Today in Beatles history …. milestone!!

~~March 22, 2014~~

Debut album Please, Please me turns 50!! 

Please Please Me, the debut album from The Beatles, was released 50 years ago today — March 22, 1963.

From the Beatles site: “Please Please Me was done in a day – we started at 10 o’clock in the morning, finished at 11 at night, and that was the record made” recalled producer Sir George Martin.

Ten of the album’s fourteen tracks were recorded on the 11th February, 1963 – performance favorites and “Lennon-McCartney originals”. In addition to “Love Me Do”, the B-side of their debut single and both sides of their second single made up the remaining tracks.

The iconic front cover shot was taken at the then headquarters of EMI Limited at 20 Manchester Square in London’s West End in early 1963 by Angus McBean.

Please Please Me hit Number One in the chart in May 1963 and remained there for thirty weeks before being replaced by With The Beatles.

Watch the full MiniDoc about recording the album at the link below:

According to NME, March 8th 1963: “Things are beginning to move for the Beatles, the r-and-b styled British group. The disc Please Please Me follows closely on the heels of their first hit Love Me Do written by group members John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It looks like a bright future for the Beatles, but knowing them I don’t think they’ll let it go to their heads.”

~~The Beatles – Please Please Me (Live at The Washington Coliseum, 1964)~~


~~Published on Jan 10, 2013~~

The Beatles performing live “Please Please Me” at The Washington Coliseum in February 11th 1964, on their first U.S. visit. The song belongs to their debut album Please Please Me, released on March 22nd 1963, and it was first published as a single in the U.K. on January 11th that year.

~~The Beatles – The Making Of “Please Please Me”~~

~~Published on Oct 6, 2013~~

“Please Please Me“, the debut album by the Beatles was released on 22 March 1963.

Of the album’s fourteen songs, eight were written by Lennon–McCartney (originally credited “McCartney–Lennon”), early evidence of what Rolling Stone later called “their invention of the idea of the self-contained rock band, writing their own hits and playing their own instruments”. In 2012, “Please Please Me” was voted 39th on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.

As recalled by George Martin “Please Please Me was done in a day – we started at 10 o’clock in the morning finished at 11 at night, and that was the record made.”


We ALL are connected through MUSIC!!

We ALL are ONE!! 

6 thoughts on “Today in Beatles history …. milestone!!

  1. I lived in Munich when for three years from the time I was 6 to nearly 9. The Beatles came on tour and our neighbors teen daughter went to the concert, I still remember her excitement and her clothes, white boots and all. She was my babysitter!


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