To start the day …. Need to move on!!

~~May 10, 2014~~

There comes a time when life hits you with all it’s got. You receive things from both ends. You hold up and you hold it in. But eventually, the “cup runneth over”.

I say no more …. moving on!! 

I have to live my real life, not the one in front of a screen or the one immersed in the many pages of social media.

Again … moving on!! 

Need to stop and smell the flowers!

~~Karunesh – Chuang Fzu’s Dream~~

~~Published on Jul 15, 2012~~

“Wish all my …. A a great week. In Love and Peace, Hugs”

We ALL are ONE!!

3 thoughts on “To start the day …. Need to move on!!

  1. Sometimes though you simply have to let it flow over you, finish reading the chapter so all the lessons the tsunami that is finishes teaching you. Otherwise, you are bound to have to re-read it again.


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