Just a thought … a deep one, at that!

~~April 10, 2014~~

Source and full credit: https://www.facebook.com/beginwithyes

We ALL are connected through this wonderful web we WEAVE!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 

10 thoughts on “Just a thought … a deep one, at that!

  1. I can leave a comment here as long as a book. My hubs is a Vietnam Vet and so dysfuntional in so many ways I wouldn’t know where to begin to tell you. For years I made it my place to help him. Then I arrived at a place, I knew I was enabling him more then anything else, and I stepped into “tough love”. NOT easy. I am still to this day doing this, and some days I see growth in him, others a big setback. I was sent into his life to be a “guiding light” yet, there comes a time, when enough is enough. This was not appreciated, still is not, but I am staying firm.

    I refollowed you. Why? I have SO many blogs I follow, not all in my reader. Only the ones I feel are important to me in my own growth and enjoyment do I have in my reader, turned on. IF I could, I would read everyone’s, but that is not possible. I have been called to do much work, by bring Light and Love into this world so I really depend on those who are in my reader for enjoyment and upliftment and information. YOU are one of them and I am deeply thankful. Bless you for coming into my life just when I required your presence. (((HUGS))) Amy


    • I can just imagine!! I saw so much of that while I was working. I could also write a book .. the thing is, that in my situation, I wasn’t as close as you & hub. It can be life altering and it will be for the rest of your life.

      I think that the gov is short-changing the all the veterans. The Viet got a bad deal and never were acknowledged …. to this day. They had to fight twice.

      Even the ones returning now are having a raw deal.

      Anyway .. I’m glad you re-followed the blog. I totally understand about having many. I don’t have time to read all, like you.

      I like your statement about bringing light and love into this world ….. makes me think of a “lightworker”. You know what that is???

      Check here:

      And this one:

      Hope you enjoy them!! Hugs ….


      • I am a lightworker, Luv. (smile) I know all about it. We are going to get along just fine.

        Oh, yes how I agree with you about the government short changing our vets. The horror that my husband still lives in, and as he gets older seems to get worse. He is so afraid to live life and to allow LOVE to touch him. It is so sad. Most of what I know and share ( not all) on my blog, is directly from dealing with this man. I also have been through a lot in my own life, which is the hallmark of when “spirit” began my teaching. That is still ongoing today, and will to the day I die.

        So many reach out to me due to my “vibration” and “light”. I have to know what is the balance regarding how much I can handle. I am on here, behind the scenes more hours then people know, or what I do talk about. Sometimes I just have to walk away to rest or to get lost in my camera.

        I love these conversations with people who I “click” with. I treasure them, Dr. Rex, because I work so darn hard helping so many. I was told when I was 28 years old, that I had a great Mission ahead of me. I was told this by a priest and to this day I remember. He saw what I did for my friend while she was dying and spoke via the spirit where I was headed. He was right. I am now doing the very thing he said I woud be. I am today 56 going on 57. Many years later and much teaching later. I’ve never been happier in my life. My heart literally sings!! To be doing the work I was born to do, I would not trade for anything!!

        OK. Must go to eat supper and rest. I plan on hitting the bed early tonight. Long story but had a pretty stressful day with one of my special needs cats. He is OK thank God! Post for the morrow is finished and from there, I need to take care of me. Take care and talk to you soon. (yes I DO love to talk .. hehehehehe) xx Amy


  2. I can understand all of that. I personally went through 30 years of abuse in so many categories before finally convincing myself I could live on my own. I remember Nam so well, lost many friends there. When I let go of my former life, I also had to let go of my daughter, brainwashed by her dad. Older son, angry because I hated having money, so gave it to people who needed it more than I did, so none for him to inherit. My youngest stuck by me all the way — the only one more like me than their dad. I’m blessed by having one child who understands me, and peace with the others who visit as an obligation. It’s an illness that they all have, and it took me several years to stop blaming myself for their sickness. I know how much I tried to bring them up the right way, but I also know how many times their dad told them they didn’t have to obey me, only him. So now, I live in poverty, and laugh, while they live to make themselves look good to people who shouldn’t matter in their lives. And you know what? They don’t hurt me any more.


    • My dear Angie … the good thing is that you made it through …. may have taken some time, but you made it. Still your own self … here, sharing all your knowledge, love and self with us!! Happy about that part …. 🙂


    • It’s never too late … We all go through these things to grow and learn. Mind you, if we don’t learn, we are bound to repeat the mistake again!!
      Do hope it helps!!


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