DeLainey Elizabeth Harris …. remembering her forever!!


~~June 29, 2014~~


“Up getting ready to go get your tattoo.

I hate that this is what my life is just memories of you. I hate I will never see you grow or watch you laugh. I hate I will never feel your touch or kiss your lips. I hate living each day knowing I can’t have you back.

I love you so much my little DeLainey and miss you like crazy.”


Don’t tell a grieving mother,
That she will be alright,
Your not there to hear her,
As she cries all through the night.

Don’t tell a grieving mother,
In awhile she will be fine,
Your not there to see her,
As she counts the hours of time.

Don’t tell a grieving mother,
How she’s supposed to be,
Unless you are a mother,
Who grieves a child like me.

By Lisa McCann
June 2014


A Mother’s words to her Daughter

“Baby, I wish I had some way to calm your fears and take away your pain. When you were little I could kiss it and hug you tight. I can’t even imagine how you feel and I know your loss feels so unbearable. Thank God you have DeAngelo to hold tight. Just know I am here for you always. I love you baby.”



Grandma’s words 

Our beautiful baby girl DeLainey Elizabeth. I guess God needed another angel in heaven. Your time with us was not long enough but you will be in our hearts forever. Love you so much.

Our little Angel DeLainey Elizabeth Harris …. I miss you so much.



~~I’ll See You Again~~




~Uploaded on Nov 29, 2009~

I’ll See You Again … Westlife’s album (Where We Are 2009) 
the song is really emotional and very powerful …. talks about how a person feels after a death of a loved one … .

A feeling only those who have experienced such a loss can understand. 


We ALL are united in your LOSS!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


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