At the end of the day …. The Piano Guys Series, second CD #2!!

~~April 27, 2014~~

The Piano Guys are an American musical group consisting of Jon SchmidtSteven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson, and Al van der Beek.

They gained popularity through YouTube, where they posted piano and cello renditions of popular songs and classical music. Schmidt and Nelson’s music is accompanied by professional-quality videos shot and edited by Paul Anderson. 

Paul Anderson owned a piano shop in St. George, Utah. He met musician Jon Schmidt as the latter walked in to ask if he could practice there for an upcoming concert. Months later, Paul Anderson and Tel Stewart (then just for fun) started making videos together with Jon Schmidt. It was not too long after that they did their first collaboration with Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, and Al Van Der Beek as the studio and music technician. After the five of them started collaborating the group really started to take off, producing a music video each week and posting it to YouTube.


Several of the group’s YouTube videos have over 20 million views, while all of them have over 750,000. As of February 2014, The Piano Guys’ YouTube channel has over 345 million total video views and about 2,500,000 subscribers.


The Piano Guys 2 is the third studio album by American musical group The Piano Guys. It was released on May 7, 2013, by Portrait (a division of Sony Masterworks). The album made its chart début at number 38 on the US Billboard 200.

The deluxe version of The Piano Guys 2 comes with a DVD featuring 11 music videos.

Today we are featuring “Rockelbel Canon – Pachelbel Canon in D” from their second CD with a major record label.


~~Rockelbel’s Canon (Pachelbel’s Canon in D) – 4 Cellos~~


(Doesn’t he look like Mr. Bean?)

~Story behind the song~

Ask any cellist. They’ll tell you about what’s it’s like to play the cello part of Pachebel’s Canon in D. It’s the same 8 notes over and over and over again. The good news is, it’s easy to memorize. The bad news is you don’t know when to stop. There’s a rumor floating around that says Pachelbel either died while writing it, never finishing the cello part, or that he dated a cellist and it did NOT go well.

This arrangement is dedicated to all the cellists that have fallen asleep while playing this song … or at least wanted to fall asleep. Steven Sharp Nelson actually began writing this arrangement while bored at a wedding.

Ahem … all the bitter cello-malice aside, Pachelbel’s Canon in D (written in the 1600’s) has stood the test of time — celebrated as the most recognizable piece of classical music. We like to call it the “one-hit wonder of the 1600’s.” It really is an amazingly-catchy piece of music. It demonstrates the musical form of the “canon,” when a melody is played and then repeated in a round by other voices. (watch how the melodies are passed from one cello to the next – right to left)


bowing, plucking, strumming, and beating the cello any way possible

This arrangement was written before ThePianoGuys posted our first video, “Michael Meets Mozart” – but we hesitated filming it because of how involved the idea was. We’ve never used “extras” before! And the thought of staging a wedding, directing extras, and cloning Steve 4 times all in one video-shoot made us justifiably anxious.

So we put it off. And put it off. And then put if off some more. One day Al van der Beek was skimming through our thousands of messages on Facebook and happened to see one with the title “wedding” in the subject line.

A woman emailed us about an opportunity to film at a big magazine-spread wedding photo shoot. It was perfect — they would have the location, flowers, actors, and even a cake. Everything we’d need.

To make a long story short, we excitedly scheduled our video shoot for the same day as their photo shoot, but a few days prior to the day it fell apart. After much discussion we determined to move forward on faith that we could still work it out.

Paul Anderson marshaled all sorts of connections and called on whomever he could and by nothing short of a miracle in a matter of days the wedding was all planned — complete with a beautiful location, stunning decor, sharp tuxedos, fancy flowers, a photogenic bride and groom, 60 energetic guests, and an iced cake!

The piece at the beginning that is just ending is Steven Sharp Nelson’s 4-cello arrangement of “Thanks Be To Thee” (att. to Handel). 

We ALL are ONE!! 

You Were There

Oh, the memories come flooding back!! Indeed they do …

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Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom



Posted on April 27, 2014

Poem by Jim Ruppel

When, in a distant place by the sea

And I was young and free and alone

I searched for a special someone

To walk beside, someone I didn’t know


Later, when we left the sea

And came to the mountains

The vastness of this new place

Filled me with fear


I roamed from job to job

From trouble to trouble

Searching for something from within and without

Yet never quite finding and feeling the doubt


And now in this time of finding

This time of happiness and joy

This time of reaching and growing

This time especially for sharing


© Jim Ruppel

The world can be unsettling, at times, especially if…

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“My Fair Lidy” …. an independent film!

~~April 27, 2014~~


I live in Orlando, Florida. There is a “hamburger joint” downtown, the very well know Hamburger Mary’s. They serve good food but my main reason for going there is for Leigh Shannon’s show. 

Leigh and me have become cyberfriends. We connected at one of his shows and eventually through Facebook. We both have established a relationship based on mutual respect and admiration.

I was very happy to learn that my dear friend has ventured in the world of film. I kept track of the film’s progress through their Facebook Page:

An independent film with a fabulous flair has been released and it has ties to Central Florida. My Fair Lidy, a film by Sandwoman Films and Treat Yourself Films, had its world premiere at the StarLite Film Festival on January 23, 2014, at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden.


Starring: Christopher Backus, Leigh Shannon, Rus Blackwell

Written by: R. P. Simms

Directed by: Ralph R. Clemente

Executive Producer: Sandi Bell

Co-Producers: Ralph R. Clemente, Leigh Shannon


The comedy/drama revolves around a blue-collar macho man, Craig Lideman (“Lidy”, played by Christopher Backus, actor and husband of actress Mira Sorvino), who by chance meets a drag performer, Miss Sal, and as a result of that meeting, he falls into a job opportunity he couldn’t possibly predict — impersonating Marlene Dietrich!

The themes of acceptance and change are prevalent throughout the film.


~~Here you have the story line, in a nutshell~~

 Ralph Clemente’s “My Fair Lidy,” is a film confirming the statement that you have to be true to yourself. It presents a story in which a working-class Florida youth embraces his feminine side to the consternation of his wife and redneck buddies.

Desperate to raise the $400 needed to afford a dental procedure to fix his wife’s “snaggletooth,” the handsome young mechanic, Lidy, exploits his resemblance to Marlene Dietrich to win a prize at a local drag bar. He even learns to approximate her distinctive voice.

~Christopher Backus~

While the drag performers support his new career choice, Craig Liderman-Lidy’s grease-monkey pals and intolerant wife are far less accommodating. When he finally figures out that his only true friends and family members are his fellow performers at the club, a giant weight is lifted off of his back.

If the story is entirely predictable, it’s also easy to enjoy the drag acts and judge them on their merits. Christopher Backus, a dead ringer for Guy Pearce, is appealing as the Lidy/Dietrich, while the real-life female-impersonator Leigh Shannon makes the most out of the supportive Miss Sal.

~~Full Credit/Source~~



Official Website:


Knowing Leigh Shannon as the performer that he is, I wasn’t expecting any less than what I received. I was very impressed with the quality of the acting and the filming of this movie.

The storyline addresses several factors that are the reality in our daily lives: small town mentality, redneck culture in a small town in the south of Florida, “machismo” attitude in local men, limitations in health insurance issues, bullying and violence, envy, intolerance, discrimination, adaption and the ever present need in humans to do better and to face adversity with creativity. Human beings do what they need to do to meet the challenges in life.

The film very candidly portrays the resiliency of the human spirit and the inherent need to be yourself and do what your heart desires. 

“The themes of acceptance and change are prevalent throughout the film.”

Kudos to Leigh Shannon and to the whole crew involved in the production, filming and acting of this independent film. Great job! 

Take a look at the trailers below. Better yet, order your own copy. Visit their official website:

~~”My Fair Lidy” Trailer #1~~


~~”My Fair Lidy” Trailer #2~~


We ALL are ONE!! 

Butterfly Light Award

Excellent!! Kudos for this post! Xena …. others do speak!! Hugs ….

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Blackbutterfly7 has been honored with the Butterfly Light Award. In passing on this nomination, Horty wrote:

“Xena loves butterflies. So, who else would be a great recipient of this beautiful creation? She’s a wonderful human being who champions causes that are fought in the legal arena. She works continuously and keeps us informed of events that may otherwise be forgotten. She literally “fights” for the underdog and those affected by miscarriages of justice in spite of the many attacks that she finds herself under.

My wish is to “see” her smile when she reads this post. “

I did smile, and I also shed tears. This is a very humbling honor. The entire concept of caterpillars to butterflies is what inspired the title of this blog. It blesses my heart to see others inspired by that concept.

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The beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus ….

~~April 27, 2014~~ 

The beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus – remarkably, this tree’s colouring is entirely natural.

As the Rainbow Eucalyptus grows the bark falls away in patches at different times of year exposing the bright green inner bark. As time passes the inner back changes color going blue, purple, orange and then maroon, giving the trees their incredibly colourful look. 

Eucalyptus deglupta
View of multi-coloured bark
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Myrtales
Family: Myrtaceae
Genus: Eucalyptus
Species: E. deglupta
Binomial name
Eucalyptus deglupta

Eucalyptus deglupta is a tall tree, commonly known as the rainbow eucalyptusMindanao gum, or rainbow gum. It is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere. Its natural distribution spans New BritainNew GuineaCeramSulawesi and Mindanao.

The unique multi-hued bark is the most distinctive feature of the tree. Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, showing a bright green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones.




~~Rainbow Eucalyptus~~

~~Uploaded on Aug 12, 2010~~

Eucalyptus deglupta is a tall tree, commonly known as the Rainbow Eucalyptus, the Mindanao Gum, or the Rainbow Gum. It is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere. Its natural distribution spans New Britain, New Guinea, Ceram, Sulawesi and Mindanao. Now, this tree is cultivated widely around the world, mainly for pulpwood used in making paper. It is the dominant species used for pulpwood plantations in Philippines.

This tree is also grown for ornamental purposes, due to the showy multi-coloured streaks that cover the trunk. Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, showing the bright-green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones.


Music: J.S.Bach: Concerto In C Minor For 2 Harpsichords, BWV 1060 – Adagio – Lisa Stewart, Christian Hommel; Helmut Müller-Brühl: Cologne Chamber Orchestra.

The rainbow is everywhere. 


We ALL are ONE!! 

Name change of the blog

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To differentiate between the Share your WordPress blogs Facebook Group and to avoid confusion, I have decided to rename the blog to

The WordPress Blogatorium

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The Faceboo group remains to operate under the same name as it was but with a new header

Most will remain the same, edotirs will remain editors but new features might be added soon


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Shocking Story of Cameroon Police Beating 2 Women Accused of Same-Sex Relations

As I read this, I have no words!! The atrocities and injustices clearly violate the UN Charter of Human Rights. SMH ….. Makes me ill!!


Court denies bail, as Cameroon Police Attempt to coerce Lesbian confession and over hundred of these cases pend trial after years languishing in jails

By Melanie Nathan, April 26, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 7.50.08 PM Cameroon women’s football team at the London Olympics

Two women have been beaten and arrested in Cameroon and are facing years in prison for allegedly engaging in sexual relations together in the privacy of a home. The women, identified as Viamie, aged 22 and Emanuella, 24 belong to a football team known as The Young Indomitable Lionesses, coached byNgoh.

We have been informed that the women have “been suspected of this act for a long time due to their close relationship, displayed during their participation on the football team,” according to a source.

Apparently female soccer teams in Cameroon have been under investigation for a long time as authorities seek to identify team members who are perceived as lesbians. Suspected…

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