To start the day …. not in a nice way!

Latina Lesbians of Central Florida .... and other nationalities!

~~April 21, 2014~~

Once upon a time, Maryjane and I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate a bit of a social life to our family life. We were looking for people with similar interests. We were trying to establish our identity in this world that we live in. We wanted to have a more rounded life … family and a social life. 

We found a local group that seemed to be a perfect fit. 

We asked to join the group, were accepted and participated in their activities on a regular basis. We wholeheartedly felt part of the group and enjoyed many of their events. I shared my knowledge at several of the monthly meetings: telling our personal story and presenting information about the “chakras” and the importance of having breast exams and Pap smears done regularly.

We made good friends … at least we thought we had. 

~~Latina Lesbians of Central Florida (and all nationalities)~~

This group was established in June 2009. The city of Orlando lacked this kind of group. The need to create it was noticed by the founder Norma Crespo.

As a “transplant” from New York City and after her move to Florida, Norma noticed that there really wasn’t any kind of organization that would help bring together lesbians who were living in the Orlando area.

The Latin Lesbians of Central Florida is a fun “Meet Up Group” where Latinas and Womyn of all nationalities, their partners and friends come together for fun activities.

• Meeting with the purpose of getting to know each other on a personal basis
• Connecting with people with similar interests
• Providing information related to resources that are available to newcomers to the Orlando area
• Fun activities: dancing, bowling, biking, paint ball, beach parties, picnics, zip lining, pot luck parties, dinner with friends, art exhibits, educational activities

The idea is to get together, make new friends and just have a good time.

~~Activities conducted on a regular schedule~~
• Monthly meetings at The Center, Orlando … Mills Avenue
• Night at the movies
• Monthly dinner at a local restaurant … different ethnicity
• Lunch in the Hood … once a month
• Participating in special events like volunteering at local food banks

The group celebrated its 4th year anniversary in June 2013.



Today I received the following communications which totally took me by surprise. 

Read and think how you would feel it you were in our place.

~~I received these messages this morning~~

 Meetup … 8:04 AM

Dear Horty

Norma, the Organizer of Latina Lesbians of Central Florida (& all nationalities) changed your status for MOVIE NIGHT – “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

You are now: Not going.


Meetup  … 8:03 AM

Dear Horty

Norma, the Organizer of Latina Lesbians of Central Florida (& all nationalities) changed your status for Entre Nosotras: Lesbian Reading and Writing Workshop.

You are now: Not going

Meetup …. 8:03 AM


I am requesting that you and MaryJane resign from my group immediately. 

I’ve heard from several members you are creating ill will towards me within the group. That defeats the group’s purpose.

There is no need for further communication regarding this matter. 

Thank you, Norma

 Meetup …. 9:58 AM

You have been removed from Latina Lesbians of Central Florida (& all nationalities).


Facebook …. 4/21/2014 …. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!

To anyone who cares …. I just received this message today.

Nice thoughts to wake up to …


I am requesting that you and MaryJane resign from my group immediately.

I’ve heard from several members you are creating ill will towards me within the group. That defeats the group’s purpose. There is no need for further communication regarding this matter.

Thank you,  Norma



If any of you notice the absence of Maryjane and I, it’s because we have been asked to “resign immediately“.

To those “several members” that Norma has heard from, I thank you for the actions you have taken. It seems to have worked.

I normally don’t vent these kind of topics on FB but since I can’t contact Norma through any medium, I gather, I have been blocked. It’s cut and dry …. can’t make contact and can’t have a conversation, a very mature way of resolving this type of “conflict”. Continue to listen to the “several members” as you have.

Norma …. remember that this happened once before?? I refuse to play this game again. Since I have no other place to make contact ……

I MAKE IT OFFICIAL HERE …. in this open forum …. BOTH Maryjane and I, resign from membership in the Latina Lesbians in Central Florida (and other nationalities), your group … as you have asked us to. 

AGREE: No need for further communication/talks about this matter.

It’s a done deal!!



You will never know the truth (if there is one).

You may regret this decision made in haste. Those “several members” that you have heard from may have an “agenda” and you may have made a wrongful decision.

Sadly, you have been taken for a fool. 

There is a strategy called “divide and conquer” and you fell for it!

We ALL are supposed to ONE!! 


32 thoughts on “To start the day …. not in a nice way!

  1. My dear sister,
    What a awful way to start your day!
    You are one of the kindest and most positive souls on this entire earth!
    You share love and light, and no one can say otherwise.
    Unfortunately, there will always be people who will try to take that from you. I really don’t know what’s wrong with them, but I guess they are just not that happy themselves.
    Do not let this get you down because you are an amazing soul!
    You have always been there for me and I will stick on your side forever.
    Love you! ❤


    • Thank you, my sister … these are the words I need to hear. TY ….

      My heart and soul is “dented” … there’s so much more to this story, so many other details that I can’t write here.
      But … “all shall pass”!!

      ❤ ❤ …. hugs needed and taken!!


  2. You are a wonderful person, Horty. Sorry you had to deal with this new this morning.

    But, who wants to belong to a group that someone thinks she “owns”??? That woman needs to stop being possessive.


  3. Not that it will matters in the way of changing minds but its nevertheless important. Do you have any idea why? If there are groups within groups, who knew…Do you know which group has maligned you and why? And if there are other groups could you contact them to see if an additional club, not one attempting to take over, could be formed?

    If there is one thing more annoying than any other it surely has got to be not knowing the reason!


    • Pippakin …. doesn’t matter anymore. It was a fairly important group at a time.

      Not anymore. I was trying to express my feelings. There is no going back so there is no need to determine who and why.

      Thanks for your visit and comment!! Hugs …. 🙂


      • That means that you will punish the whole group for something most of them may not be involved in. I can understand the temptation to do that I may give in to it myself as the need arises.


      • I think only 1 or 2 people are involved. But I have no way of knowing … I was asked to leave the group. Any organization that does that unilaterally doesn’t deserve my time or effort.

        IMHO ….. 🙂


      • Surely there are questions: was this a unilateral decision, if the decision was taken by the group do all members of the group know the real reason/s behind the motive? Is there a motive? IMHO its important to get to the truth of the matter.


      • Yes, the decision was unilateral. I was “informed” …. I don’t believe all 300+ members of the group know. I believe the message was sent only to me in my private email address. I do not think that the other members of the group knew about the decision or the reason behind it . I think the organizer thought that I was going to just sit back and take it.

        In the “organizer’s” mind there is a reason …. I’m talking bad about her .. which I’m not.

        I agree with you …. it would be important to get to the truth of the matter. Several friends/family members have mentioned that.

        I think that getting to the truth will happen in time. Don’t think that it would serve anyone to try to force that right away. At this time, a separation is needed to cool the emotions.

        I appreciate your concern and all your import.
        Keep in mind …. it seems that there are many other factors that couldn’t be included in the post ….. many of them. This is only the end decision …..



  4. What a horrible way to treat you. If she didn’t name the members of the group though, I would suspect her intentions there. Having heard my own name mentioned after I left a room before, I have started going back and asking the person what their problem is, and telling them next time just say it to my face if they have the nerve, and if they don’t then keep their own faces shut. Someone is just jealous Doc.


    • This has so many ramifications, so many possibilities that I’m going to let it be. It consumed me yesterday and part of today. Haven’t been posting much and that isn’t me. Have to get back on track …… Agree. Still don’t know who or what was said that lead to this reaction.
      There’s a saying in Spanish .. you take things depending on who they came from!

      TY for your comments!! hugs …. angel!! 🙂


  5. WOW! Kinda makes me think that when a person jumps to conclusions and pays attention to rumors like that, that they are not unbiased nor worthy of friendship. Horty, I feel your pain but also your confidence in making the right decision. May you and MJ find peace in this.


  6. I will only say this first, people are mean and ugly sometimes. It is often because they feel a loss of power and this behavior is how they take power back. It is cruel.

    I am sorry. You do not deserve this, no one does but you least of all.

    I hope you and your family finds a home that is more welcoming and kinder.

    Hugs and much love.


    • TY Valentine …. I’m just waking up to your lovely comment. It was a somewhat difficult day . I only prepared 2 posts. There where plenty phone calls & thoughts to sort.
      I think we are ok ..,. Hope to do better today.
      Many of you have had words of comfort which I really appreciate.
      I have taken that for what it is … Kids in the playground .. Still it hurt & bothered me.
      Better now …. TY from the heart!!


      • I think this is why I am always so reluctant to be part of groups. Hard enough to be part of a large family.

        I hope you are well. Holding you up and wishing the light enfold you.


  7. Hi Horty. Wow, this was not what I was expecting. Such a terrible experience. This is a mean experience. It reminds me of high school girls. It almost feels like a personal grudge that she has against you both.i think you are better off without this type of negativity. You are worthy of much better treatment. It is their loss…not yours. Really walk away from this and know the universe is protecting you from something worse. I love you and you both should walk away tall and proud. Hugs and hugs, Barbara


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