At the end of the day ….. Missing you already!


~~March 20, 2014~~

At the time of this writing, a wonderful person in cyberspace has decided to delete all of his accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and an incredibly prolific blog.

~~In his own words~~

“Originally posted on Looking for reasoning to a complicated world: Away to chase away a new dream. I will have to say sorry here. I deleted my Facebook, if the group is there, someone can run it. I have deleted my Twitter account and my Skype account and the blog. Deleting my Word Press, thank you all for being decent.

More love, less hate.”

Away to chase away a new dream .

At this moment in time, there isn’t anything to do. I must respect his wishes and hope that he’s doing well. I hope that whatever lead him to make this decision is something that can be corrected. I wish him well and only the best. He is a great friend, a wonderful blogger, an intense person, an incredible human being with a bright soul and a spirit that inspires. There are many “fights” that he has to fight. He seems to need his space now.

I want to say that I will miss him terribly.


Wherever you are, my brother from another mother, know that you have your own spot in my heart. When you are ready to come back, I will be here, as always.

Hoping that you return. Waiting for you!


~~He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother Hillsborough charity single~~


~~Published on Dec 5, 2012~~

FB fan page…

He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother Hillsborough charity single Christmas No. 1.

The Justice Collective’s Hillsborough tribute crowned Christmas Number 1, 2012!

I need to walk away from myself

We ALL are ONE!! 




28 thoughts on “At the end of the day ….. Missing you already!

  1. I saw his post. I don’t want to downplay but in the last week there have been two other bloggers who also posted with messages that were similar, only to return a few days later with a change of heart. Let’s hope it was just a bad day. Most of us have had those.


  2. He has so much to offer…..could be that he is just taking time off because of extreme pain that he might be experiencing from his physical condition.

    If he is reading here, I want him to know that I am sending support and comfort and a wave of healing energy.


  3. Thank you Doc..
    I need to follow a new path, don’t know why, but the reason will be known soon.
    I will keep in touch with you all. I got an angry email and I don’t need that just now. I made a decision to cut people from my real life and it is final. If family I can’t trust then who can I?

    I love you all here but right now I need real love,
    I will end up where life leads me,, the meantime (To you all) Smile, have fun, be happy….
    I truly am sorry..

    More love, Less hate,,
    Shaun ❤ x


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