At the end of the day …. The Conversation!!

~~May 21, 2014~~

-The Conversation-

Once upon a time,

In the land of breeze and sun

A group of friends were gathering.

They slowly built connections and bonds 

And grew together as one. 

The trust was there for all to see

the door was open for all to come in.

A disguised, strong force came in

after being welcomed as another one. 

Havoc, mistrust, lies, separation, destruction appeared

While the one did all the work

behind the scenes. 

All felt alone and on their own

distressed because they didn’t know. 

Huge steps were taken back

and different paths appeared.

Each on their own,

wounded and sad

Because of the loss that all had had. 

It’s time to talk,

To compare notes and see that no one is alone.

The story was the same

All that is needed is a different name.

We realized who was true

To the initial bonds.

It’s time to talk, to compare notes 

And rebuild all that was lost. 

It’s time to talk ….. It’s time to have ….

The conversation!

~~Flowers … Karunesh … The Conversation~~

~~Uploaded on Aug 7, 2009~~

We ALL are ONE!! 

14 thoughts on “At the end of the day …. The Conversation!!

      • The point is not who is right or wrong that’s what causes problems.The point is can both sides find a way to agree to differ without losing the friendship and respect they value so much, unless they value their own opinion above that of their friends in which case why talk at all…

        If someone discovers they have been lied to or omitted from conversations and emotions they will feel hurt, rejection and if they think it unjustified they will also feel anger. Explanations and perhaps apologies are then in order.

        Don’t be ‘right’ to the exclusion of friends. I’m hogging this! and that wasn’t my intention.

        Good luck with your efforts.


      • Don’t worry about hogging. It’s good. All view points have value.
        The point is “weeding” out the one who came in a hurt so many. Another point is comparing experiences to know that it’s repetition of the same. Hurting friends isn’t right.
        Mending needs to start by talking you are correct. But there’s one that can’t be accepted back. 🙂


      • And there’s the difference! I would never say that of people, well not unless I discovered someone was a paedophile or an uncontrollable sadist. You are talking now and that is good but if you’re talking along the lines of so and so is out! How does that help? Not a good place to start surely, but then i don’t know what the row and it seems huge! is about.



      • TY ….. P!! I’m talking about someone who came in and knowingly hurt many, leaving “bodies” in their wake. Now the puzzle is coming together as others are brave & share experiences. This “one” is evil.


  1. You described some deep emotions and misunderstandings very well sis.
    But you do know that you would have to beat me with a stick before I would ever considering leaving your side, don’t you?
    Hugz & Love ❤


    • Hi, my lil sis!! TY for your comments. And TY for getting the meaning of my attempts at some type of poetry.
      I know … I know you are there!! FFL …. ❤️


  2. Talking, sometimes the cure to many ill winds. Bonds created strong enough can usually reform even when untied by ‘ugly’. I am happy for you that conversations are taking place! Loved this, all of it, poetry and music.


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