To start the day … cute and uplifting story!!


~~August 6, 2014~~ 

This isn’t a new story. It happened a while ago. To see the response in this blind kitty when he gets his new tows bring the “awww” moment of the day.

It’s uplifting and good for the mind …. after seeing the headlines for today.


~~Oskar the Blind Kitten Is a YouTube Star~~

Oskar the blind kitten has more than 1.8 million views and his own Facebook page. Here’s how it all came to be. Mick Szydlowski and his wife, Bethany, discovered Oskar by accident, when they were trying to buy an autoharp.

Oskar, the last of the litter, was c — and he literally landed in their arms, the “Today” show reports. Oskar’s owner was considering taking him to an animal shelter, so the Szydlowskis decided to adopt him.

“My wife was holding him, kind of like a baby, and rocking him back and forth. He was completely relaxed; his little arms were just flopping by his side, and honestly, he looked like he was smiling,” Mick told Within five days, the Szydlowskis’ other cat, Klaus, had accepted and begun caring for Oskar. And Oskar quickly made himself at home.


“What really blew us away is that from day one, his other senses really took over, which you can see in the video of him with his toys,” Mick said. “Within a matter of a week or so, he knew the layout of our entire house. We could pour his food on one side of the house when he was sound asleep at the other end, and he could wake up, jump off the bed, and perfectly navigate his way to the bowl.”





~~Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys~~

~~Uploaded on Oct 14, 2011~~

Oskar is now on Facebook:

Check out the web shop too:

Some of you asked for more Oskar videos, so here we go ….. I took this video the day after we adopted him. Since he is completely blind (born without formed eyeballs) we gave him some balls with bells inside. As you can tell, he can “see” them by using his ears! He is such a happy and inspiring cat — we are blessed to have him with us.

Music provided by SMITH’s CLOUD from Lincoln, Nebraska. The track is called A CHANGE OF DAYS.

We ALL are ONE!! 


Oskar & Klaus

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