Can’t cover the sun with one hand …. Right-wingers!!

~~June 17, 2014~~ 


Twitter: @demsabroad

Democrats Abroad is the official arm of the Democratic Party for US citizens living outside the United States and its territories. The Democratic Party is the only major American political party that affords its members this opportunity.

Democrats Abroad holds seats on the Democratic National Committee and sends a voting delegation to its national convention to nominate our candidate for President. 
Our mission is to help Americans living abroad to register to vote and to request their absentee ballots with, to elect Democrats, and to educate Americans living, working, serving, and/or studying abroad about issues and legislation that affects them.
Welcome to the official Democrats Abroad Facebook page where you will find news coverage, videos and photos about our President, the Democratic Party, upcoming elections, voter registration, and issues pertinent to Americans living abroad.Founded in 1964, Democrats Abroad now has members in 196 countries and 53 country committees around the world, and we vote. If you’re looking for the official source of information about the Democratic Party Countries Abroad, please visit our homepage at:




~Henry Mancini~


We ALL are ONE!! 

8 thoughts on “Can’t cover the sun with one hand …. Right-wingers!!

  1. It is a problem isn’t it? There is nothing the Right won’t do to destroy the Democratic Republic of the United States of America in their drive to create their Libertarian Wet Dream. The worst thing is, most of the old school don’t understand this is what is happening, they only want to hang on to the shreds of their power, the new boys and girls only see the money and say, ‘yes give me more’.

    Dang it is simply a disaster.


    • I cannot understand this desire. I mean, I do understand the pull money exerts but this is totally out of character with what I learned about the USA as I was growing up. Even about simple morality and love of country. This is plain old “me, me, me” selfishness and greed. Short term gratification … I want it now, no matter how or what. No consequences, no punishment …. if you will. It’s so disheartening!


      • Changing the character to own the world. Puppet government, we are nearly there. Great wealth, great power all in the hands of a select few. We are nearly there and if we, the people do not get up and fight back soon, we lose forever.


      • I think honestly it has to start with us, the generation who drove the original change and is watching it disappear. We are the generation that must stand up and demand our stake in the world, in the nation and in the future not be moved backward. We are the ones who fought, we are the ones who must guide the way, before it is to late. Perhaps if we do this, our children and grandchildren will follow.


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