At the end of the day … another musical note!!

~~April 8, 2014~~

The Piano Guys play Chopin on Great Wall of China

Using only a piano, cello, and Asian percussion instruments including the Erhu and Guqin, The Piano Guys have revealed their latest Chopin-inspired track.

Once they were granted a permit to film on the Great Wall, they had to decide on which music to record. As well as including the classical influence, they wanted to include music from Kung Fu Panda, and a musical ‘Kung Fu battle‘ section in the middle.


They said: “Since ThePianoGuys began, it has been our impossible dream to put a grand piano on the Great Wall. People laughed at us when we said we were determined to do it. It is done.”

Now they’ve successfully captured the atmosphere of the Great Wall, the Piano Guys’ new dream is to play music on all seven wonders of the world.

Can we put in a bid for Stonehenge next, please?


Monday, October 28, 2013 | BY: 

The PianoGuys are a group of guys talented in all things musical, from a solo pianist to a cellist that plays multiple instruments, a studio engineer that writes music and a videographer with a gift for marketing; they have garnered millions upon millions of Youtube views.

And now they have done it again; the PianoGuys received permission from the Chinese Government to film on the Huangyaguan portion of the Great Wall. It took a crane to lift the piano on to the wall and 60 local workers to push it to its filming location. They had a mere 12 hours to shoot the entire video, though the biggest issue was making sure they composed a piece great enough to be played on the Great Wall.





~Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends – ThePianoGuys (Wonder of The World 1 of 7)~

~Published on Oct 9, 2013~


Yes, that is the Great Wall of China. No. It’s not green screen.


We ALL are connected through MUSIC!! 



We ALL are ONE!! 

Think you may find this interesting …. 

~Epic piano move onto the Great Wall of China! ThePianoGuys~



Since ThePianoGuys began, it has been our impossible dream to put a grand piano on the Great Wall. People laughed at us when we said we were determined to do it. It is done. All of us at ThePianoGuys would like to dedicate this music video to the visionary behind it all and the man whose dream this has always been: Paul Anderson.

It is difficult to detail each of the many miracles that were stitched together in time turning this dream into actuality. Master Oogway, himself, said that “a destiny is not realized until we let go of the illusion of control.”

To say we made this happen of our own accord would be to fall victim to this illusion. An invisible hand guided us, for which we are eternally grateful. This was a life-changing experience for us.


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