Angelika has a new passion: Moshi Monsters!!


~~July 31, 2014~~ 


Angelika is my oldest grandchild. You may have seen here here: Angelika’s Songs series.

She’s 9 years old and is quite a special kid. Of course, I’m terribly biased.

In addition to the playing the game, she’s collecting the cute characters.

Moshi Monsters is a website aimed at children aged 6–14 with over 80 million registered users in 150 territories worldwide. Users choose from one of six virtual pet monsters (Diavlo, Luvli, Katsuma, Poppet, Zommer and Furi) that they can create, name and nurture.

Once their pet has been customized, players can navigate their way around Monstro City, take daily puzzle challenges to earn ‘Rox‘ (virtual currency), play games, personalize their room and communicate with other users in a safe environment.


Following its online success, Moshi Monsters has expanded commercially with physical products, including toys, Moshi Monsters Magazine (the number-one selling kids’ magazine in the UK), a best-selling DS video game, a music album, books, membership cards, bath soap, chocolate calendars, trading cards, figures of many Moshlings, mobile games, and a Moshi Monsters feature film.

In December 2012, eight Moshi Monster toys were included in McDonald’s Happy Meals in the United States and Canada.

Moshi Monsters: The Movie trailer - video


The game was created by Michael Acton Smith (Mr. Moshi), developed in 2007 by entertainment company Mind Candy and launched in April 2008.

As of December 2009, there were 10 million players registered. In March 2010, Mind Candy announced that there were 15 million users and by September 2010 that number had surpassed 25 million. In June 2011 it was announced that there were 50 million users.









In March 2012, Mind Candy confirmed a major partnership deal with Sony Music. The deal followed the recent launch of Mind Candy’s own music label, Moshi Monsters Music.

The deal will see Sony Music handle the distribution aspects of Moshi Monsters’ music releases, starting with the debut album Moshi Monsters, Music Rox! Jason Perry, formerly with the UK rock band A and head of Moshi Music, is driving the new album. The Moshi Monsters series features music from Sonic Boom, Beatie Wolfe, The Blackout, Portia Conn, and songs such as Moptop Tweenybop and Merry Twistmas.




~~Moshi Monsters The Movie – Official Trailer 2013~~

~Published on Oct 11, 2013~

Join Katsuma, Poppet, Mr. Snoodle and the other Moshi Monsters in an action-packed, song-filled race against time!

Together they must stop the evil Dr Strangeglove and his incompetent Glump sidekick Fishlips from pulverising the recently discovered Great Moshling Egg!

~~Moshi Monsters: The Movie Clip – Jollywood~~

~~Published on Dec 17, 2013~~


We ALL are ONE!! 





6 thoughts on “Angelika has a new passion: Moshi Monsters!!

  1. What a little cutie pie. To think I will have 2 Daughters that age in 4 years 😀
    Honestly can’t wait Doc. They are so much fun, you can’t not laugh, they are developing their personality as they go. I want my Daughters to end up like Angelika. She seems a very smart, educated, confident, well mannered, but most of all ‘Amazing Fun to be around kid. I love reading your stories when you speak of her. I do read, lol. And I even listened to a few songs and my Daughter now likes one of them, don’t ask what song, 11:30 and in bed on laptop.. lol

    You are so lucky to have Angelika in your life. I know this because as a parent/guardian. My Mum is down as the girls Guardian, if the School can’t get Dawn or I, they get my Mum. I don’t know if you are a grandparent who looks forward to spending time with kids knowing you hand them back to parents, LOL , or you want them to stay with you.. 😀

    Enjoy every second. I remember months ago you gave me brilliant advice as friends do. Just a reminder of what I have an I still thank you for that. I am after all still a young chap 😀

    I love blogs like this. Kids are just amazing to be around, if you are down, they lift you, if you are depressed they make you laugh, and the beauty is they don’t realise they are doing this to us.. I will man up and say “These 2 little girls taught me more about myself, life and anything else” Again they don’t know, they are like a canvas being painted, being involved in that process of helping a kid find their personality for me, sounds strange maybe, But I look at it as a privilege. I don’t want them to grow older, I want to be selfish… lol

    We enjoy ever second..

    Delighted for you Doc x


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