To start the day …. a clash of worlds!!

~~July 16, 2014~~

There’s no intention to offend anyone. This is presented for the purposes of bring a smile to your face and a hearty laugh to your soul. 


Do you ever watch the opening of the Disney animated classic “Beauty and the Beast” and wish that instead of yelling “bonjour!” in the streets of Paris, the townspeople shouted “what’s good?” to Belle as she strolled through the ghetto?

In this astoundingly well-executed parody from onetime “American Idol” contestant Todrick Hall and an assemblage of YouTube celebrities — and even a glimpse of Antoine Dodson (or at least a lookalike) — “Belle” goes through her morning walk through the ‘hood, gets her hair did, and gets holla’d at by Jerome (not Gaston).

Best of all, everyone looks like they’re having fun.

Try not to watch this one over and over.


Meet Todrick Hall.

The vocalist, actor and video director rose to fame when he auditioned for ‘American Idol’ Season 9 and made it all the way to semi-finals.

Since then he has stayed true to his comedic and singing roots and put a modern spin on a Disney classic, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, naming the 2014 version, ‘Beauty and the Beat’.

With over 4 million views on YouTube, the popular parody shows the hilarious contrast between fantasy and reality.

Check out the entire video and get ready to laugh out loud!


~~Beauty and the Beat by Todrick Hall~~   

~~Published on Mar 1, 2013~~

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This video has already reached 10 million views on my other channel “Toddymobs” but I know some of you still haven’t seen it, so I’m sharing it here as well. Thanks to Katie Stephens, Alphacat, Destorm, Glozell, Antoine Dodson, Vonzell Solomon, Sweet Brown, Miles Jai, and the rest of the cast and crew for making this possible.

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We ALL are ONE!! 


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