Finest Female Impersonators at Hamburger Mary’s …. Orlando, Florida!


~~May 3, 2014~~

The Finest Female Impersonators at Hamburger Mary’s, Orlando Florida!

According to Wiki … 

female impersonator/drag queen is a man who dresses, and often acts, with exaggerated femininity. There are many different possible purposes to drag, personal reasons for doing drag will differ for individual drag queens. It is often done for the purpose of self-expression, performing and entertaining, and can also be mainly important as a creative outlet, a means of self-exploration or a way to make cultural statements. There are many kinds of drag artists and they vary greatly in dedication, from professionals who have starred in films to people who just try it once.

Drag queens also vary by class and culture and can vary even within the same cities.

The term drag queen usually refers to people who dress in drag for the purpose of performing, whether singing or lip-synching, dancing, participating in events such as gay pride paradesdrag pageants, or at venues such ascabarets and discotheques. In the United Kingdom, alongside traditional drag work such as shows and performances, many drag queens engage in “mix-and-mingle” or hosting work at night clubs or at private parties and events. Drag is a part of Western gay culture.

Famous drag queens include RuPaulBianca Del RioJackie BeatSharon NeedlesLady BunnyWillam BelliChad Michaels and Adore Delano.



While drag is very much associated with gay men and gay culture, there are drag artists of all genders and sexualities who do drag for various reasons or purposes. Generally drag queens are males who dress and act in a female gender role, often exaggerating certain characteristics (such as make-up and eyelashes) for comic, dramatic or satirical effect. Other drag performers include drag kings, who are women who perform in male roles, faux queens, who are women who dress in an exaggerated style to emulate drag queens, and faux kings, who are men who dress to impersonate drag kings.



“We have the Cabaret Dinner Show every Saturday 5 years running ….the FIRST Saturday of each month we feature my “LEIGH SHANNON’S ILLUSIONS IN REVUE” … with celebrity look alikes like Cher, Bette, Reba, Gaga, Tina, and on June 7th Katy Perry.

Also Elton John and more. it is all on the flyer here. and I will send you more video links … thank you so much….ON, the First Saturday, there are two shows… it’s always a good time .. PUN.”



~~Art of Drag~~

The process of getting into drag or into character can take hours. A drag queen may aim for a certain style, celebrity impression, or message with their look. Hair, make-up, and costumes are the most important essentials for drag queens.

As a form of art, much work and creativity is put into transforming into a drag queen. Applying makeup is essential in order to achieve a more feminine look. Foundation helps to create a clean canvas by covering all wrinkles, flaws, and blemishes. Once the clean canvas is created, eye shadow will be added to eyes for an dramatic look. Drag queens use a lot of eyelashes to give the eyes a more intense look.

Layering different colors of eye shadows, bronzers, and blush is used in creating the finished face of a drag queen.


Since most drag queens are men, contouring is very important in creating high cheekbones and a slimmer face, as well as creating a smaller structured nose. Many drag queens often wear wigs or hairpieces. A costume is also needed. Depending on the event and the look that each drag queen is going for, the costumes can consist of, for example, a sparkling sequin dress, a leopard body suit, or a fur coat. Drag queens tend to go for a more exaggerated look with a lot more makeup than a typical feminine woman would wear.

With the complete look, drag queens often go out to clubs and bars, where they will typically perform an act which is called a “drag show.” Many drag queens do dress up for money by doing different shows, but there are also drag queens that have full-time jobs but still enjoy dressing up in drag as a hobby.


~~Published on Apr 7, 2013~~

The Finest Female Impersonators at Hamburger Mary’s, Orlando Florida

~~Impersonator Leigh Shannon As Bette Midler Promo~~

~~Uploaded on Jul 28, 2008~~

Hi!! This is a promo video of Leigh Shannon as the many looks of the one and only Bette Midler. The segments were taken from the shows featured the the Hennagar Center in Melbourne. We sold out two years in a row.

Many of my stars featured the super star celebrity look alikes Eddie Fiields (April Summers) as Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin and Elgin Kenna as Cher! This show was my “Illusions In Revue Showcase”. It can feature 3 up to 8 performers and can be formatted for any audience, Corporate, Seniors, Clubs and so on.

Enjoy the promo!





We ALL are ONE!! 


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  1. You brought back memories of one of my favorite, actually two, places in Atlanta. One still exists and the other has been closed for a while now. I expect your place has a bit more class than my place, but it sure was fun back in the day. Another story for another day. 😉


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    As the “Voice of the Lesbian Senior”, I wish to inform those of us who like music and variety shows. Ms. Leigh Shannon is an awesome performer. There’s a place in Orlando where you can go for a night of safe fun!! Take a look …


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