At the end of the day …. “World Lion Day”!!


~~August 9, 2014~~

As the evening of August 9 comes to and end and the morning of August 10 comes to be, “It Is What It Is” could like to join those who are commemorating this day as:



“On World Lion Day, Let’s Celebrate the Lions That Made Us Who We Are

By: Dereck Joubert

What is a ‘World Day’ after all? Who cares? Probably the better question is “Who should care?”

August 10 is designated as World Lion Day, and as with other allocated “Days,” the origin of such an event is to celebrate something globally, and think about how the day, and how the individual or entity being celebrated, influences our lives. I can see a World Dhali Lama Day, or World Peace Day because it has real meaning to the way we live our lives, and our meditations on this affects the way we change course.

So at first I wondered if lions actually deserve a day and whether we should really be contemplating the impact that lions have on our lives.


Lions are probably the most prolific creatures in the world if we include the symbols that represent them. So it’s shocking that hundreds of millions of icons represent a population that is now only around 20,000 real, live, living, breathing, roaring, hunting lions.

A hundred years ago we think there were over a million lions. When I was born, maybe 450,000 lions roamed these plains. Today we niggle over if there are 20,000 or 35,000 lions left and forget to look over our shoulders at history. There have never been as few lions on the planet since 3.5 million years ago, when we think that lions evolved from the early saber-toothed cats.


So perhaps celebrating them is wrong. We should actually be mourning the loss of lions. But celebrating, in many ways, is consistent with our long involved relationship with lions. As early hominids we watched them in fear from our dolomite cave entrances near a place called Swartkrans in South Africa, and looked on as dark storms flashed with streaks of lightening behind them as they devoured their kills.

This is one of the highest lightening strike zones in the world, the result of which was the eventual dawning of the idea that we could walk down and ‘capture’ fire and take it back to our caves for warmth and 24 hour light and as a weapon against the marauding giant cats that made our lives a living hell. We also realized that we could scavenge from them, and dig out bone marrow left behind, and suddenly we were in charge of our destiny, not just passive witnesses to the hardships of what was dealt us. We evolved because of big cats, and lions were the biggest in the landscape we wanted to dominate.

At some stage there was a tipping point where we developed weaponry: spear, arrows, guns, and within a short time, it was the lions that were dancing to our music, not the other way around. We were no longer shaking in our skins at every roar in the darkness. There has been a back and forth between us and lions ever since as if our destinies we are locked in combative dance, a tango, a flashing set of maneuvers to show our strength, our fitness, our metal capacity to out smart our dance partner: the fearsome lion.


World Lion Day is us at our best, celebrating the very thing that in the past has driven us insane with fear, killed our ancestors, our friends and our livestock. As we celebrate these manic killers in fact we celebrate more than lions and what they represent, we celebrate our capacity to be unselfish and broad minded, and most of all … tolerant.

World Lion Day is when we celebrate that lions made us who we are.”






~~World Lion Day~~

Carole Deschuymere

~~Published on Aug 8, 2014~~

Africa’s Lion Population Has Declined 90% in the Last 75 Years.

Please help us save the big cats!
Get involved

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We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 

~~World Lion Day 2014~~


~~Published on Aug 9, 2014~~

World Lion Day is about celebrating the importance of the lion worldwide. A concept I never was able to grasp until I met my friend “Freddy” the Kruger Male in Kruger Park. Those days spent in Sabi Sands changed my life and the way I view the world and the king. We need to do all we can to ensure they go on for generations… lead well big fella!


We ALL are ONE!! 


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