At the end of the day …..

~~March 30, 2014~~

The weekend is over and done. A new week starts. It signals a new beginning. Another opportunity to achieve goals, to start again …. Let go of what burdens you. Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. Let go of illusions and live your reality.


“The cold never bothered me anyway”


~~Let It Go (Disney’s “Frozen”) Vivaldi’s Winter – ThePianoGuys~~

~~Published on Feb 19, 2014~~

All the sounds you hear were created by 90 tracks of cello, piano, and vocals (with a little wind and suspended cymbal)

This is NOT green screen. Everything you see is real snow and ice.

~~Story behind the song~~

Who doesn’t love a story about an estranged ice princess, a dynamic mountain man/reindeer duo and a snowman obsessed with warm weather? We all loved the movie “Frozen” and its single, “Let It Go.” So much emotion, energy and drama packed into one tune. But we thought we’d add a little more drama … by melting together “Let It Go” and themes from Vivaldi’s classical piece, “Winter.”

Vivaldi’s almost reckless string motives helped us surround the determined, upbeat melody and chords from “Let It Go” with intensity and uncertainty. We wanted the music to alternate between “freezing” and “thawing,” representing the opposing forces throughout the “Frozen” story. 

We were extra ambitious about capturing as much definition of the ice as possible so we decided to give 4K a try (a step up from 1080p HD) using the “RED” camera (same camera used in filming “The Hobbit”). We called up our buddy Jacob Schwartz who rented us his awesome camera set up! It was challenging for Paul and Shaye to learn a whole new system and camera minutes before the shoot, but after awhile started getting the hang of it. Editing the video on the other hand was a whole new process in processing that 4k footage. It took us 4 times as long to edit the video and fix glitches that kept happening working with such large files! After this experience, we might have to give 4k a try again, but not until we’ve mastered the art of it all which this video got us on the path at least.

We ALL are ONE!! 

Black Moon ….. March 30, 2014!!

~~March 30, 2014~~

Tonight is the Black Moon, named because it is the second New Moon in the same month. The second Black Moon to happen this year, January also had a Black Moon which is astrologically very rare.

The New Moon in Aries heralds in a powerful new start. This is also the start of a new year in Astrology, the zodiac always starts with Aries. 

This New Moon is truly a new birth of life, inspiration and ideas. It is energetically connected to the womb of evolution, like a butterfly coming out of it’s chrysalis. The earth is changing now all around us as it wakes for the Spring, we are also waking up to what we need to do to grow and move on in our lives.

The energy of transformation is being seeded within each of us.

So find your inner spiritual warrior who will guard your back and help keep you focused on your destiny. And don’t be afraid to step in and defend people, places and animals who can’t help themselves. Find the kind of warrior energy you carry and bring it to the surface.

The New Moon in Aries makes a bold statement and thus leaves no stone unturned as it may symbolically or literally directly point the way to the path that is untraveled. Within the unknown or unfamiliar, the Divine has the opportunity to bring in wonderful surprises. This is a time to make wishes and go for what you want. 

This New Moon is all about change, it is a breath of much needed fresh air. Get rid of old baggage that holds you back. Let the fire of Aries cleanse and heal you. This is a lucky time, so do things that you felt you couldn’t do in the past, be a bit bolder, a bit louder ask for what you want from the universe, let your thoughts and desires manifest into something real. 

Have a Blessed New Moon, may the Goddess watch over you.

We ALL are ONE!!


Fire pit ready … by Jean!!

Anti-Gay Christian Ugandans Rally in Shocking War on Gays

SMH ….


By Melanie Nathan, March 30, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 10.01.55 AMSince the signing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Pastor Martin Ssempa, in the name of Christianity, has been mustering up the forces for a huge rally to further endorse and celebrate the Christian Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality era, even usurping the notion of Pride with, “Uganda Pride”, in the context of an anti-homosexuality rally. This heralds a significant cry to attack gays.

Although there will also be a debate to include the more reasonable voice of Andrew Mwenda, the rally as well as the debate, uses clear anti-gay rhetoric and the verbiage in its advertising and both events promise to be terrifying for gays.

Soon after the Bill was signed, Ssempa held a party in Uganda cheering the new law and exalting the lawmakers and President Museveni who ensured its full enactment. At the same time, Red Pepper ran a two week long series in their tabloid, systematically…

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And the end of the day ….. combined with to start the day!

~~March 29, 2014!!!~~

Posting from my phone.
It was a wonderful night, spent with wonderful friends.

Great company and conversation.Three

Waited for the sunrise …. and now to sleep!

Short and sweet!
We ALL are ONE!!



Till the next time!!