To start the day …. the past teaches lessons, the future brings hope!!


~~July 24, 2014~~ 

We go through cycles in life, 

There’s a purpose and a lesson in each one. 

The passage of time continues unstoppable. 

There’s no escaping this reality, no escaping our reality.

The past is done, the past was a teacher. 

I learned … hopefully. 

Every new day, I look forward, 

to what is headed my way. 

Every new day a new beginning, every day brings hope, 

That all will be better.

That we can start anew, 

another chance at getting it right!

I can be nostalgic about the past but I am armed for the future. 

Dear Future … I am ready!

HortyRex ©

~~Yanni – Nostalgia~~


~Amazing Piano Solo~

~~Published July 2013~~

Video from Leonidas Tritsiniotis




We ALL are ONE!! 

11 thoughts on “To start the day …. the past teaches lessons, the future brings hope!!

  1. How’s this for a lovely Universal “coincidence” dear Horty! I was literally listening to Yanni on an internet radio channel when I saw your post! Ah, love it! Big hugs to you my dear and thank you as always! cher xo


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Nostalgia is one of his early hits.

      Are you familiar with his project voices? He had some well know singers sing words to some of his well known songs.

      “Voices” in English & “Voces” in Spanish. It’s an awesome venture. Didn’t seem to take off so well but I loved it. If you get these CDs, there’s an included DVD with the recording of Yanni and the different artists.

      Again, I loved it!! Hugs ….


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