As the family grows …. so does the car!!

~~April 12, 2014~~

It was December 2011 when we got this brand new vehicle. Elantra 2012 ..

We thought it was a cool car and the color was appealing. 


~~2012 Hyundai Elantra Review~~

The high praises the 2011 Hyundai Elantra received carry over into the 2012 model year. Test drivers still say the Elantra is an affordable small car with upscale amenities that will make others think you paid more for it than you actually did.

Auto reivewers aren’t worried about whether or not the Elantra will lose its new-car sparkle now that the Ford FocusKia Forte and Chevrolet Cruze are in the mix. One reason the Elantra can hold its ground is because it has a stylish exterior that makes the Cruze and Forte look bland.

In addition to stand-out exterior styling, the Elantra Limited offers heated leather seats in the rear row, a feature that isn’t available on most upscale sedans. Test drivers appreciated this option last year, and are still impressed with it this go-around.


Most reviewers agree that the 2012 Hyundai Elantra outshines many of its rivals because it’s well-rounded. For example, the Elantra has high fuel economy ratings of 29/40 mpg city/highway, and unlike the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and Chevrolet Cruze, shoppers don’t need to upgrade to higher trims to get those figures. Inside, the Elantra offers enough cabin and trunk space to compete with some midsize sedans, a navigation system that’s fast and easy to use and more standard features than other affordable small cars like the2012 Honda Civic.

The Elantra is a good value, but no reviewers label the Elantra fun-to-drive like the Mazda3 or Honda Fit. However, they do say the 2012 Hyundai Elantra makes a great daily driver. After looking at all these qualities, many members of the automotive press say the Elantra is one of the best affordable small cars on the market. 

Edmunds agrees, and writes, “Thanks to head-turning styling, a fuel-efficient engine and a long list of standard safety features and upscale options, the 2012 Hyundai Elantra is a top pick for a small sedan.”


Big Sonata & Little Elantra.

However, the family has grown and there are four grand kids:

The Bug (9), Blondie (7), Curls (6) and Buddy (19 months).

There is no way that you could get the four of them and the things that you need to care for young children, a driver and a passenger. There was no other option. This car had to be traded.

A larger vehicle was required. 


~~Entourage Limited 2008 …. 42,000 miles …. new to us~~

Full 2008 Hyundai Entourage Review

Hyundai’s first minivan enters its second year with minor adjustments to feature availability.


Closely related to the second-generation Kia Sedona, the 2008 Hyundai Entourage combines all the comfort, utility and safety that budget-minded families are looking for. Available in two trim levels, the base GLS and upmarket Limited, the Entourage has the modern minivan basics down pat. A capable V6 comes standard, as does a full complement of safety equipment and seven-passenger seating with second-row captain’s chairs and a fold-away third-row seat.

Overall, the 2008 Hyundai Entourage remains a smart choice for value-minded shoppers who don’t need a lot of icing on their cake. It may not offer the top-notch refinement, amenities and drivability of class leaders like the freshened Honda Odyssey or the model selection of the redesigned Dodge Grand Caravan, but it’s capable enough for most buyers. If you’re looking for maximum value and confidence-inspiring safety and warranty protection in a minivan that covers most of the bases with competence, the Hyundai Entourage is a very good bet.


Body Styles, Trim Levels, and Options

The 2008 Hyundai Entourage minivan comes in two well-equipped trim levels. The base GLS offers 16-inch wheels, removable second-row captain’s chairs, a foldaway 60/40-split-folding third-row seat, tri-zone air-conditioning, cruise control, full power accessories and six-speaker CD audio. The uplevel Entourage Limited adds 17-inch aluminum wheels, rear privacy glass, automatic headlights, dual power-sliding side doors, a power liftgate, heated side mirrors, automatic climate control, a power driver seat, heated front seats, leather seating, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls and wood or metal dash trim.

I think there’s one very happy camper in the household. 

I’m sure the grands will love it too. It has all the amenities including a DVR. There’s space to carry all their gear, the fun things, the book packs, the toys, the sports items.

What else could anyone want?? 


~~Drive My Car-The Beatles~~


~~Uploaded on Feb 2, 2008~~

Drive My Car-The Beatles
(1965) From their album “Rubber Soul”


We ALL are ONE!! 

Hong Kong shark fin trade declining

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This video says about itself:

Sharks 3D is a breathtaking film experience that offers audiences an astonishing up-close encounter with the Lions and Tigers of the Ocean. Come face-to-face with a multitude of shark species, including the Great White, Hammerhead and Whale Shark. Witness them as they really are: not wicked man-eating creatures but wild, fascinating and endangered animals that have been in existence for millions of years before dinosaurs roamed the earth.

By Dominique Mosbergen:

Shark Fin Exports To Hong Kong Fall By 35 Percent, Demand Plunges In China

04/10/2014 4:59 pm EDT

Here’s some much-needed good news for our shark friends: The Hong Kong chapter of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) announced this week that the volume of shark fins exported to Hong Kong fell by about 35 percent between 2012 and 2013.

Shark fin exports to Hong Kong represent about half of…

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Infinite Possibilitys

Wow!!! Love your message! Great job. Peace …


Beautiful to behold ……


Even the smallest light cuts a path through the deepest darkness. Let the light of your own goodness fully shine, and experience the positive impact it imparts. 

Those who can only tear down and destroy grow weaker and more vulnerable with every action.

Those who sincerely respect and value life have infinitely more possibilities open to them.

Those things gained through deception, repression, fear and intimidation are never worth having. They begin to crumble even before they are realized.

Those things gained through creative, positive, loving and respectful pursuits, on the other hand, quickly spread and multiply. That’s because within each act of genuine goodness are fertile seeds of even greater goodness.

Each day life presents many and varied challenges. Every one of those challenges is an opportunity to confirm and intensify the truth and goodness with which life is filled.

Though it is often…

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Sports Hunting ….. as I see it!!

~~April 12, 2014~~ 

This is how I see “hunting for sport”. Obviously, I’m not a fan. If I had to kill a living being to eat, I would definitely be a vegetarian.

Keep in mind that I’m only expressing my feelings and my opinion. I understand that many won’t and that is OK. I think that animals are on this Earth with a purpose and humanity is forgetting what that purpose is. They aren’t here for human entertainment or profit. 

Again … my humble opinion. 

~~Why Sport Hunting Is Cruel and Unnecessary~~

Although it was a crucial part of humans’ survival 100,000 years ago, hunting is now nothing more than a violent form of recreation that the vast majority of hunters do not need for subsistence. Hunting has contributed to the extinction of animal species all over the world, including the Tasmanian tiger and the great auk.

Less than 5 percent of the U.S. population (13.7 million people) hunts, yet hunting is permitted in many wildlife refuges, national forests, and state parks and on other public lands. Almost 40 percent of hunters slaughter and maim millions of animals on public land every year, and by some estimates, poachers kill just as many animals illegally.


~~Pain and Suffering~~

Many animals endure prolonged, painful deaths when they are injured but not killed by hunters. A study of 80 radio-collared white-tailed deer found that of the 22 deer who had been shot with “traditional archery equipment,” 11 were wounded but not recovered by hunters.  Twenty percent of foxes who have been wounded by hunters are shot again. Just 10 percent manage to escape, but “starvation is a likely fate” for them, according to one veterinarian. A South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks biologist estimates that more than 3 million wounded ducks go “unretrieved” every year. A British study of deer hunting found that 11 percent of deer who’d been killed by hunters died only after being shot two or more times and that some wounded deer suffered for more than 15 minutes before dying.


Hunting disrupts migration and hibernation patterns and destroys families. For animals such as wolves, who mate for life and live in close-knit family units, hunting can devastate entire communities. The stress that hunted animals suffer — caused by fear and the inescapable loud noises and other commotion that hunters create — also severely compromises their normal eating habits, making it hard for them to store the fat and energy that they need in order to survive the winter.


~~Nature Takes Care of Its Own~~

The delicate balance of ecosystems ensures their survival — if they are left unaltered. Natural predators help maintain this balance by killing only the sickest and weakest individuals. Hunters, however, kill any animal whose head they would like to hang over the fireplace — including large, healthy animals who are needed to keep the population strong. Elephant poaching is believed to have increased the number of tuskless animals in Africa, and in Canada, hunting has caused bighorn sheep’s horn size to fall by 25 percent in the last 40 years. Nature magazine reports that “the effect on the populations’ genetics is probably deeper.”


Even when unusual natural occurrences cause overpopulation, natural processes work to stabilize the group. Starvation and disease can be tragic, but they are nature’s ways of ensuring that healthy, strong animals survive and maintain the strength of the rest of their herd or group. Shooting an animal because he or she might starve or get sick is arbitrary and destructive.

Another problem with hunting involves the introduction of exotic “game” animals who, if they’re able to escape and thrive, pose a threat to native wildlife and established ecosystems.


~~Canned Cruelty~~

Most hunting occurs on private land, where laws that protect wildlife are often inapplicable or difficult to enforce. On private lands that are set up as for-profit hunting reserves or game ranches, hunters can pay to kill native and exotic species in “canned hunts.” These animals may be native to the area, raised elsewhere and brought in, or purchased from individuals who are trafficking in unwanted or surplus animals from zoos and circuses. The animals are hunted and killed for the sole purpose of providing hunters with a “trophy.”

Canned hunts are big business — there are an estimated 1,000 game preserves in the U.S., with some 5,000 so-called “exotic ranchers” in North America.(12,13) Ted Turner, the country’s largest private landowner, allows hunters to pay thousands of dollars to kill bison, deer, African antelopes, and turkeys on his 2 million acres.

Animals on canned-hunting ranches are often accustomed to humans and are usually unable to escape from the enclosures that they are confined to, which range in size from just a few yards to thousands of acres. Most of these ranches operate on a “no-kill, no-pay” policy, so it is in owners’ best interests to ensure that clients get what they came for. Owners do this by offering guides who are familiar with animals’ locations and habits, permitting the use of dogs, and supplying “feeding stations” that lure unsuspecting animals to food while hunters lie in wait.

While many states have limited or banned canned hunts, there are no federal laws regulating the practice at this time.


~~Other Victims~~

Hunting accidents destroy property and injure or kill horses, cows, dogs, cats, hikers, and other hunters. In 2006, then–Vice President Dick Cheney famously shot a friend while hunting quail on a canned hunting preserve. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, thousands of injuries are attributed to hunting in the U.S. every year—and that number only includes incidents involving humans.

The bears, cougars, deer, foxes, and other animals who are chased, trapped, and even killed by dogs during (sometimes illegal) hunts aren’t the only ones to suffer from this variant of the “sport.” Dogs used for hunting are often kept chained or penned and are denied routine veterinary care such as vaccines and heartworm medication. Some are lost during hunts and never found, whereas others are turned loose at the end of hunting season to fend for themselves and die of starvation or get struck by vehicles.

~~A Humane Alternative~~

There are more than 20 million deer in the U.S., and because hunting has been an ineffective method to “control” populations (one Pennsylvania hunter “manages” the population and attracts deer by clearing his 600-acre plot of wooded land and planting corn), some wildlife agencies are considering other management techniques. Several studies suggest that sterilization is an effective, long-term solution to overpopulation. A method called “trap, neuter, and return” (TNR) has been tried on deer in Ithaca, N.Y., and an experimental birth-control vaccine is being used on female deer in Hastings-on-the-Hudson, N.Y. One Georgia study of 1,500 white-tailed deer on Cumberland Island concluded that “if females are captured, marked, and counted, sterilization reduces herd size, even at relatively low annual sterilization rates.”

~~What You Can Do~~

Before you support a “wildlife” or “conservation” group, ask about its position on hunting. Groups such as the National Wildlife Federation, the National Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, the Izaak Walton League, the Wilderness Society, and the World Wildlife Fund are pro–sport-hunting, or at the very least, they do not oppose it.

To combat hunting in your area, post “no hunting” signs on your land, join or form an anti-hunting organization, protest organized hunts, and spread deer repellent or human hair (from barber shops) near hunting areas. Call 1-800-628-7275 to report poachers in national parks to the National Parks and Conservation Association. Educate others about hunting. Encourage your legislators to enact or enforce wildlife-protection laws, and insist that nonhunters be equally represented on the staffs of wildlife agencies.

All of the pictures above show humans portraying the “fallen” animal as a trophy. They show their pride in their kill. They have another one for their “walls”.

There is no way that these animals had a fair chance against those high power weapons. Where is the pride in this? Humans are above animals, of course. But the portrayed animals had no chance other than succumb to the mighty power of the rifle, bullet or arrow. 

To me, they are all bad but the worse is the “canned hunting”. 


~~Full Article/References/Credit/Read more~~

We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 


Call me what you want, think what you will. AnLove


~~Philip Wollen discusses hunting; ‘Sport’ or ‘Ignoble atrocity’? You decide~~


~~Published on Jul 12, 2012~~ – Is hunting really a ‘sport’ or are hunters being delusional and misguided? Do the points in this short talk stand up to examination? Is it time civilization moved on? Watch this and join the conversation.


This is a sad one for me … and a disappointment!

Photo of Prince Harry hunting wild buffalo emerges as royals launch campaign to protect wildlife!!


We ALL are ONE!!



10 things you need to know today: April 12, 2014

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The Fifth Column

Pro-Russia militants barricaded themselves into the police station.  Pro-Russia militants barricaded themselves into the police station. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

The Week

Pro-Russia militants take over a Ukrainian police station, the White House refuses a visa to Iran’s U.N. ambassador, and more

1. Pro-Russia militants seize more Ukrainian buildings
Several dozen men took over a police station in eastern Ukraine this morning, raising a Russian flag and barricading the building. Ukrainian officials claim the militants seized at least 400 handguns and 20 automatic weapons to distribute to pro-Russia protesters. The militants appear to be Ukrainian, but the headquarters takeover is the latest building seizure by Pro-Russia forces, which come in the wake of a buildup of Russian troops along Ukraine’s border. Russian President Vladimir Putin maintains those movements are part of a military training exercise. [The New York TimesReuters ]


2. White House refuses visa to Tehran’s United Nations ambassador
In what could be an 

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To start the day ….

~~April 12, 2014~~

Full photo/graphic credit:

“How do you live life to the fullest?”

~~30 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest~~

“I recently asked Tiny Buddha’s Facebook friendsI was inspired by what they had to say, so I’ve used them to create this list:

1. Live in the moment. Forget the past and don’t concern yourself with the future. (Tanner Christensen)

2. Fully embrace the now, no matter what the situation. (Patrick Flynn)

3. Do the things you love. (Diego Felipe Villa Serna)

4. Learn to forgive and embrace unconditional love. (Ann Glasgow)

5. Live every day as if it’s your last, embracing each experience as if it’s your first. (Jennifer Fertado)

6. Believe in “live and let live.” (Satyendra Pandey)

7. Use quiet reflection, honesty, and laughter. (Erin Rogers Kronman)

8. Be other-centered. (Tricia Mc)

9. Find calm in making art. (Z.r. Hill)

10. Focus on today and how you can do your best to live it to the fullest. (Amelia Krump)


11. Participate in life instead of just watching it pass you by. (Lindsey Wonderson)

12. Stay healthy, eat right, and most importantly, be kind to all. (Tho Nguyen)

13. Pray, forgive yourself, appreciate others, listen to your gut, do things you enjoy, and remind yourself that we are all loved and connected. (Sandra Lumb)

14. Don’t sweat the small stuff. (Allison Gillam)

15. Question everything, keep it simple, and help whenever and however you can. (Lynda Corrigan Sutherland)

16. Try to enjoy every minute of every day. (Maria Ahlin)

17. Appreciate life’s every second. (Anna-Karin Boyaciyan-Demirciyan)

18. Step through new doors. The majority of the time there’s something fantastic on the other side. (Terri Mindock)

19. Remember that all is a gift, but the most precious of all gifts is life and love. (Debbie Teeuwen)

20. Keep your spirit free, be flexible, let go. (Leslie Brown)


21. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” ~Baz Luhrmann (Adam Raffel)

22. Don’t attach to outcomes. (Wp Ho)

23. Spend as much time with a two year old as possible. (Jackie Freeman)

24. Enjoy each and every moment of life. Every day is a new challenge and opportunity to discover something new. (Chirag Tripathi)

25. Budget travel. It is always an adventure! You get to enjoy what fate has to offer with limited means. (Ruby Baltazar)

26. Be honestly thankful for every breath you take. (Jonathan Carey)

27. Just be. (Catherine Halvorsson)

28. “Trust yourself. Trust your own strengths.” ~Gaundalf the grey (Jonathan David Evan Fulton)

29. Pause momentarily before everything you do so that you notice everything you should or could notice. (Scott Hutchinson)

30. Follow your hopes and not your fears. (Jody Bower)


The first graphic shows the current, modern terms: tagged, unfriend, follow, share, care and YouTube. This is the updated version. The message remains the same. 

Live life to the fullest!! 


~~Full Read/Article – Full Credit~~

We ALL are connected through LIFE!!

We ALL are ONE!!


~~Don’t Worry~~

Playing For Change|Song Around the World


~Uploaded on Jan 21, 2009~~ – From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music“, comes an incredible track written by Pierre Minetti performed by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it traveled the globe. “Don’t Worry” is the follow up to the classic “Stand By Me” and the second of many “songs around the world” released on the “Songs Around The World” CD/DVD in stores now everywhere.

Support Playing For Change by telling all your friends and family to join the movement at, and be sure to check out our music and videos available for purchase at….

Additionally, after 3 years, 31 countries, 185 musicians, and a whole lot of love, we are releasing our NEW ALBUM, PFC3 “Songs Around The World” on June 17, 2014!!



Ah, elephants!!! I love these creatures ……


ele2Keep a box or two of tissues close by for this one. This HBOdoc will make an excellent effort to yank your heart out. If this doesn’t make people understand why having animals in captivity is wrong I’m not sure what will.

I get that people think it’s fun and interesting, even educational to see sharks or killer whales in an aquarium; lions, monkeys or giraffes at a zoo; watching elephants, tigers, etc. perform in circuses or on stage. But it’s not the natural order. They should stay in their own environment living their own life.ele1

ele3Would you be ok with someone picking up your child, shipping them half way around the world to live their life in a cage?

How about if you’re on your way to the store to buy dinner and you’re captured, shipped off then stabbed and poked and hit with sticks, etc. so you’ll…

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The Supreme Court’s two tribes

This is very important, people!!! Stop …. read!!

The Fifth Column

A court divided... A court divided… (Larry Downing-Pool/Getty Images)

The Week

A steady stream of bitterly divided, 5-4 rulings is not what the Founders had in mind

Shortly after John Roberts became chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, he admitted concern that a steady stream of 5-4 decisions could undermine the court’s “credibility and legitimacy as an institution.” His fear was well-founded. Since then, the Roberts court has issued bitterly polarized, 5-4 rulings on its most controversial cases — including gun control, voting rights, affirmative action, campaign finance law, ObamaCare, and gay marriage. Justices in the losing faction, which swings from liberal to conservative depending on one swing vote, now routinely ridicule the reasoning of their colleagues — “legalistic argle bargle,” in the memorable words of Antonin Scalia. This is not, one suspects, what the Founders envisioned when they created the court to arbitrate and help temper what Alexander Hamilton called the…

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Spectacular Video of Night Progressing to Dawn at the Golden Temple

This I need to share!!! I’m traveling with you!! TY for posting!! Peace ….


The Golden Temple….Part 2 The Langa


Wandering through the narrow crowded streets to the Golden Temple, we were bombarded with requests to buy orange head scarves.Bare feet and covered heads are mandatory in the temple for both men and women. Our guide suggested that we wear them in the streets to eliminate the begging to buy. The first stop was the shoe removal benches. Volunteers man the shoe shelves, and there is a pool of water for everyone to walk through as well as  sinks and water for hand washing.

The Golden Temple is the focal point of a complex of buildings with the sacred water tank filled with water from the Ganges surrounding the temple in the center. The lay-out resembles Italian piazza plans. This is the central worship place for all Sikhs around the world, their St. Peters. I met…

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