Words that make me think …. Point of no return!!

~~July 18, 2014~~ 

“Point of no return”

The point of no return is the point beyond which one must continue on one’s current course of action because turning back is physically impossible, prohibitively expensive or dangerous. A particular irreversible action (e.g., setting off an explosion or signing a contract) can be a point of no return, but the point of no return can also be a calculated point during a continuous action (such as in aviation).


I had a very dear friend once in my life a while back. She always spoke of a story she’d heard before … a life lesson , a lesson learned.


You have a glass figurine, an expensive wine goblet, an ornate mirror. You look at it, you admire it and you value it. It’s one of your most valuable and prized possessions. 

By a stroke of luck or an ill-fated moment, it falls to the ground and it shatters into several pieces. You pick it up lovingly and sadly assess the damage. 

Wait! You can put it back together. Get the best glue and painstakingly put every broken piece in its place, like a puzzle. Slowly but surely the item regains its shape. 

However, it will never be the same. It will never look the same. In spite of the back that it’s in one piece, there will always be the imperfection. The fact it there will always be a mark on the margins where it was mended.

It has lost it’s true value. 

It will never be the same again! 





This applies to any type of relationship. 

~~Shattering Glasses~~

~Slow Motion~

~Published on Jan 29, 2014~


We ALL are ONE!! 

15 thoughts on “Words that make me think …. Point of no return!!

  1. Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    I like this its so real. Old friendships like old china and glass can shatter irreparably , but surely there is a difference. I have few friends I don’t make friends easily those I have I’ve known a for years. Of course the years have wrought changes but the friendships have grown to accommodate them we are still friends. I think the reason for that is honesty and a generosity not of wealth but of spirit.

    Spirit is what keeps us moving when we are too tired and spirit is what allows us to understand our friends changes need not change the friendship. Spirit is what helps all wounded people to heal which is why I’ve brought this post here; spirit heals.

    Nice Post


  2. I had an experience of “a point of no return” with a friendship. We were friends first, and then, after she remarried, and my husband and I became friendly with the new couple. Her new husband turned out to be a nasty individual, and would say insulting things to my husband, who was a sweet guy. I didn’t know how to approach this problem (my husband didn’t want to be with that man anymore). So, while I was pondering the problem, she called and was wondering why I hadn’t called her in a while. I finally faced the problem, told her what it was, and even though I said I would still like to be friends with her, but not with couples, she took the news very badly. It was the end of the friendship. The point of no return.


    • I completely get what you mean. I’ve had a few of those moments in my life … in my personal experience, they hurt.

      There’s been a few incidents lately, not of major significance, which lead me to write this. The most important is the pushing to that point by the person you thought you knew.

      Hugs on the way!! ❤ ….


  3. I think we form bonds differently, each of us establishing boundaries and setting stakes in the ground. I know I make people uncomfortable sometimes because I seem stand-offish at times. It isn’t because I don’t love or care, it is only because I view all relationships with some degree of ‘fear’, knowing few of them are without ‘breaking points’. This was something I talked about with a friend just yesterday, I think I hurt her feelings without meaning too.


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