Something to think about …….

~~April 30, 2014~~

“This concept is lost on some people. Such a shame!”

“My Father once said ‘It doesn’t matter how rich or famous, powerful or clever, connected or religious you are, you all end up in the same graveyard as the rest of us.”

“Message received. I hope this message is received by millions. It’s incomprehensible that there continues to be prejudice and judgmental people. Wake up people!! We’re all equal beings!”

” Making ‘something of your life’ is as much a personal thing as your color, sexuality, race, origins, etc. No one has any right to judge. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not what you do but who you are that is important. We need to have a great but undistinguished life.”

The point is …. we are all made the same on the inside & out. Our organs, muscles, tissue are ALL … in the same place .. underneath the skin. We all bleed if injured … it’s the programming of the mind .. opinions we take or leave and the notice of what our parents .. family .. and peers say to us from a young age. We may have different color skin … but we all witness .. happiness .. joy .. sadness .. loss .. death. Big bones, small bones .. medium bones … a collection of hereditary factors. Our blueprint is called .. HUMAN … but there are many who are not HUMANE.”

“At the end of the day we are ALL part of the world and universal tapestry. I find beauty .. and gifts in everyone.”

“We ALL bleed red.” 

We ALL are ONE!! 


~~Bleed Red – Ronnie Dunn~~

~~Uploaded on May 19, 2011~~

Bleed Red by Ronnie Dunn


Dedicated Mini Poem

Awesome! Short, to the point and true!! You did it!!!


I DID IT!!!!!


I completed the NaPoWriMo challenge! 🙂

30 poems in 30 days, wow that was a tough one!

But I had so much fun doing this challenge, I am sure that I will participate next year as well. 🙂

Thank you all so much for reading. ❤

One last little poem that more or less covers the whole month for me…

Dedicated to all who suffer from PTSD

Lots of Love


mini poem

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“Just Patty’s” Corner …. the power of the written word!!

~~April 30, 2014~~

“Just Patty’s” Corner …. the power of the written word! 

Patty is a very dear friend and can be found at:


From her poetry book: “My Wings” 

Can I?

Can I just hold you one more time?

Tell you how much I love you

Just one more week …

Can I?

Can I just hug you one more time?

Show you how much I care

Just one more day …

One more day to share

Can I?

Can I just talk to you one more time?

Until the sunset

Just one more hour …

One more hour to never forget

Can I?

Can I just kiss you one more time?

Hold you so very close

Just one more minute …

One more minute without sorrows

Can I?

Can I just look at you one more time?

To make sure you are alright

Just one more second …

One more second to say goodnight

Oh please, can I?

Can I at least say goodbye?


~~Dervish dream … Karunesh~~


We ALL are ONE!! 

10 things you need to know today: April 30, 2014

Today’s summary …. find it here!!

The Fifth Column

Banned! Banned! (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

The Week

The NBA bans Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, Oklahoma inmate dies in botched execution, and more

1. NBA bans Sterling over racist comments
The National Basketball Association on Tuesday banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million in a dramatic reaction to racist comments he allegedly made in a secretly recorded conversation. Commissioner Adam Silver said he would try to force Sterling to sell his team, a strong-arm move requiring the approval of three-quarters of team owners. Sterling’s views, Silver said, “simply have no place in the NBA.” [The New York Times]


2. Oklahoma murderer dies after his botched execution is halted
An Oklahoma death row inmate, Clayton Lockett, died of a heart attack Tuesday night after hislethal injection was botched. Prison officials had called a halt to the execution after Lockett’s…

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Lindsey Stirling …. presents her most recent, uplifting video!!

~~April 30, 2014~~

I was looking through my WP reader and found this post by Coach

I can truthfully say that this video “made my day” today.

I was a bit in the dumps but this is a “picker-upper”. 

I will repost and found additional information.

Take a look!! 


The central point of this song and music video by violinist Lindsey Stirling (the singer is one Alisha Popat) begins with an invocation of a familiar trope: Africa is a hopeless place.

But African love springs eternal.

So much so that it has the ability to save and teach privileged people from the west, who arrive with fancy hopes of ‘saving’ picturesque Africans. Hell, I’m sure you could even save the elephants if you spent long enough prancing around them playing the violin and the elephants somehow managed to resist the temptation to grind you into the dust with their massive feet (note to American celebrities).

And people love this kind of thing.

By late last night, this video had nearly half a million views since it was first posted on Youtube on Monday, May 7.

21,331,980 … when I looked today!! 

~~We Found Love – Lindsey Stirling (VenTribe)~~


~~Published on May 7, 2012~~

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I never could have done this video on my own. I had so many wonderful people help me too, I want to thank:

My friends at sent me out to Kenya to film this. They are a fresh new way to shop online with friends, and they made the whole trip possible. They launch soon and will feature a gift collection of African styles featuring a few of the things you would have seen in the video. Check them out at Check out their Facebook page too where they are giving out some awesome Kenyan Kikoys:



~~Filming in Africa – Behind The Scenes~~


~~Published on Aug 4, 2012~~…
My friends at gave Lindsey and I the opportunity to go to Kenya to film this. The video wouldn’t have been possible without them.
VenTribe brings facebook friends together to chip in together and buy better gifts for each other.

We shot three youtube videos while we were in Kenya, here’s links to each.

~Into The Wild~

~Children of Africa~

~We Found Love (On Lindsey’s channel)~

I filmed all these videos with Lindsey Stirling! She also has a rocking youtube channel with lots of awesome music videos! Make sure to check them out in the link below.


We ALL are ONE!! 


South African Government Launches Historic Program to Attack Homophobia

Someone has to take a stand …. and help lead these bigots along the path of equality. Blinders mus come off!!


By Melanie Nathan, April 29, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 7.40.28 AM Rally outside Cape Town Parliament before we went in to ask the Minister of Justice for a Task Team

Back in 2011, when South Africa was exposed internationally for horrific amount of rapes and murders perpetrated on the lesbian community in so called “corrective” or “Curative” rape attacks, Minister Jeff Radebe was taken to task, and now some years later the climate may be set for change.

This week at Constitution Hill, the location of South Africa’s Constitutional Court, the South African Government  launched a special program for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) to combat hate crimes and homophobia in South Africa.

Mamba Online reports that the event was led by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Jeff Radebe, along with his Deputy, John Jeffery. It also included representatives from Justice, Crime Prevention and Security cluster departments, members of provincial and…

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Sing Leaders, Sing


Yes, where are the leaders?? Start “singing” … start “leading”!! Please ……

Words of Balance


Sing Leaders, Sing

We find leaders all around us
And follow those who stand up and sing
Who belt loudly the music from their soul
They look for no reassurance since in this moment the words need to be sung
It’s not voted on by a committee or agreed to be the right thing to do
For by the time the committee decides, and everyone aligns, the song is through
The time has come for fewer people in the chorus and more people singing for what needs to be done

This post was written by Aaron Aslin. Aaron is a philosopher, blogger, and entrepreneur. He uses his background in marketing to bring people to ideas that inspire, motivate, and create purpose in their lives. You can connect with him on twitter @aaronaslin and

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Racism Hurts


Excellent post!! Have to share ….. 😎

tahtonka - A Journey Through Global Culture

The LA Coliseum, home to many memories~
Picture credit : InSapphoWeTrust

After living in LA for more than 30 years and going with my family to every conceivable sport venue repeatedly, this story about the racist owner of the Clippers,  hurt in so many ways.

It made LA look bad,  and LA  Sports look bad,  it was/is just plain ugly.

We are speaking of a huge sports loving family here: Hockey, Football, Baseball and of course,  Basketball games.

And, LA has a team for everyone!

We loved it all and it was a huge part of my family’s lives there for many, many years.

Going to any of these games was a joy for us all and if racism was part of it back then, we were not aware of it.

So, seeing all of the sad, vicious,  ugly words running amuck on the News all week,  leaves me questioning and wondering about the future of our…

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