Oklahoma Protesters Threaten to “Secdee” From Union if Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos is not Cancelled

Fools!!! Narrow-minded stupid people!!!!

The Fifth Column

This graphic has been around for a while but the point is made…

Oh my goodness.  These people have lost it…

Topekas News

Concerned Oklahomas gather to protest the airing of Cosmos, citing the show’s agenda is ‘clearly anti-Christian and biased against creationist values.’  Citizens have threatened to vote to ‘secdee’ [sic] from the United States during the 2014 gubernatorial and ballot issue election if Cosmos is not formally removed from all Oklahoma based television networks.

Saddlebridge Township, Oklahoma – Furious parents and citizens of Oklahoma took to the streets early Thursday, protesting against Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos.  Protesters allege the show is blatantly promoting an anti-Creationist agenda and is ‘standing against the Judeo-Christian moors and values of the Saddleback Township community and others nationwide.”

The first protests against Cosmos in the community took place some two weeks ago, after a local paper claimed an airing of Cosmos in…

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“Buddha Quotes” …. The Most Inspiring!!

~~April 11, 2014~~

Born in Nepal in the 6th century B.C., Buddha was a spiritual leader and teacher whose life serves as the foundation of the Buddhist religion.

Siddhartha Gautama, who would one day become known as Buddha (“enlightened one” or “the awakened”), lived in Nepal during the 6th to 4th century B.C. While scholars agree that he did in fact live, the events of his life are still debated.

According to the most widely known story of his life, after experimenting with different teachings for years, and finding none of them acceptable, Gautama spent a fateful night in deep meditation. During his meditation, all of the answers he had been seeking became clear, and achieved full awareness, thereby becoming Buddha.

~~Buddha Quotes – The Most Inspiring~~

~~Published on Oct 29, 2013~~

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Buddha Quotes given in this video are just few words or a couple of sentences, but they have a meaning that is deeper and far reaching.

Just read them slowly to grasp the exact meaning.


We ALL are connected through SPIRIT!!


We ALL are ONE!!


“The Power of Union” …. can this translate to us?

~~April 11, 2014~~


An act or instance of uniting or joining two or more things into one

A unified condition 

Something that is made one:  something formed by a combining or coalition of parts or members

Set of all elements belonging to one or more of a given collection of two or more sets

~~The Power of Union is Strength – Crabs VS Ants VS Penguins~~

~~Published on Mar 3, 2012~~

Three interesting advertisement illustrating the Power of Union is Strength.

An individual maybe brilliant and have strong core competencies but unless you are able to work in a TEAM and harness each others core competencies, you will always perform below par because there will always be situations at which you will do poorly and someone else does well.

We ALL are connected through UNION!! 

We ALL are ONE!! 

German militarism coming back

Is this really happening? Hasn’t humanity learned anything from history or past mistakes??? Can’t be …..

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This video about Adolf Hitler’s armed forces is called War crimes of the Wehrmacht – Hannes Heer.

By Johannes Stern in Germany:

German government planning major military build-up

11 April 2014

The German government is using the mounting conflict between NATO and Russia to massively rearm the military. This is underscored by an article in the latest edition of the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel.

The title page of the article sums it up. Defence minister Ursula Von der Leyen stands before a tank smiling, surrounded by German army soldiers armed to the teeth. This is the gruesome smile of German militarism, which is attempting to return to the world stage after two world wars and horrific crimes.

Under the cynical title “Leopards live longer,” a reference to the German tanks of that name, the article provides an insight into the West’s military plans. NATO is to…

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Roman Catholic Church admits ultra-conservative bishop abused little boys

Why isn’t this surprising? Keep digging and more will be found. SMH …. I was raised as a Catholic … I know!

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Bishop Gijsen

Translated from RTL TV in the Netherlands today:

Diocese admits: Bishop Gijsen abused little boys

The diocese Roermond acknowledges that its former Bishop Jo Gijsen, deceased last year, abused two boys.

They do this in a statement from the diocese. [Present] Bishop Frans Wiertz apologizes to the victims and expresses his sorrow that “the later ecclesiastical and role model position of former Bishop Jo Gijsen has been damaged.”

Two underage boys

The statement follows a report by the Katholiek Nieuwsblad [Catholic Newspaper] earlier in the evening that Gijsen had groped the genitals of two minor boys between 1958 and 1961.

The newspaper reports that it is a one time fondling of a former student of the boys’ boarding school in Kerkrade and repeatedly fondling a boy (9-10 years old) from the parish in Valkenburg where Gijsen was chaplain until 1959. This boy is also said to have been forced…

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