Belgian Parliament Resolution on Uganda

Action somewhere … more needed!!


Posted by Melanie Nathan, May 01, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.43.37 AMhas provided the English translation for the March 22, unanimous Resolution of the Belgian Parliament regarding Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill which was made official law of Uganda on march 10, 2014.

1. to emphasize the importance of respecting sexual orientation and gender identities in any political dialogue with the Ugandan authorities;

2. to make clear reference, when negotiating a new Program of Cooperation (PC) between Belgium and Uganda, to the universality, indivisibility and inalienability of human rights and to link the evaluation of the appropriateness of the PC with willingness of the Ugandan authorities to make extreme efforts to create a basis for tolerance regarding sexual and gender diversity;

3. to include in the PC a clause requiring the Ugandan government to take clear measures to implement a policy of non-discrimination regarding the LGBT community, without harming the LGBT…

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4 thoughts on “Belgian Parliament Resolution on Uganda

  1. While I certainly do not in any way approve of Uganda’s terrible Anti-Homosexuality Law, I can’t help but think that this resolution coming from BELGIUM of all countries will have the adverse effect of what it is intended for. Belgium has a looong history of committing absolute atrocities in Africa, and was still continuing to do so, albeit doing it through less obvious means, as late as the 1980s. This resolution from Belgium may be seen in Uganda as a sign of encouragement that they’re on the right path since it’s the Imperialists expressing outrage at them. I could be wrong though.


    • My only wish is that people get along with each other as equals. This is a reblog from a very dear friend. A lawyer who is involved in all the legal aspect of this.

      In my heart I feel that what is happening in Africa is wrong. It’s not human to turn our eyes away.

      I appreciate your comments!!


      • Oh no I agree with you completely and I feel especially for the LGBT Community in Uganda. I was just trying my best to see it through the eyes of someone who was once colonized being lectured by the descendants of the former colonizers. I hope I didn’t offend because it certainly wasn’t my intention at all. Anyways, I really enjoy your blog and often you keep me up to date with stuff I haven’t heard before.Keep up the great work (-;


      • No offense at all!! None taken … not even looked that way. I personally know of some people in Uganda, they are FB friends. They are being persecuted, insulted, discriminated upon. They are going through very hard times. I wished the world would look … then again, they were looking when Nazi Germany was doing their thing.

        I hadn’t thought about your point related to colonization. Good call … making me look at other perspectives.

        Thank you for your comment about this blog. Comments like these are a confirmation for me that there’s some good to be done here.

        Really, TY Caleb!!! Hugs …… 🙂


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