To start the day … I am!!

~~May 13, 2014~~

The universe is infinite in every sense of the word. Infinitely small (atoms), infinitely large (Stars, galaxies). What are atoms? Are they more universes? And what are stars? More atoms?

A cell forgets itself and becomes one with many other cells. These cells form our skin and the blood in our veins – all our organs and bones.

An organ forgets itself and becomes one with many other organs to form a body: You

You release your ego and become one with your brothers and sisters to form a family.

A family comes together with other harmonious families to form a sustainable community.

Communities come together to create a loving country and countries come together to form peace on Earth.

The Earth rotates around the sun with seven others planets and together they form a perfect, beautiful solar system.

Solar systems makes galaxies, galaxies make universes …

Which, for all we know, are just atoms. And atoms make cells.

Think we, not me.



~~Nature by Numbers~~

Published on April11, 2013

Harmonization that we find in nature, like a signature of Source.


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