“Seed of Light” Award …… for “It Is What It Is”!

~~April 13, 2014~~

The Seed of Light Award 

An Award for blogs that inspire creativity, nature, connection,
communication and beauty … Pass it On!”

~~What is a seed?~~

seed is an embryonic plant enclosed in a protective outer covering called the seed coat, usually with some stored food. It is the product of the ripened ovule which occurs after fertilization and some growth within the mother plant. The formation of the seed completes the process of reproduction in seed plants (started with the development of flowers and pollination), with the embryo developed from the zygote and the seed coat from the integuments of the ovule.

All seeds are different size, shape and colors.

A seed is the beginning. It has promise of creation, growth and impending greatness. 

A seed has a great responsibility. It carries the weight of a plant, a tree and forest on it’s shoulders. 

“Seed can have many definitions. When I think of seed being used any other way than as the reproductive structures in plants, I think of a new beginning. Many different types of seeds can be planted or “sown”. They can be planted in the ground to produce food, they can be used to impregnate a woman to produce babies, or seeds can be planted in an individual or a group as an idea.

Seeds represent the very beginning of all life. I think that seeds are one of the most amazing things that happen in this world. It is hard to imagine that something as tiny as they are, can produce something as large as they do. 

When we think of the word seed, we usually think of those little things that we stick in our garden, with great hopes that in time that seed will transform into some kind of fruit, vegetable, or beautiful flower. A seed is can be used as a metaphor for spiritual birth or spiritual growth.

“The seed will grow well (people will continue to grow), the vine will yield its fruit (people will blossom and grow spiritually), the ground will produce its crops (the people will multiply), and the heavens will drop their dew (the heavens will provide the nourishment that the people will need to keep growing and prosper). I will give all these things as an inheritance to the remnant of this people.”




~~”Shaping the future”~~

The very same way that a “real” seed has these many responsibilities, so do we. 

As bloggers and presenters of information, news, topics, points of view, we are somehow shaping/educating/influencing the minds of readers and followers. We are in a privileged position.


 Dear Kitty from http://dearkitty1.wordpress.com/  has been kind to nominate this blog for the “Seed of Light Award“.

For this, we at “It Is What It Is” are thankful. We feel honored and humbled to have been considered for such a significant award.

We accept, knowing that the responsibility is huge.


Thank the person who nominated you.

Nominate at least 5 blogs and provide links to their blogs.

Notify the nominees of their nominations.


Congratulations! Nominated an award. If you do not wish to accept it – no problem. Simply interpret this as my admiration and for sharing your wonderful posts with us all.


Angie …. http://kyangel17.com/

Barbara …. http://idealisticrebel.wordpress.com/

Shaun …. http://shaunynews.wordpress.com/

Martin …. http://mavadelo.wordpress.com/

Brian …. http://fozzyfitness.wordpress.com/

Bishop Ed Tatro …. http://bishoptatro.wordpress.com/

Just Patty …. http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/

Xena …. http://blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com/

Sir Jeremy …. http://theboipoet.wordpress.com/

Terry …. http://terry1954.wordpress.com/

Arlen …. http://arlenshah.wordpress.com/

Carol …. http://radiatingblossom.wordpress.com/


~~Time Lapse — The Dancing Flower~~


~~Published on Apr 7, 2013~~

In this video, you can see a flower growing, Scadoxus multiflorus, also know as Blood Lily or Flor de Natal.
The real time of this video is 15 days, and was shot using a Canon T3 and a Canon 50mm lens.


We ALL are ONE!! 

Seed of Light Award

This is a recipient for the “Seed of Light” Award …. Awesome!!

All But Homeless


An Award for blogs that inspire creativity, nature, connection,
communication and beauty… Pass it On…”


Very nice. 🙂 I was nominated for this lovely award by the lovely Jade of Jade’s Jungle. What can I say about Jade? Jade is a self-published author of 12-Days -The Beginning and is now working on the sequel.

Her blog is much about that journey, but she also shares tidbits about her life, as well as technology and more. Though a serious writer, she is amazingly down-to-earth. I love her kind spirit, and great sense of humor.

Thank you so much Jade. I gratefully accept and will gladly pass it on as there are so many brilliant bloggers out there deserving of this award.

My seven (7) nominations represent just a few that I have come…

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To start the day …. Heal the World!

~~April 13, 2014~~

I wrote a post about this topic before. I would like to reinforce the information and the idea that there is hope for our world. 

Today is Sunday, a perfect day for reflection. To evaluate the important topics in our lives. To visualize the future. To see that something really needs to be done to protect and defend this wonderful wold of ours … a world which is hurting because of so much greed, abuse, depletion of resources, special interests, pollution, destruction and disregard. 

~~FACT: There is NO planet B~~


~~Old Native American Prophecy~~

“They say when the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow. 

The Rainbow Warriors are those who teach about having reverence for the Earth.

A Rainbow Warrior can also have a lot of the same characteristics as a Lightworker, Indigo, Star Seed or Crystal child. The Rainbow Warriors are a part of an ancient Hopi Prophecy about the coming of a New Age. It is said that the Rainbow Warriors will be the ones who replenish the earth, when the earth is about to die, and help to connect all people’s of the world.

The Rainbow Warriors work along side many Lightworkers, Indigo’s, Star Children, Dolphin Children, Crystal Children, and Incarnated Elementals, and they tend to share some of the same characteristics as them. 

Right now there are very few Rainbow Warriors upon the earth. The Rainbow Warriors that are here are known as the “Scouts”, meaning that they are here to “check things out” before more of the Rainbow Warriors start to emerge.

The Rainbow Warriors have never been to this earth before, but they do “borrow” past life memories from others who have agreed to allow them to incarnate upon this earth with their Past Life Memories – and many of them will borrow these memories from Pagan Elders who have recently died. 

The Hopi Indians are working in spirit right now with the Rainbow Warriors, and they have asked for their assistance upon this earth. Also many Rainbow Warriors might be born into Native American (or American Indian) tribes or other indigenous cultures, in order to help bring back some of the old ways.

This is also true for some of the Rainbow Warriors who will study The Traditional Fairy Faith, and who will assist us in learning more about magick and healing from the Fairies & Elementals.

The Rainbow Warriors will also bring us healing energies from the Rainbow (they will be working closely with the Rainbow Fairies). They will teach us more about our own Inner Rainbows, known as our Chakras, and how our Inner Rainbow connects us to the Divine. They will also teach us to not only treat the earth better, but how to treat our bodies better by working with the Earth. 

They will teach us, as we already know, about the Importance of Fresh Air, Sunlight, Clean Water, and Pure Organic Food.

They will also teach us more about Organic Gardening. 

They will teach us how we can work as a community – as a whole planet – to feed one another so that no one ever has to go hungry again. 

Many of the Rainbow Warriors will become Herbalists, Energy Healers, and Organic Farmers. They will become some of our Medicine Men and Women.”







~~We Are All One~~

An Inspiring Short Film To Watch   


~~Uploaded on Oct 12, 2009~~

This incredible short film shares an Indigenous Native American Prophecy that links all of life and the future of our planet.

Visit the website… Upload the file and spread the word!



~~Our purpose~~

We want to change the global markets to protect the future of our beautiful world. Every single person should make aware choices to contribute to help our environment.
We want to encourage everyone!
Spread the understanding that everyone has an individual power to make a difference, we are the consumers in this world, what we don’t buy, doesn’t sell.
Take action!
Please help us carry this message to various media, including the major TV networks. This is the lesson we all must learn and pass on to our children. We are privileged to put your compassion into action.

Oren Lyons, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Native American, indigenous rights, united nations, Indian, Prophecy, Planet earth, nature, we are all one, activism.

We ALL are connected through our EARTH!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 

It could have been a perfect storm for a failed presidency…

This …. I have to share!!!

The Fifth Column

This Facebook article was in my inbox yesterday evening..  When I read it I immediately knew I needed to share this with my TFC friends…(H/t: DB)

The Knowledge Movement

I vehemently defend President Obama because he walked into the worst deal any president ever has. He is subjected to a level of disrespect, treachery and betrayal from within that no other president has ever experienced. He faces impossible and unprecedented challenges everyday but constantly finds ways to surmount the insurmountable, dodge the traps and achieve his goals, most of which are making peoples lives better.

Coming in the door he was burdened with the second largest financial collapse in the nation’s history, coupled with the single most obstructive Congress in history. It could have been a perfect storm for a failed presidency. The fact that it wasn’t gives testament to his political genius.

Fixing the second largest economic calamity in…

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GFSA Flags Donated for Melanie Nathan’s Personal Fundraing efforts and GFSA Promotions

Always good to keep things clear …. in case any one wonders and speaks an untruth!


GFSA donated several flags to Melanie Nathan. They were never paid for the flags as they were donated free of charge for promotional and fundraising purposes. Here is my letter of clarity to answer any questions members of the community may have in this regard.

I have provided this letter to GFSA to be used if anyone questions their integrity with regard to my personal fundraising efforts, to which they have been completely uninvolved, other than to provide me with a few flags. Other than the fundraising efforts mentioned in my letter below, which were mine alone and had nothing to do with GFSA at all, all flags I received from GFSA’s Huge and Henry, were free and used to promote the visibility of the Flag in the U.S.A.

Melanie Nathan

April 12, 2014.


Since 2011 it has been my great pleasure to advance and…

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Here Is Your Country!

A beautiful sight to wake up to ….. enjoy!

Mud 'n Feathers

Here Is Your Country!

“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”
Quote from Teddy Roosevelt

Photo by Zara Howerton, Oklahoma

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At the end of the day …. The Piano Guys Series #4!

~~April 12 ,2014~~

By now we should know that The Piano Guys are an American musical group consisting of Jon SchmidtSteven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson, and Al van der Beek. They gained popularity through YouTube, where they posted piano and cello renditions of popular songs and classical music. Schmidt and Nelson’s music is accompanied by professional-quality videos shot and edited by Paul Anderson. 






The Piano Guys have recently put out their self entitled album “The Piano Guys” and are getting tremendous support from both the online community especially YouTube where they made their names. Their videos are highly popular with millions of views per piece.

The wider media is starting to take notice of the group that includes Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Tel Stewart, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek. The team has been on the “Jay Leno Show,” Fox News, “Katie Couric” and “The Today Show”.

Currently the group sits at No. 3 on the Billboard charts trailing the likes of Placido Domingo and wonder kid Jackie Evancho.

~~Beethoven’s 5 Secrets – OneRepublic (Cello/Orchestral Cover)~~


~~Uploaded on Feb 9, 2012~~

~~Story behind the song~~

The American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic (Youth Orchestra) and its director, Kayson Brown, approached us with this idea. We loved it. It combined two of the things we are working to accomplish — inviting people to classical music and inspiring young musicians.

Steven Sharp Nelson had soloed with the orchestra the previous year and loved the spirit and the talent that the orchestra showed at such young ages (ages 13-18!).

Together we developed the concept of “Beethoven’s 5 Secrets,” combining OneRepublic‘s tune “Secrets” with melodies and moments from all four movements of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

We used 5 different melodies from the 4 movements of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (not including the “bridge” the orchestra plays in the middle).

Try to guess where they are and where they come from!

What are Beethoven’s secrets?

He had many. His most prominent secret that he desperately tried to keep from the public and that caused him to be considered extremely eccentric, irritable, and hermit-like was his “weakness.” He was deaf during most of his life. Imagine that … one of the greatest composers that ever lived could hardly hear. And yet, he wrote his life’s greatest works after becoming deaf.

He believed that art itself had “secrets” that had to be “forced into” in order to obtain art’s highest level.

There is no doubt Beethoven discovered many of the “secrets” of art — people all over the world enjoy them every day. He was a true master of music, blessed by God.

This piece and video are dedicated to him.

Filming locations
The Mountains of St. George Utah
American Heritage School
TPG Studios
MetCom Studio (Behind the Scenes footage)

Dedicated to Ludwig van Beethoven


We ALL are connected through MUSIC!! 

We ALL are ONE!! 

~~Secrets – One Republic Lyrics~~