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~~April 8, 2014~~

Piano Guys visit another World Wonder, perform ‘How Great Thou Art’

The Piano Guys are back at it, and this time they’ve chosen two World Wonders as their backdrop. Performing “How Great Thou Art,” combined with “Gabriel’s Oboe,” The Piano Guys newest video shows them in Brazil near the statue Christ the Redeemer, one of the New7Wonders, and the Iguazu Falls, one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

This video, which was released Wednesday morning, April 2, 2014, is the group’s second featuring a World Wonder. Last October, 2013, The Piano Guys embarked on their journey to perform at each of the New7Wonders by filming on the Great Wall of China in “Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends.”

~~Story behind the video & song~~

We’ve set an ambitious goal to film in front of all Seven Wonders of the World. We started with the Great Wall of China.
As our tour of Brazil approached we set our sights on our next Wonder: Christ the Redeemer. This incredible piece of art soars 10 stories in the air, stretches 100 feet wide and weighs 1.4 million pounds (630,000 kg). But even more impressive is that it was built in the 1920’s on a peak of a sheer 2,300 ft. (700 meter) cliff overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

Not far from this inspiring statue are the Iguazu Falls — a natural Wonder of the World. Made up of 275 waterfalls that stretch across 1.7 miles (2.7 km), to match the amount of water that flows down these falls you would need 2 million people to each pour a quart of water every second.

As we considered what piece of music would be worthy of such incomparable locations we looked to songs that have been composed or used to praise Jesus Christ, for whom the statue was built and who billions believe created all the natural wonders of this world.

We wanted to combine the melody of the heartfelt hymn of praise “How Great Thou Art” with one of the most beautiful melodies ever written — the theme from the movie “The Mission” (“Gabriel’s Oboe.”)

The Mission” is a movie that powerfully depicts the lives of men that lay down their lives for others. It was also filmed at Iguazu Falls. “How Great Thou Art” praises God and all that He has done for His children on this Earth. The two harmonize so beautifully with each other, both musically and thematically. As we played these pieces in front of the Christ Statue and Iguazu Falls we felt an overwhelming sense of wonder, peace, and joy.

When considering which song the group should perform at this location, The Piano Guys were meticulous.


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The Mission/How Great Thou Art – ThePianoGuys (Wonder of The World 2 of 7)


This music video is not meant to exclude anyone that does not believe in God. We hope that it instead promotes spiritual feelings that can be felt by all — gratitude for a beautiful Earth, for life, and for joy.

A wise man once said, “If we thought of life as a gift, we might not demand nearly as much from it. And if we lived more graciously, giving of ourselves more freely to the well-being of others, many of our personal concerns would disappear, and life would become easier for all.”

We respect all beliefs and opinions, but we hope that in the comments everyone can set aside religious differences and instead focus on building each other up — through gratitude, inspiration, kindness and mutual respect.


We ALL are connected through MUSIC!! 

We ALL are ONE!! 

What still pulls on your soul?

RUMI …. always soothes!!

Live & Learn


What in your life is calling you,
when all the noise is silenced,
the meetings adjourned,
the lists laid aside,
and the wild iris blooms by itself
in the dark forest,
what still pulls on your soul?

— Rumi

Poem Source: Stalwart Reader; Photograph – Athena by Thomas Dodd. See bio here.

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The Essential Wisdom of the Dalai Lama

Incredible human being. Never tire of reading his wisdom!!


The Dalai Lama is a very special person. He is the political and spiritual leader of Tibet which was taken from the Tibetan people by the Chinese. They say that having at one time owned Tibet, they do now also. I think it is kind of like Russia saying they own the Ukraine. Greed for land and minerals and egos are behind these actions. Tibet was invaded by the Chinese back in the fifties and a teenaged Dalai Lama was secreted out of the country and took refuge in India. Many Tibetan people left with the Dalai Lama and in the weeks and months thereafter. The Dalai Lama was the spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhist religion. The temples were invaded and monks and nuns were tortured, raped and murdered. The world stood by and watched it happen. They really had nothing to make them valuable to the rest of…

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South African President Zuma Respects Uganda’s Jail the Gays


The counter-movement is getting stronger. We need to be aware!!


Zuma proves that he is a homophobe,  as he spits on the legacy of Madiba,  and this should be his demise!

By Melanie Nathan, April 09, 2014.

ugparade9South Africa has a Constitution that ensures equality for all, including LGBTI people. And now according to South Africa’s media, President Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday “South Africa respects Uganda’s anti-homosexual laws.”  And if he was ONLY referring to Uganda’s sovereignty, then he fails to note that the law is unjust and persecutory.

No wonder there is so much homophobia and violence against LGBTI people in South Africa – even President Zuma fails to recognize certain basic human rights, invoked by a  Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

Surely there is a duty on Zuma to remind his neighbors of what is right versus what is wrong, despite their sovereignty.

Anyone with the ability to read can see that the Anti-Homosexuality Act…

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Spread of Russian-Style Anti-Propaganda Laws

There’s a counter-wave to undo what has been done. Beware!!

Global Equality Today

Repost from Human Rights First

We saw what Putin can do to LGBT Russians while the international media was camped in Sochi covering the XXII Winter Olympiad. What kind of crackdown might happen when it’s all over?

Additionally, as the world watches what will transpire domestically, the international LGBT community waits to see if Russia’s brand of discriminatory legislation will take root elsewhere. The flagship piece of that legislation, the federal law banning “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,” may soon be Russia’s number one export. Since the propaganda law went into effect, in June, 2013, legislators from Eastern Europe to Central Asia have begun to emulate the Russian Duma by introducing nearly identical versions of the law in their legislative bodies.

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There is no back up planet!!

~~April 8, 2014~~ 

“You hear it every day.

“The ice caps are melting.”

“Two hundred species are going extinct every 24 hours.” 

“The rain forests are being DECIMATED at unthinkable rates.” 

“Genetically modified plants are spreading outside of their plots and entering our food supply with unknown consequences.”

We’re pillaging the planet of resources, killing the incredible beings that live here, poisoning the oceans, increasing global temperatures and jeopardizing our own livelihoods …

… and yet …



The last couple hundreds years have taken a toll on the planet. Mankind’s search for himself has transformed his relationship with the planet to a relationship with his Ego. The battle for power, control and money has led to poverty, depression, death, chaos, sadness and a planet that is dying. All we need is to do is look outside our window to see that the green, pure Earth that once was will be no longer if we do not change our attitudes.

Can we not see how alive the earth is?

That just like us her waterways are her veins; her inner core is her heart; her fertile soil is her skin; that every root underneath our feet is connected like a network.

klamathfishkillFree flowing rivers have been blocked by damns, blocking the life force of water to irrigate our crops turning our lands into deserts. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of fish that travel the waterways contributing to the maintenance of them.

Entire forests have been eradicated, killing off the very species that help to create it. Now skyscrapers and parking lots stand where once mighty Oaks lived.

Chemicals fall from the skies killing trees, animals, birds and ourselves.

Much needs to be done to heal the Earth, but choosing to stop supporting the holocaust of hundreds of thousands every day and the destruction of the Earth, can have a ripple effect that begins this healing process.

A plant-based diet would reap thousands of benefits on the planet and avoid damaging effects to the planet.

CAFO12Factory Farms or CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). Mans hunger and ego has led him to believe that he is above other species that live here. This has led to the maltreatment of humans and animals alike and large commercial operations of factory farming. Factory farms have a devastating effect on the environment for several reasons.

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~~She’s Alive … Beautiful … Finite … Hurting … Worth Dying for!~~

~~Uploaded on Jun 26, 2011~~

This is a non-commercial attempt from and… to highlight the fact that world leaders, irresponsible corporates and mindless ‘consumers’ are combining to destroy life on earth.

It is dedicated to all who died fighting for the planet and those whose lives are on the line today. The cut was put together by Vivek Chauhan, a young film maker, together with naturalists working with the Sanctuary Asia network ( 

Content credit: The principal source for the footage was Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s incredible film HOME The music was by Armand Amar. Thank you too Greenpeace and


We ALL are connected to MOTHER EARTH!! 

We ALL are ONE!!