  discussing the current effects of the law and the media publications.

The Application for the Temporary Injunction is Constitutional Application No. 008 of 2014 and the Application for Interim Orders is Constitutional Application No.9 of 2014.

The application for…

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“True Colors” ….. Messages!!


~~March 19, 2014~~


Listen to the repetitive thoughts, feelings and visions you are receiving now. If they feel loving and supportive (even if a little daunting) and would make a difference to you and/or others, this is your guidance and the way we are speaking to you. Pay attention, particularly when you are out in nature, in meditation or some other quiet space as this is when you’ll be more able to receive Your prayers can be answered in many forms – including in the things that you may consider ‘small’. Each step is leading you along the way!


Believe in yourself and in your ability to manifest your desires. Do not hold yourself back because of past disappointments, but rather see them as learning curves or simply a matter of Divine Timing. As you have faith, you open the doors for what you truly want to more easily come to you. You are a wonderful person and it’s time to realize that you deserve as many blessings as any other person!


It’s time for you to play and have some fun! If you are feeling stressed and unable to have fun, or seem to busy, it’s even more important to take some time out and give yourself the gift of doing something just for the pleasure of it. When you honor yourself in this way, you literally lighten up your energy, all of life flows more easily for you and people are naturally attracted to your beautiful inner sunshine!


To forgive someone does not mean saying that you condone what they did or even welcoming them back into your life if it’s not a healthy situation, but it does mean choosing to no longer carry the toxins, it means moving forward with your life and freeing yourself up at the deepest level. If you need to forgive yourself, do that too. Everyone does the best they can with what they knew at the time. Be kind to yourself. It’s a deeply healing time for you.


You have much to share with the world and it’s time to get out there and shine! There is a time to rest and contemplate and a time for inspiration and action and this is a time for the latter! You are ready! Have confidence in yourself your creative abilities whether that be through writing, singing, dancing or any form. If you’ve been wondering if your creative projects or ideas are right, this is a sign for you to go ahead with them as they will bring you and others much joy!


Allow yourself to dream big! Spend time visualizing or acting as if your dreams have already come true! It is safe for you to take action towards your dreams and to also ask for others help if you need it, too. Including ours. This may also be confirmation for you that the messages or visitations you’ve had in your dream time from loved ones is real and that it’s certainly a way for you to feel more connected to other realms when sleeping. So keep a journal so you do not discount or forget what is being given to you at a later time.


If you’ve been praying for a miracle this is your sign that it is indeed occurring so don’t give up! Let go of trying to control how and just let us and God help you because we see the bigger picture of your life what you’re asking for may happen in ways you do not expect! This is also a reminder for you to shift your focus on what is not working to what IS. Each moment is a miracle. You are a miracle. Focus on three things you are grateful for every day and your life will transform in amazing ways.


We send you great love and want you to know this is a particularly heart opening time for you right now. Love yourself by noticing your inner-talk and deciding to appreciate who you are in all ways! If you are single, this is also a sign that the partner you desire is closer than you think so keep the faith and pamper yourself in the mean time! If you are in a relationship, let your partner and your connection be a priority in your life at this time and enjoy eachother. Either way, open your heart to more LOVE because it is always the answer.

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True Colors w/ lyrics – Cyndi Lauper



~~Uploaded on Apr 6, 2010~~

The challenge is to be you in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else.

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not. Even when times are bad just remember to be yourself. You are perfect the way you are.


We ALL are ONE!! 

Smart Cars ….. a gallery!


~~March 19, 2014~~ 

Smart Automobile is a division of Daimler AG that designs, manufactures and markets microcars. Headquartered in Böblingen, Germany, Smart has its primary assembly plant in Hambach, France.

Smart uses a lowercase logotype in its branding and a logo incorporating the letter “c” for “compact” and an arrow for “forward thinking”.

The design concept for Smart’s automobiles began in the late 1980s, associated with Swatch. After a period of backing by Volkswagen, the first model was finally launched by Daimler-Benz in October 1998. Several variants on the original design have been introduced, with the original design, called the Fortwo, now in its second generation and available as an electric version.

Smart models are marketed globally, including in Asia, North and South America, Australia and in Europe — and have been the basis for conversions and design modifications by third parties, including electric conversions and performance upgradesBrabus-tuned production models are widely available.

Smart320_Flexe_ 001Smart7Smart8Smart6Smart2Smart1

Smart models are marketed globally, including in Asia, North and South America, Australia and in Europe — and have been the basis for conversions and design modifications by third parties, including electric conversions and performance upgradesBrabus-tuned production models are widely available.



Smart vehicles use a very small front crumple zone. The IIHS rated the Smart Fortwo “Poor,” noting that “Multiple injuries, including to the head, would be likely for a real-world driver of a Smart in a similar collision.”

The main structure of the car is a stiff structure called a Tridion Safety Cell, which is designed to activate the crumple zones of a colliding vehicle. This design creates a “very strong safety cell” around the passengers, according to the manufacturer.



In addition to the obvious safety issues which have been discussed, beware of driving a smart car after a full meal containing beans, broccoli, cauliflower and other “gas” producing foods. 


Top Gear – Craptastic Handling Cars – Smart Car

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We ALL are need to be SAFE!! 

In Your Backyard?

It’s headed this way! You want that!??

Mud 'n Feathers

In Your Backyard?

The picture shown is from the tar-sands mining operation in Alberta, Canada. Heavy inolvement by the Koch brothers, billionaire, supposed philanthropists, has pushed this dirtiest of all industries which presses a deadly foot on the neck of mother earth. Hiding behind laws which protect privately-held companies from public scrutiny, Koch Industries has managed to undermine climate science, environmental regulation and sources of clean energy. Donated money from the Koch brothers has provided funds for many politicians, in the United States and Canada. David Sassoon, in Inside Climate News, May 10, 1912, states: “…they (the Koch brothers)are top donors to politicians, most of them Republicans, who support the oil industry and deny any human role in global warming. What is less well documented are the many Koch businesses that benefit from the brothers’ efforts to push the center of American political discourse rightward, closer to their own convictions. At the top…

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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

Sheldon and more!!!

The Last Of The Millenniums

The Element of Surprise

New Breed – English Rolling Bulldog

The Ultimate Close Calls Compilation

Credit Senor GIFs Credit Senor GIFs

-credit-daily-picks-and-flicks -credit-daily-picks-and-flicks

I’ve never surfed and always wondered what it would look like.


bucket credit senor gifs2

credit-sober-in-a-night-club credit-sober-in-a-night-club

credit-tastefully-offensive-good-kitty credit-tastefully-offensive-good-kitty

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WARNING to Ugandan Gays to Beware Luring and MOB Attacks with Torture Uganda


This is awful!! And needs to be shared!!!


By Melanie Nathan, March 19, 2014.

smDC2A local Human Rights Defender in Uganda has posted the following critical warning, as news filters in of possibly 3 men, perceived as gay, have been attacked and seriously injured in Uganda. We will keep you updated as more news comes in.



There has been identified torturing building In Bwenyogere ,that is Jinja Road, on LGBT in UGANDA,

Its my humble request to all lgbt community in Uganda not to go to Bweyogerere in case some one calls you.

They call you pretending they are member of the community /A member calling you for assistance to rescue him,when you reach there,they :
-beat u up severely
-undress you
-Take all your belongs
and very many other physical torture..

After that they force to u to call one of…

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