“Latina Ladies” … night out for dinner!!

~~April 19, 2014~~

There’s a very special place downtown Orlando, Florida. It’s one of the franchises of this restaurant know as Hamburger Mary’s. It’s a relatively small place where great food and awesome company combine and provide visitors with a great atmosphere of adult fun.

The “Latina Ladies of Central Florida” have had several events there for dinner and a show. It’s always a night of great company and lots of fun. Tonight was no exception.

It was a great event.

We always chose Saturday as the day for gathering there. 

This is why: 


Leigh Shannon is a well know local performer. His home base is our Hamburger Mary’s. His presence and those in his Cabaret Dinner Show make any evening memorable. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s funny and it’s quality time.


I will take you there through the pictures in this post. This is my gang of friends. This is what we do to enjoy ourselves and relax. We have fun and quality time together.


This is a cabaret show and when the ladies perform, you have to “pay the titties”. 


One of the performers went right behind us. 


The server brings the bill in a high heel shoe. Leigh gave me a copy of his current movie: “My Fair Liddy”. Can’t wait to watch it.



Our group picture with the Cabaret Review.

As we say goodbye, until we see you again!! 


Cyndi Lauper – Girls just want to have fun








We ALL are ONE!! 

A night with Mary!! 

7 thoughts on ““Latina Ladies” … night out for dinner!!

  1. Looks like you had a great time. And there I am stuck at home with a boring book……

    Did I just say that? OMG… DOn’t let Patty read this AAAAARGH……

    btw…. the book is awesome, it’s 07am and I am still reading lol



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