Ugandan Government Flip-Flops Over Anti-Homosexuality Act

Could this be true? Effects of worldwide pressure, sanctions or another ploy? Can we wait and see?


By Melanie Nathan, July 08, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 7.49.57 PMThe Ugandan government issued a statement about a so called misinterpretation of the newly enacted Anti-Homosexuality Act, (see below,) which seems to suggest some back peddling from the “letter of the law.” This flip is nothing more than a flop!

At the time of signing the Bill, Uganda’s Government, Church leaders and general populace celebrated with a huge rally and stadium event, rewarding President Museveni with accolades, plaques and promises of a vote. The anti-gay fervor reached fever pitch and Museveni was hailed for pleasing the people by assenting to the popular bill.

According to Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) the Bill’s passage and subsequent enactment caused over 163 incidents of anti-gay incidents, ranging from assaults to evictions and more.

Soon thereafter the United Sates issued somewhat subdued, yet obviously provocative sanctions.

This statement seems to be the reaction to the ‘punishment’ being metered out…

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1 thought on “Ugandan Government Flip-Flops Over Anti-Homosexuality Act

  1. I don’t understand the gay issue with people. Countries like Ugandan are VERY poor and are 3rd World Countries…(Classed go 1st (You and I etc) 2nd (PERU etc) and 3rd, most of Africa and a little in the Eastern bloc and middle east.

    You would think a nation like say the USA (Example) would have it’s people worry more about a the Dollar collapsing. It really staggers me when people being Gay is a bigger issue than ‘Will we eat tonight’
    I find the wealthy or well off in this World are very ignorant to the REAL issue we face. And for people who say ‘Being Gay could reduce the Worlds population’ are just idiots.. There are 7 Billion of us..70% of that is China and India, as you know. By the year 2050 estimates put the Earths population at 50 Billion. It was 3 Billion in 1995, do doubled in 20 years.

    We have bigger issues than people being Gay.
    I am with you, you know this. LGBT has to be met head on.
    But we MUST understand haters will hate and they won’t change their minds, you know this also. So where do we go with Gay Haters? The answer is nowhere. Religion is Gay’s problem, always has been. Why I think Religion has made a mess of this World in MANY areas.

    This lad here, Billy Connolly, Scottish Comedian and Actor, world famous. He does stand up comedy to as many as 30,000 at a time all over the World. This one here was when he was in New York in Madison Square Gardens.

    Typical Scottish man, honest and brutal with honesty. He is right, he might get a laugh, but he is right.

    ❤ x


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