At the end of the day ….

~~March 24, 20 14~~ 

Follow your heart. It will lead you where you really want to go. It will show you the best place to be. 

~~How to Follow Your Heart~~

By: Henri Junttila

“I can’t give you the exact steps for following your heart, because your signals will differ from mine, but what I can do is share what my experiences have been.

Most people overlook messages from their heart because they are looking in the wrong direction. If you focus on the grass on the ground, you will miss the birds flying above. Keep your eyes open and your focus wide, because you never know where your heart will nudge you.

One of the main ways that I follow my heart is simply by getting feelings. To put this into concrete terms, someone may contact me about doing a business partnership. What I’ll do is stay open and see how things feel. Most of the time it won’t feel right, or something will feel off, so I either say no, or decide to wait.

Sometimes I’ll feel uncertain. In that case, I may explore the opportunity a bit further and see how things go and how they feel. Now, I’ll also use my mind to assess things, such as if I have time, if I want to do this, and so on. There’s never any rush to jump into an opportunity, even if it may seem like it.

There will always be enough opportunities. Saying no doesn’t mean missing out, because there will be another train coming along.”

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“Follow your heart”


We ALL are connected through LOVE!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


Remembering and honoring …. AL!


~~March 24, 2014~~

 Terry’s brother, Al, was taken by the angels at 8:30 this morning. 

“Al suffered from MSA – Multiple System Atrophy which is a “neurological disorder that affects adult men and women. It is caused by degeneration or atrophy of nerve cells in several (or multiple) areas of the brain which can result in problems with movement, balance and automatic functions of the body such as bladder and blood pressure control.


Al and me Christmas 2013Terry, 2014dad, bev, me and theda

You can find Terry here:

~~In her own words~~

“I always have been a wanderer in my mind, and think about how i would feel and am often aware of feelings of others. i enjoy writing about every day experiences. i am sure that i write about things that touch others lives. i hope you enjoy my writings.”


“At 8:30 this morning March 24th, the angels came. Al is in heaven.”




Calling All Angels 2- Jane Siberry & k.d. Lang 


~~Published on Nov 6, 2012~~

Calling All Angels” duet with k.d. lang and Jane Siberry in a music slideshow. This video is for those who have lost a loved one. I hope it brings you some comfort. The song is played in the film “Pay It Forward“. Moving film and song.


Al will be forever within your reach. He’s in your heart and your memories. Always nearby …. within the touch of a hand. 

We love you, Terry. Sending you bright energy, healing light and wishing you strength to go through this trial in your life. 


We ALL are ONE!! 

Shocking Hypocrisy of HRC in Fight Against Religious Bigotry

Good to know this about the HRC!!! I was once a member … not anymore!!


Despicable contradiction – does he take us for idiots?

By Melanie Nathan, March 24, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.53.43 PMI must say I am in a state of shock at the hypocrisy of the latest HRC (Human Rights Campaign) fund raising ploy.  The fundraiser is focused on fighting religious bigotry because, as they say, our enemies are “Using religion as a weapon to legalize discrimination against LGBT people.”  And all the while HRC is in effect doing the same, by pumping $2million dollars into promoting the ENDA legislation that codifies that very religious bigotry into law. This is simply outrageous and a classic “WTF” moment!

Just last week HRC announced that they were spending $2million dollars on their fight to push the current Senate passed ENDA Bill through the House.

That bill has been criticized by ACLU, NCLR, LAMBDA Legal,, and others, including yours truly, as being of great concern, due…

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A Final Farewell to Al for Terry


Excellent!!! May your sorrow be strong and resolve. He will always be with you!!! You did all that was within your reach!!! ❤ …..

A Mixed Bag

This poem is for Terry’s brother, Al who was taken by the angels at 08:30 this morning. 
My thoughts are with Terry and her family at this time.

Terry asked me to write a poem to say goodbye to him. You can find Terry’s blog here.

Al suffered from MSA – Multiple System Atrophy which is a “neurological disorder that affects adult men and women. It is caused by degeneration or atrophy of nerve cells in several (or multiple) areas of the brain which can result in problems with movement, balance and automatic functions of the body such as bladder and blood pressure control.

You can find more details on Multiple System Atrophy here and here.




As my brother I have loved you
For all of your fifty-eight years
We have argued and fought
Brought each other to tears

I would never change…

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At Peace at the Ocean


At peace …. the ocean heals!!!!

Naked Nerves


My partner Louie and I just spent a week at the ocean about 3 hours west of Seattle and a bit north along the coast. We went to a little town called Moclips, right next to the Quinalt Indian Nation lands. We had a full week of sunny weather and no rain with just a bit of  breeze at times to keep the air moving, as it always does near the sea. It was a peaceful time.

I spend so much time writing about hard stuff in this blog that I thought maybe it was time I wrote about how well my life is going right now. I’m stable, for the most part, with my Bipolar Disorder and my back is in decent shape except for a twinge or two now and then lately. It went out on me a few weeks ago but it seems to be OK now…

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Poetry: Kiss me…

Lovely!!! Reblog …. lil sis!!! ❤ …..


Kiss me

Kiss me…

You have me compelled

I am under your spell

Emotions that I never felt

Kiss me, but don’t tell


You have me spellbound

I can’t resist your magic

Can’t think clearly when you’re around

Kiss me, but do it quick


You keep me captured

I am chained to you

Feelings that where undiscovered

Kiss me, and don’t argue


You keep me alive

I am falling for you fast

My senses caught in overdrive

Kiss me now, and make it last

– Just Patty –

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Exxon Valdez Disaster ….. 25 years ago!!

~~March 24, 2014~~

The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on March 24, 1989, when Exxon Valdez, an oil tanker bound for Long Beach, California, struck Prince William Sound‘s Bligh Reef at 12:04 a.m. local time and spilled 260,000 to 750,000 barrels (41,000 to 119,000 m3) of crude oil over the next few days. It is considered to be one of the most devastating human-caused environmental disasters. The Valdez spill was the largest ever in US waters until the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in terms of volume released.

 However, Prince William Sound‘s remote location, accessible only by helicopter, plane, or boat, made government and industry response efforts difficult and severely taxed existing plans for response. The region is a habitat for salmonsea ottersseals and seabirds. The oil, originally extracted at the Prudhoe Bay oil field, eventually covered 1,300 miles (2,100 km) of coastline, and 11,000 square miles (28,000 km2) of ocean. Exxon’s CEO, Lawrence Rawl, shaped the company’s response.


According to official reports, the ship was carrying approximately 55 million US gallons (210,000 m3) of oil, of which about 10.1 to 11 million US gallons (240,000 to 260,000 bbl; 38,000 to 42,000 m3) were spilled into the Prince William Sound. A figure of 11 million US gallons (260,000 bbl; 42,000 m3) was a commonly accepted estimate of the spill’s volume and has been used by the State of Alaska’s Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and environmental groups such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club.

Some groups, such as Defenders of Wildlife, dispute the official estimates, maintaining that the volume of the spill, which was calculated by subtracting the volume of material removed from the vessel’s tanks after the spill from the volume of the original cargo, has been under-reported. Alternative calculations, based on the assumption that the official reports underestimated how much seawater had been forced into the damaged tanks, placed the total at 25 to 32 million US gallons (600,000 to 760,000 bbl; 95,000 to 121,000 m3)

~~Identified causes~~

Multiple factors have been identified as contributing to the incident:

Beginning three days after the vessel grounded, a storm pushed large quantities of fresh oil on to the rocky shores of many of the beaches in the Knight Island chain.
  • Exxon Shipping Company failed to supervise the master and provide a rested and sufficient crew for Exxon Valdez. The NTSB found this was widespread throughout the industry, prompting a safety recommendation to Exxon and to the industry.
  • The third mate failed to properly maneuver the vessel, possibly due to fatigue or excessive workload.
  • Exxon Shipping Company failed to properly maintain the Raytheon Collision Avoidance System (RAYCAS) radar, which, if functional, would have indicated to the third mate an impending collision with the Bligh Reef by detecting the “radar reflector”, placed on the next rock inland from Bligh Reef for the purpose of keeping boats on course via radar. This cause has only been identified by Greg Palast (without evidentiary support) and is not present in the official accident report.

Captain Joseph Hazelwood, who was widely reported to have been drinking heavily that night, was not at the controls when the ship struck the reef. However, as the senior officer, he was in command of the ship even though he was asleep in his bunk. In light of the other findings, investigative reporter Greg Palast stated in 2008, “Forget the drunken skipper fable. As to Captain Joe Hazelwood, he was below decks, sleeping off his bender. At the helm, the third mate never would have collided with Bligh Reef had he looked at his RAYCAS radar. But the radar was not turned on. In fact, the tanker’s radar was left broken and disabled for more than a year before the disaster, and Exxon management knew it. It was, in Exxon’s view, just too expensive to fix and operate.” Exxon blamed Captain Hazelwood for the grounding of the tanker.


Other factors, according to an MIT course entitled “Software System Safety” by Professor Nancy G. Leveson, included:

  1. Tanker crews were not told that the previous practice of the Coast Guard tracking ships out to Bligh Reef had ceased.
  2. The oil industry promised, but never installed, state-of-the-art iceberg monitoring equipment.
  3. Exxon Valdez was sailing outside the normal sea lane to avoid small icebergs thought to be in the area.
  4. The 1989 tanker crew was half the size of the 1977 crew, worked 12–14 hour shifts, plus overtime. The crew was rushing to leave Valdez with a load of oil.
  5. Coast Guard tanker inspections in Valdez were not done, and the number of staff was reduced.
  6. Lack of available equipment and personnel hampered the spill cleanup.

This disaster resulted in International Maritime Organization introducing comprehensive marine pollution prevention rules (MARPOL) through various conventions. The rules were ratified by member countries and, under International Ship Management rules, the ships are being operated with a common objective of “safer ships and cleaner oceans”.


Even though the Exxon Valdez spill took place almost a quarter-century ago, the environment is still recovering. But the devastation of this spill hasn’t stopped companies like Shell from pushing to drill in the Arctic.

~The United States of Oil Spills (25th Anniversary of Exxon Valdez)~

~~Published on Mar 20, 2014~~

How many oil spills will it take, America?

Tell Obama to keep America the Beautiful and protect our Arctic from oil disasters.

Words without meaning. Promises not kept. Oil drilling areas have been expanded … further exploration in the Artic. 


March 24th marks the 25th Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez spill that killed millions of animals. And just yesterday, a barge carrying nearly a million gallons of oil collided and spilled near a bird sanctuary in Galveston, TX.

Now the Arctic faces the same threat from companies like Shell.


March 1989: an oil tanker ran aground in Prince William Sound, spilling 11 million gallons of oil and damaging 1300 miles of coastline.

The ecosystem is still not recovered.


25 years ago, 11 million gallons of oil were spilled in Prince William Sound. Only 7% was recovered.
Today, we still haven’t learned our lesson. Right now, heavy crude that was spilled Saturday in a barge collision is creeping closer to shore — and a bird sanctuary — near Galveston, TX.
Don’t let history repeat itself in the Arctic – Tell President Obama stop Shell’s attempts to drill in America’s Arctic.

~~Exxon Valdez oil spill harmed wildlife~~

~~Published on Mar 24, 2014~~

CNN’s Kyra Phillips looks at the devastating impact that the Exxon Valdez oil spill had on the area’s wildlife.


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oil spill



Stop this from happening again! Sign and share.

Pres. Obama: stop Arctic oil drilling before it’s too late:

~~To President Obama~~

“25 years ago, the Exxon Valdez spill showed us the disastrous consequences of an oil spill in the Arctic – 11 million gallons of crude oil spilled into Prince William Sound, impacting 1300 miles of shoreline. The area still hasn’t fully recovered.

Now Shell permits to drill for oil in a place that should be protected for generations to come: America’s Arctic. A spill in the Chukchi Sea would be an even worse disaster, with the closest Coast Guard station a thousand miles away and the high Arctic winds making cleanup close to impossible. Even worse, Shell has already shown itself incapable of operating safely in the Arctic: its rig went aground, and other equipment was damaged or didn’t meet permit requirements.

If we allow Shell to drill in the Arctic, we will face yet another disaster that causes incalculable and likely permanent damage to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

As we reflect on the anniversary of the Exxon Valdez disaster, I urge you to cancel the current lease under which several oil companies want to drill in the Chukchi Sea and to stop the process to sell new leases in the Arctic Ocean.”

We ALL are connected through NATURE!!

We ALL fight the fight!! 

We ALL are ONE!!