To start the day …. Global Love Day!

~~May 1, 2014~~

~Vision and Mission~

The LovInspiring People to Love Unconditionallye Foundation is a global nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole.

Our programs further the awareness and application of unconditional love through education, research, and charity. Our intention is to explore a variety of creative activities and presentations that enhance unity and self-conscious expression while promoting love and respect to all aspects of life. In order of priority, we include a general focus of our vision and mission in the following activities and events:


Provide main web site sharing principles of unconditional love, along with other educational materials and resources helping people understand love and its application (e.g. developing written material, audio, video, and other media with the focus on celebrating life through love); Create and host a variety of programs that inspire and engage people to interact and share love locally (e.g. Global Love Day, cultural and creative activities, and using social sites to encourage interaction and sharing from diverse cultures); Present public service announcements promoting unconditional love, tolerance, unity, etc. (e.g. group collaborations, billboard campaign expressing loving thoughts, and blog messages); Present seminars, workshops, meditations and presentations to groups sharing practical ideas and concepts (e.g. speaking at schools and universities about self esteem).

Explore and conduct research regarding the the history, impact and scientific benefit of unconditional love (e.g. study for biophysical responses to love); Support new inventions and projects that benefit humanity and the earth (e.g. projects for alternative energy sources); Develop a database and library of information and reference materials available to all (e.g. acquire and catalog books, digital material, and other media on love).

Develop community programs that foster peace, love, and self awareness as expressions and that encourage positive action (e.g. earth day events); Initiate children’s programs that enhance self esteem and confidence (e.g. develop workshop program for day care centers or youth clubs); Work with groups and individuals that promote human development and personal and planetary growth (e.g. love-based charities).

Global Love Day – May 1

~~The Vision~~

We are one humanity on this planet.
All life is interconnected and interdependent.
All share in the Universal bond of love.
Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.
With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.
Together we make a difference through love.

Join people around the world in celebrating and expanding LOVE.

Global Love Day tenets We are one humanity on this planet. All life is interconnected and interdependent. All share in the Universal bond of love. Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness. With respect and compassion we embrace diversity. Together we make a difference through love.

Global Love Day is the universal recognition of our innate oneness through love. It is our vision to unite one and all in a celebration of love and compassion. We honor each May 1st as a symbolic day of unconditional love and call upon all people and all nations to gather together in the wisdom of peace and love.

Global Love Day Tenets 

When we come from this limitless love we naturally and easily embrace ourselves and our fellow humanity. Opening our heart, we allow unconditional love to be our guide and compassion to be our gift to life.


We invite you to celebrate with us by consciously focusing on love and what it means to you throughout this day. We hope that by practicing love in all areas of your life, you will find it easy to love unconditionally all year long. Our main theme explains it best…“Love Begins With Me”

Be a part of it. Spread the word.

Share your love.

~~We Celebrate our Humanity~~

As we continue to connect with people and organizations around the world, we are amazed at how much is being done in efforts to positively assist humanity. There are so many wonderful people and associations that are actively working on behalf of a community, nation and even in global proportions.

As we often remind ourselves, what is presented by mainstream information sources is often a narrow and negative perspective of what is happening upon this planet right now. To the contrary, we see and know that good and right is occurring everywhere. Look for love and you will see it all around you.

This simple reminder changes the very nature of our experience. We are what we place our attention upon. When we allow love to be our focus of life, we expand this in our everyday activities. It is as simple as changing each perspective and allowing the negative and limiting views to be released and replaced by a higher, more loving understanding.

We appreciate and are grateful for the courage each of you express. In a world that has historically revered the negative and fear-based aspects, it takes strength to be and share love. It is time for love to become our common vision.

Please join us. Be a part of this global day by choosing love, compassion, peace, and unity. Share this information with your friends, relatives and coworkers. Love locally and spread it globally.


~~Founder’s Address 2014~~

Welcome Dear Friends to Global Love Day 2014

We live upon an amazingly beautiful planet with a precious and beloved humanity. Coming together this day, we celebrate our heart-centered goodness and kindness that connects each of us around the world as one. United in love, we join as individuals, communities and nations, to express our mutual joy for life – the essence of our vision for Global Love Day each May 1st as a symbol of living with love every day.

As we all share in this Universal bond of love, we are becoming increasingly aware of our presence upon this marvelous orb we call home. We are rapidly appreciating our innate responsibility as caretakers and guardians of life in all its diverse forms and realize that through us, the planet will flourish or decline. The choice is up to each of us; for indeed love begins with me.

Interconnected and interdependent, we are rising to the occasion and making a difference through love. Through self acceptance and mutual forgiveness we are laying our foundation to provide the best possible opportunities for a thriving and sustainable earth that will benefit countless generations to come. With courage, integrity, harmony and dignity, we nourish and bestow our legacy of love from which others will blossom and expand upon.

From compassion and respect, we willingly and naturally embrace the diversity that makes our world an astonishing kaleidoscope of opportunity and potential. Learning from one another enriches our experience beyond measure and delights the very center of our collective soul. Life is infinitely vast and varied and every aspect, particle, and manifestation is profound and exquisitely essential.

An awakening heart has its challenges as we readily release the limitations, outmoded beliefs, structures and limitations that no longer serve. Yet in these transformative moments, we realize that who we are becoming through love is worth every effort as we birth a new reality that enlivens all.

With deep gratitude and love, I welcome you to our 11th celebration of Global Love Day.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President
The Love Foundation, Inc.



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~~Global Love Day – Share the Love~~

~~Published on Apr 17, 2014~~

Global Love Day each May 1 – celebrating our humanity.

Our theme is “Love Begins With Me”

What if for one day the entire world joined in a celebration of our humanity. A day when the people of all nations gather together in wisdom, unity, peace, compassion and joy. A symbolic day of unconditional love.

What if we acknowledged that – We are one humanity on this planet. All life is interconnected and interdependent. All share in the Universal bond of love. Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness. With respect and compassion we embrace diversity. Together we make a difference through love. Global Love Day May 1st Be a part of it. Share the Love.

The Love Foundation … Inspiring people to love unconditionally.


~~If We Believe – Global Love Day~~

~~Published on Apr 18, 2014~~

Global Love Day each May 1 – celebrating our humanity.

Our theme is “Love Begins With Me”

We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!!

We ALL are ONE!! 


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