To start the day …. what a trip back in time!!


~~June 6, 2014~~

I was looking for some topic to start the day. My mind wasn’t cooperating. Not by coincidence but by synchronicity, I saw this …… 

I just saw this posted on Facebook. It brings a new meaning to musical ingenuity. 

There’s isn’t much information on the web. I’m trying to research for more. 

There are some links below.

Their main website is under construction.

I think this is one group to keep an eye on. 



People always told us, be careful what you do. Don’t go around breaking bottles.

And that goes double when you’re playing Michael Jackson songs on them.

The Bottle Boys have made something of a cottage industry out of covering different songs using an assortment of bottles. And we have to say, it’s pretty impressive. Their birdlike head movements as they dart around crates of specially pitched bottles are, well, breathtaking (no pun intended), though they failed to fit in a moonwalk.

(The sound is more than a little reminiscent of Peruvian flute bands, though, don’t you think?) 


The Bottle Boys write that they are “insanely busy with a lot of concerts (a lot of them abroad) mainly because of our YouTube videos, and for that we are truly grateful.” If you’re in the market for more bottle-based music, you can keep up with the Bottle Boys on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


~~YouTube Channel~~

~~Official Website~~

~~Facebook Page~~

~~Michael Jackson on Beer Bottles~~

~~Published on May 26, 2014~~

– We now have our first single out on iTunes –
Check out our version of Party Rock Anthem – Bottle Remix:…

Hi everybody! Once again it is time for BOTTLE MONDAY (last monday of the month) which means, that a new video is released! We are so excited for this one, because we simply just LOVE Michael Jackson. Billie Jean is a really great song and it is perfect for trying out our new technique: double bottle playing. The dentists don’t recommend this we can assure!

Nerdtalk: We decided to make the video in a church because of the nice reverb. For recording we used two Neumann km184 stereo mics with Apogee Duet.

At the moment we are insanely busy with a lot of concerts (a lot of them abroad), mainly because of our youtube videos, and for that we are truly grateful!! So thank you everybody for supporting us.
Also Thanks to Mariendal Kirke for letting us film in the beautiful church.

We really hope you like this video and that you’ll share it with the rest of the world:-D

Have a nice day everybody!!!

For more information and booking visit:

We ALL are connected through MUSIC!!


We ALL are ONE!! 


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