Blue Grotto …. Daytona, Florida!

~~March 31, 2014~~



About Us

This was a fun night with a group of wonderful friends. Have to do it again!! 



~~The Blue Grotto in Daytona Beach Florida~~

~~Uploaded on Jul 20, 2010~~

Stepping inside the Blue Grotto takes you to a place of warmth and comfort. The rock walls and blue lit bar puts you in the Blue Grotto from Capri Italy. It is one of the biggest draws on the Island of Capri and makes our restaurant and nightclub a surreal experience.

The peculiar iridescence of the water bathes the interior of the Grotto with a serene light that is similar in color to a Blue Topaz.


Dining by day and dancing by night makes Blue Grotto a destination to remember. We serve affordable dishes prepared fresh to order inspired by Italy; the Grotto’s own Lobster Pasta, Certified Angus Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Shrimp and much more. We serve lunch and dinner, opening at 11:00am daily.


We ALL are ONE!! 

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