ZOMG! …. What the Heck is a Zonkey?

~~April 25, 2014~~ 


ZOOKEEPERS in northern Mexico have welcomed a rare zebra-donkey cross.


A zonkey is a thing! We repeat: a zonkey is a thing that exists in our world! This is not a Harry Potter drill, this is real animal.

This donkey-zebra hybrid was not bred in some laboratory run by an evil scientist who manically laughs while lighting strikes behind him. The way this animal came about is actually quite sweet.

The Reynosa Zoo in Northern Mexico has a zebra named Rayas, and she used to visit her friend Ignacio, a dwarf, blue-eyed albino donkey that lived on an adjacent farm. Well, obviously these two went from friends to more than friends because soon enough, Khumba the calf was born!


Zoo officials say that the half donkey, half zebra is extremely rare as zebra chromosomes and donkey chromosomes are not compatible. But if we learned one thing from Jurassic Park, it’s that the person who is a specialist on Velociraptors will undoubtedly get eaten by them. But if we learned two things, it’s that we didn’t say the magic word.

But if we learned three things, it’s that life finds a way. And we’re sure glad it did because look at this adorable animal that has a sweet donkey face and zebra-striped legs! We love it.

This is not the first zonkey to ever be created, but it’s definitely one of very few.

Our only hope about this story is that there wasn’t a male zebra who was around for the birth, hoping to see a full-blown zebra calf come out of his partner. Because that would’ve been awkward.  

Reynosa Zoo in Mexico have said the zonkey, named Khumba, was born on April 21.

His mother is a zebra called Rayas, while h is father is Ignacio, a dwarf albino donkey who lives on a nearby farm.

His mother lives with him at the zoo.

Rayas used to visit Ignacio every afternoon and the donkey would also cross into the zoo to see her.

Eventually the zebra got pregnant, surprising the zoo staff.

Khumba is a rare case in the animal world because the zebra and donkey chromosomes are not usually compatible.


~~Meet ‘Zonkey’, Rare Zebra-Donkey Mix Born in Mexico~~


~~Published on Apr 25, 2014~~

A zoo is Mexico is now home to an absolutely adorable creature. The animal is referred to as a zonkey, which is a cross between a donkey and a zebra.

The zonkey was born on April 21st at the Reynosa Zoo and his name is Khumba. The mother is a zebra while the dad is a blue-eyed albino donkey that lives on a local farm. 

Khumba is certainly cute, despite the bizarre ancestry. The animal resembles a zebra with similar facial features and body shape. Khumba has perfectly striped legs but the upper body is brown making it, at least sort of, look like a donkey. The strange part is that Khumba’s father is all white. Khumba spends plenty of time chasing after its mother at the zoo.

Khumba’s birth is a miracle because donkey and zebra chromosomes are incompatible. Zookeepers have said the baby wasn’t planned.

Instead there is a sweet animal romance behind the birth. Khumba’s mother would visit his father every afternoon, and the donkey would also sneak into the zoo. Eventually the female zebra got pregnant, which both baffled and shocked zoo staffers.







We ALL are ONE!! 

7 thoughts on “ZOMG! …. What the Heck is a Zonkey?

  1. heheheheh, I know these type of hybrids, we have them here as well but with other animals and there names are kind of funny in Dutch
    we have the sheep (Schapp in Dutch) and the Goat (Geit in Dutch)
    When the mother is a sheep and the father a goat it is called a Gaapje (but in dutch Gaap means Yawn, so a Gaapje would become a little yawner in English)
    When the mother is a Goat and the father a Sheep we call it a Scheitje (but scheit or actually written as schijt but pronounced the same is Dutch slang for shit so the animal is actually referred to as a little shitter in english)


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