Giant Hanuman Sculpture …. 26, 500 Bells!

~~April 24, 2014~~

This 26 ft sculpture was installed by the folks at Charuvi Design Labs to promote their animated film Shri Hanuman ChalisaApproximately 26,500 bells were used to make this grand piece of interactive art.

When one touches Lord Hanuman’s paduka, the whole sculpture rings and the vibrations make you feel His blessings. Ingenious!

You can watch the teaser of the film, which has been screened in 20 international film festivals so far. The film shall be available in the form of an interactive application for tablets and also in form of a graphic book.

This video is going to prove those wrong, who think science and faith cannot come together.

Watch these guys at Charuvi Design Labs give shape to this unique amalgamation, in the most gigantic form possible. They used 26,500 bells to give shape to their dream of creating a huge Lord Hanumanstructure. What’s more, this structure is interactive.

When you touch Lord Hanuman’s padukas (feet), the bells start chiming and the whole structure seems to be coming alive.

Bell sound is considered quite auspicious in Hinduism.

~~Lord hanuman Interactive Bell Sculpture Making …. Must watch~~


We ALL are ONE!! 

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