MEDICAL CORNER …. GMO Fact of the Day!!


~~July 16, 2014~~ 


All of the 5 major GMO crops – corn, soy, canola, cotton & sugar beet – have been genetically engineered to be herbicide-tolerant. These GMOs are also known as Roundup Ready crops – able to survive being drenched with glyphosate-based Roundup. Farmers spray more, easily killing all the weeds, but putting their health and ours at risk. Humans are not Roundup Ready.

The agrichemical industry claims that their glyphosate-based chemicals are harmless to humans. They said the same thing about their Agent Orange herbicide used by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. Now there are millions of Vietnamese civilians and Vietnam War Vets and their children, and their children’s children, that are being born with diseases caused by that supposedly “safe” herbicide.


Four generations affected from the exposure of one parent.

As a matter of fact, corporations like Monsanto and Dow have lied about the safety of every single one of their chemical products through the last 100 years, from Agent Orange to DDT to PCBs.

And they’re lying about the safety of GMOs and their more contemporary pesticides too.




Glyphosate studies:



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What are Roundup Ready & Bt Pesticide GMO crops?

You need to know!   

~~Published on Oct 22, 2013~~

What are Roundup Ready & Bt Pesticide GMO crops? You need to know!

Here is a great explanation on GMO and Bt pesticide.

A must watch documentary by David Suzuki.


We ALL are ONE!! 

11 thoughts on “MEDICAL CORNER …. GMO Fact of the Day!!

  1. Thanks for the information, as scary as it is 😦
    It is quite remarkable how the desire for profit can override health and safety issues. These companies are immoral!


  2. I was aware of the GMO going on, but didn’t know the extent to which it has grown. This is very scary. Add this disaster to the global warming, poisonous gases flowing out from all types of industry into our atmosphere, and the greedy are killing us all, even the greedy themselves!


    • I’ve done many posts on the gmo issue. It’s very scary indeed. They are everywhere & out foods aren’t labeled. Scary & demonstrative of greed & corporate takeover ….. 😦


  3. This is a rather late comment as I only stumbled across this just today researching something else. The link given on the peer-reviewed US Government medical website was great, but did you know this same website has had research papers published on the same identical toxic dangers on these same GMO chemicals over a decade ago ? Here is almost the same info, but from 2002. Hence, these GMO & Glyphosate defenders who claim Roundup is so safe you could drink it, are complete imbeciles. Seriously, I just had an argument with several Farmers and other GMO defenders recently who told me that Caffeine in Coffee and Vinegar were found to be more toxic than Glyphosate and they drinking Glyphosate would probably do no harm other than taste like soap. Idiots, even the manufacturers to give them some credit won’t even say that.

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