Something to think about …….

~~April 30, 2014~~

“This concept is lost on some people. Such a shame!”

“My Father once said ‘It doesn’t matter how rich or famous, powerful or clever, connected or religious you are, you all end up in the same graveyard as the rest of us.”

“Message received. I hope this message is received by millions. It’s incomprehensible that there continues to be prejudice and judgmental people. Wake up people!! We’re all equal beings!”

” Making ‘something of your life’ is as much a personal thing as your color, sexuality, race, origins, etc. No one has any right to judge. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not what you do but who you are that is important. We need to have a great but undistinguished life.”

The point is …. we are all made the same on the inside & out. Our organs, muscles, tissue are ALL … in the same place .. underneath the skin. We all bleed if injured … it’s the programming of the mind .. opinions we take or leave and the notice of what our parents .. family .. and peers say to us from a young age. We may have different color skin … but we all witness .. happiness .. joy .. sadness .. loss .. death. Big bones, small bones .. medium bones … a collection of hereditary factors. Our blueprint is called .. HUMAN … but there are many who are not HUMANE.”

“At the end of the day we are ALL part of the world and universal tapestry. I find beauty .. and gifts in everyone.”

“We ALL bleed red.” 

We ALL are ONE!! 


~~Bleed Red – Ronnie Dunn~~

~~Uploaded on May 19, 2011~~

Bleed Red by Ronnie Dunn


22 thoughts on “Something to think about …….

  1. Brilliant blog. We have a saying here “We all wipe our arse” Going to the toilet, and it’s true.
    I was taught to never be below anyone but never to put myself above anyone. Was hard at first, as a kid I put myself above people. But life has a way of pulling you back down.
    Living with pain brought me to a place of love an understanding.

    I love ya Doc ❤
    Amazing blog..


    x Shaun x


  2. Reblogged this on shaunynews and commented:
    A wonderful blog by a wonderful person. The truth is this blog is what I would I would say is my truth also. How I think and act. Doc, you NAILED this one.. Shaun ❤ x


  3. I don’t think we all need to be the same – color, race, religion, sexual preference, etc. I think we need to be curious & polite about our differences. I would love to learn more about different religions of the world or if people with a different sexual preference to mine feel differently from me or if people from a different race view the world differently from the way I do. But I don’t want to put anyone down, I want to understand them & learn to care for them because they’re different. It’s our differences that make the world an interesting place to live!


    • I think just like you! I want to learn as much as I can about our differences!!

      I just wished more people would see it this way. Rather than separate, we should be united!!

      We ALL are one!! TY for your visit and comments. They are really appreciated! 🙂


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