HATERS …. lurking out there!!

~~June 1, 2014~~

Hater is a derogatory term used to describe people who are derogatory towards people.

Haters behave as such not out of jealousy, but out of the need to reduce the target of hatred’s standing. The term is often used as an abusive ad hominem attack to dismiss any negative criticism. It is also often commits the fallacy of begging the question as it exempts the abusive use of the word hater from being considered hateful by assuming it’s reasonable and the criticism made by the supposed hater is not.

Haters are identified as people who offer solely negative criticism to others, without justification. Haters deal in negative cognitive bias, prejudicially arriving at a conclusion first and then drawing in their reasons afterward, refusing to alter their conclusion with exposure to the opinions of others. Haters are frequently thought of as imposing their self-hate on others.

A Hater is not simply someone who offers criticism. It is sometimes used as an accusation against others with different opinions, even against those who offer constructive criticism.

Furthermore, mere negativity does not make a Hater – it is negativity without a justifiable basis.

~~Word and Concept Origins~~

The term hater dates back to the 14th century, though at this time it was defined simply as “one who hates an enemy.” The modern usage of the term sometime around the late 1990s. A lot of people use slang terms without knowing their true origins.

Back in the days (80s) there was a group of police called the Cowboys. They were a rough bunch who were actually profiled on the news show 60 Minutes. Phil ran with a crew who called themselves the Playboys.. “players” for short.

The cowboys used to mess with Phil’s crew and hence got dubbed ‘Player Haters‘. That was the original meaning., Then in the 90’s rapper Biggie Smalls used it in his song “Playa Hater”. The song proclaims “we have the playas, and we have the playa haters”, and continues “please don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”, accusing Biggie’s critics of jealousy.



~~Thank You Hater!~~

by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay

~~Published on Jun 8, 2012~~

Thank You Hater song is now available:
All profits will go to http://www.beatbullying.org/

Dedicated to hard working internet trolls everywhere.

Love ya, keep on trollin’! 

We ALL are connected through this wonderful web we WEAVE!! 


Well hello friend Mister Insightful
Thank you for your comment on my little Youtube clip!
Most people say you’re cruel and spiteful,
But you’re right, how do I sleep at night? I am a massive prick.

They call you hater well they’re just jealous
Your constructive pearls of wisdom give me thrills I can’t deny
How will we know if you don’t tell us
We could improve our Youtube channels by “fucking off and dying”?

Some might say you are a…
Sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic,
Cowardly, illiterate, waste of human skin,
Sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic,
Cowardly, illiterate, waste of human skin,
But I say: thank you beautiful stranger.

I love the way you don’t upload things
You know we’d be too dazzled by your cinematic vision
But you’re there on every comment string
Where you teach us, just like Jesus but while wanking like a gibbon.

I’m really sure that if I met you
You probably wouldn’t rape me like you promised that you would
We are like “that”; I really get you
You’re right about that laughing kid, he is a total “cnut”.

(Samba instrumental)

You wished me cancer and misspelled “cancer”
But I know that it’s a metaphor. You hope that I will grow,
Just like the tumour you hoped would kill me
Inside the tits on which you said you’d also like a go.

You said that girls shouldn’t do funny
But you’d fuck me double hard and let your mates go after you.
Oh what a line you lovely honey.
Are you on e-harmony? Oo! I’ll join the queue!

Some might say you’re a…
sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic,
cowardly, illitterate, waste of human skin,
sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic,
cowardly, iliterate, waste of human skin.

But if it wasn’t for you my darling,
I would never have written this tune.
Some might say that You’re So Vain,
But this song is all about you!

We ALL are ONE!!

9 thoughts on “HATERS …. lurking out there!!

  1. Unfortunately, those crazy haters are probably insane and dangerous enough to find some folks, if they’re not careful.


  2. I try very hard not to hold hate, even when it is difficult. I believe hate is an active emotion requiring constant feeding. It is an energetic emotion, nothing passive about it. I simply cannot give space in my head or my heart to those who maybe deserve even an ounce of my hate, I would rather simply ‘disdain’ them. I would rather focus on peace, love and hope.


    • Agree! Disdain and ignoring works best. I didn’t think much about the word until I learned how much haters were harassing a good blogger friend. Found it unbelievable.


      • I use to get a great deal of it on my other Facebook page, mostly because of what I post the most of. Now, not so much because when people act like azzhats, I simply delete them and block them. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. I mind ugly, I mind stalking, I mind personal.

        I simply cannot tolerate any more true ugly for the sake of ugly. There is simply not enough time and far to much good we can do in the world. Someone teases me often about my penchant for living in ‘Hopeland’, I would rather live there and actively pursue opportunities to do good than the alternative.


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